Republic Spotlight: Women in Technology (Part 3)

We’ve been highlighting the extraordinary women who work with us every day here at Republic for Women’s History Month. Today we’re wrapping it up with who I like to call, the “Fab Five”. From Wall Street to Fashion, the Fab Five are passionate go-getters that we’re lucky to learn from daily.

Amanda Q.

I’m ultra competitive. Being competitive didn’t serve me well growing up (I took middle school gym WAYYY too seriously) but it has served me well in my adulthood; it’s what motivated me to fine-tune my beer pong skills in my college days (in case you’re wondering, telling me I am ‘good for a girl’ and not just ‘good’ is a surefire way to get on my bad side) and it was my competitive spirit and the desire to prove that I could cut it in the ultimate ‘boys club’ that drove me to Wall Street out of college. I was not disappointed.

The energy of working on a trading floor is frenetic and captivating: phones are constantly ringing, hoots (speaker-coms connecting one regional office to another) erupting with trading instructions, salespeople shouting at traders asking for markets and traders shouting their offers back. Oh, and the food. You do not go hungry working on a trading floor. It seemed like everyday trays upon trays of food would arrive on the floor (99% of it unhealthy). It’s sort of like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for hungover people. Most often, these large food orders were paid for by someone making good on a bet he or she lost. Their loss = the floor’s gain 😊.

A few unsolicited tips about working on a trading floor:

Lesson 1: Avoid hyperboles and choose what you show enthusiasm for wisely, especially as it pertains to food.

Your claim that you can do X pushups, or are so hungry you could eat Y, or, as happened to me, an offhanded remark that the tequila-filled chocolates that my boss brought back with her from a recent Mexico vacation didn’t sound that bad will be called out.

In my case, it seemed like it only took my boss mere seconds to compile bets from the entire team that I couldn’t finish the 30-or-so chocolates in under two minutes.

Lesson 2: If you bet something, you can’t back down.

Was I expecting that I would spend 8:00-8:02 am eating tequila-filled chocolates when I woke up that Wednesday morning? No. Was I excited about having 20+ people crowd around and a webcam zoom in on me (so that our team in London could enjoy the viewing experience) as I shoved food in my mouth and tried to be as “ladylike” as possible chewing the congealed chocolate blob? No. Did I really want the respect – and $300 – that came with the success of the challenge? Hell, yes.

Eating chocolate filled with tequila is harder than it may sound. By the end, I pretty much had one entire cheek filled with chocolate and the other tequila. I found out it’s really hard to swallow warm tequila with a big mass of chocolate in your mouth. But I made $300! So, it’s a win in my book.

I worked as an international equity trader on Wall Street for three years, and while I loved the work environment, I grew to realize that trading wasn’t the right path for me; the markets weren’t my passion and I was plumping up (did I mention all of the food?!). So, I left to pursue other Finance roles on Main Street.

It was one of these such roles (as well as overcrowded subway trains, lack of closet space, and the Polar Vortex of 2015) that brought me from New York City to Raleigh and to Republic’s Finance team.

Last summer, I told our management team  I was ready for a new challenge within the org and was keen on unleashing some of my long stifled creative juices.

Our executives were completely supportive of the move (how’s that for belief in your employees) so I traded Excel in for access to our email service provider and joined the marketing team.

In my current role, I am focused on ways that we can improve our marketing communication with our customers, as well as rewarding and retaining our most loyal customers (quick teaser: this may include a revival of a referral program and the launch of a loyalty program).

To that end, I am eager to learn more about you, our customers – what you like and what you don’t, what motivates you, what values you hold – so that we can make our product fits within your world.

So, if you are ever wondering if anyone is actually reading your survey or NPS responses, I promise you that I am!

WHAT PHONE I’M USING:  I currently have the Nexus 5x but the battery on it is going so I have my eye on a Samsung S7


Virginia H.

Hi there! I’m a project manager at Republic Wireless.  I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2011 with a B.S. in Information Systems and has been in the IT project management field ever since.  I don’t really have a hometown since I moved around a lot as a kid (military brat). Currently, I call Leavenworth, Kansas my home, since it’s where I graduated high school and my parents still reside there.

As a project manager at Republic, I am busy running down the details of large, cross-functional initiatives.  Since starting at Republic in September 2015, I’ve overseen numerous price drops, promotions, and vendor integrations, among others.

I love the Republic family and how everyone learns, grows, and hustles together to accomplish great things.

In my downtime, some of my favorite things include watching college basketball (Rock Chalk!), playing fantasy football, telling/reading/watching ghost stories, running, playing Magic the Gathering, and traveling to new places.

WHAT PHONE I’M USING: I’m currently rocking the Moto X Pure on the 1GB plan and absolutely swear by Motorola phones ever since I switched.


Jessica Parker

I grew up in Lake Norman, which is outside of Charlotte. I started at NC State in 2010 (GO WOLFPACK) as a Biology major and graduated May 2016 with a BS in Fashion and Textiles (very similar, I know. I also gave Political Science a try, obviously that didn’t work out). I had a few internships along the way; jewelry design in New York City, merchandising at Frill Clothing and costume design at Marbles Kids Museum, all of which prepared me for my job at Republic Wireless in IT.

I started as an IT Intern for Bandwidth in May, mostly focusing on tier 1 support and on-boarding. Fortunately, that transitioned into a full-time job doing desktop support for Republic Wireless!

I’m working to strengthen my knowledge base of all things IT and to branch out and see what I can learn from other departments.

In my free time, I like to power lift and somehow managed to secure the state records for bench, squat and deadlift. I love to binge watch Netflix as much as the next person. My favorite color is black (but now it’s green).

I was once in a Harris Teeter commercial and I made it to the 3rd round of casting calls for the Real World. And I love coffee.

WHAT PHONE I’M USING: Right now I’m using the G⁴plus, but I’m really excited about upgrading to the G⁵ plus when it’s available!


Pam F.

I’m originally from Queens, NY but have been living in North Carolina for most of my life and call it home. I guess I’ve grown into just the right blend of city slicker and country girl. I absolutely love the outdoors so camping and hiking are always first choices for relaxation for me.

I’ve been working in the mobile industry for about 14 years. The fact that I can come to work every day and learn something new excites me. Never a dull moment.

Customer service has also been a love for me so I’ve found a happy medium working with the TAC team.

What does TAC stand for you ask? It depends on who you ask around here but most know it to be the Technical Assistance Crew. At least it makes us sound cool.

Working for Republic is awesome, and I’m not just saying that. Really! It’s amazing to see executives and engineers and customer service reps get together all in the same room to work on improving a customer’s experience because someone wrote about something that specifically bothered them about our service or they’ve suggested a way we can make things better. It’s encouraged me to jump on new projects because I want to have a knowledge of everything we do.

WHAT PHONE I’M USING:  Moto X Pure. I love the simplicity of the phone. It has up to date features although I don’t do much beyond use the phone for data and taking pictures. P.S. the camera is GREAT!


Likkie Xiong

Hey there! My name is Likkie Xiong, I’m a Designer on the Marketing team here at Republic Wireless.

It’s been about a year since I joined up, and you’ve probably seen a few GIFs or illustrations I’ve made on social media!

I also edit video content, and design web pages here at Republic.

My hometown is in Lisle, Illinois. I lived there until I was 12 years old, and moved to Zionsville, Indiana where I lived up till a year ago. I attended IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) at the Herron School of Art and Design for my bachelors in Visual Communication Design and developed a bad habit of drinking coffee (can’t live without it). I was your typical art school kid.

Fun fact, my real name is Lydia (I’m an imposter!).

How did I get the name Likkie? Well, the name originated from my level 90 blood elf hunter character named Likki in World of Warcraft (my second life), and after awhile I began to use Likkie as my name for more creative ventures, like fashion blogging. You could say it’s a pen-name that’s stuck around.

WHAT PHONE I’M USING: I’m currently testing a phone coming soon to Republic. We take new phones from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) on test drives out in the real world to make sure there aren’t bugs in our WiFi calling technology before it becomes available the public. I can’t say too much, other than it comes with a gorgeous display! It’ll be coming soon so keep an eye out on the blog for more news.


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the awesome people we get to work with every day. If you missed the first part of our series, follow the links below:

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9 thoughts on “Republic Spotlight: Women in Technology (Part 3)”

  1. where’s the “Men in Technology” article? Aren’t we supposed to be inclusive of everyone? Or just females? It seems Republic that you feel women are so insignificant that when they just exist in an industry you have to shout it out to the rooftops? These articles lower the status of women by trying to make mediocrity seems interesting or important. Republic is so proud that they hired females they have to make it be known to everyone. I just find it lame. People exist in technology, who cares if they are women or men?

    1. Hey David. This blog is part of a three-part series that we posted during Women’s History Month in March. We wanted to take the time to celebrate some of the women who work here in honor of Women’s History Month. We are proud of every single employee who works in this building; we have some of the most talented, brilliant people in the area working for us here and it’s truly amazing. We have many other topics and highlight posts you can explore here on our blog. Feel free to check them out.

      1. I guess that’s my point. There’s no Men’s history month. And if you guys are proud of all your employers why only spotlight women? Oh wait, you can’t say men are great in any fashion because feminists would be all over you guys and for whatever reason everyone is afraid of offending their frail feelings. Post an article about the amazing men you have working there and then let’s talk.

        1. Petty politics, DK? Or just exercising your freedom of speech? The highlight about gals at RW befits the Women’s’ History Month occassion. So, why demean the occasion and the recognition of RW female employees during the special month?. Are you championing the male equality thing? If so, youve chosen a wrong venue.

        2. Ah, you’re the type to hold signs that say white lives matter, too, aren’t you? It’s hard to argue against RW’s decision to post great articles like this for Women’s history month. It sounds like you have a problem with celebrating women in general. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but for the vast majority of history, women have been oppressed. In fact, they still are in some cultures. What’s the best way to honor women for being equal? Saying nothing when they have accomplishments and pretending the past didn’t happen? Pretending as if the playing field is equal and their experience is the same as men’s? No, and articles like this show what these wonderful women are up to and showcasing their contributions. It sounds like you feel very strongly that all is equal between genders and that *it’s not fair!* that there are articles like this and not ones highlighting men because they are men. Open your eyes, take a history (or herstory) lesson and lighten up a bit. Try to have a more positive attitude because this article is great and is way more positive than the vast majority of things you’ll read online.

    2. David,

      Don’t be such a spoil spot. These are nice people that allowed even their picture here and probably have gotten hate mail already etc.

      I do not mind this promotion, i think this was a good thing to do.

      However, ladies please help us men out by objecting to the demeaning of men in Fathers day promotions, advertising, even greeting cards. At the time round fathers day the promotions typically depict fathers are dumb, clumsy are buffoonish. Not the typical hard working self sacrificing good hearts the actually are. I dare say that if this treatment was expressed around Mothers on Mothers day there would be revolts in the streets.

      1. Not saying they’re not nice, not saying they don’t deserve to be recognized, I’m just saying singling them out because they are women is not a good reason to create an article. I think it actual demeans them more than promotes them. It’s like saying what they do isn’t enough to for an article, but the fact that they are women is. I mean all we hear about is being inclusive and diverse yet, we all know that means if you’re not a man and you’re not white then it can include you.

        And I totally agree about the way men are portrayed in the media. Do that to a woman and the feminists would emerge screaming bloody murder.

        I’m just pointing out the biased, hypocritical world we live in. You will never see Republic publish an article like this focusing only on men. Mainly because I think men wouldn’t need or want one. But alas, it seems Republic feels women need it to feel verified I guess…? Wouldn’t an article featuring men and women be more inclusive and diverse? Or does that not matter now?

    3. As a 57 year old IT woman, I enjoyed the article. Just take it at face value, marketing towards the women who are Republic users. I agree that separating groups just adds to discord, but I think of that in the political sense, not in the marketing sense.

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