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Guest post from Republic Wireless Director of Operations, Jerry J.

I often get asked a series of questions – How does Republic Wireless provide support?  What does Republic Wireless support look like?  What does Republic Wireless support do?  These questions come from the business community, from friends or neighbors, but most importantly, they come from you… The smart consumers who want to be assured that they are choosing a cell phone service provider that offers a quality product, and is there when you need help.

I am here to say that Republic Wireless support is best in class, and I will do my best to parse it down in a 3 part series detailing the importance of support and the member experience, the methods and tools we use to deliver that experience, and finally what it means for you.

Part 1: Why Support matters most

In a society driven by interaction, you can probably separate those interactions into two categories: times when you need it, and times when you don’t.  Support is no different, and companies that spend all their energy eliminating the need for support often leave you high and dry when it matters most. On the contrary, companies that only focus on when you need support often require you to reach out for every little thing, which often leads to long wait times and unfulfilling results.

Republic Wireless strives to deliver on both – support when you need it and when you don’t – and we adhere to a set of core principles that allows us to constantly work on those approaches.  They are the heart of who we are, and they keep us committed to delivering value through as many ways as possible.

We take a Members first approach, which means:

  • We provide a product and service that focuses on user needs. Beta groups, user testing, technology sharing, and intuitive design and brainpower have shaped what Republic Wireless is. We constantly focus on what you need to connect, rather than developing things to sell to you.
  • We continuously iterate on our products and services to remove barriers and make your experience simpler. We solve problems and develop solutions geared towards making the hard stuff simple, and the easy stuff non-existent.  
  • Our team is centered around a service support mentality, or the Golden Rule as others might know it. Regardless of your beliefs, we know how important a cell phone is in today’s world, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that connectivity.

We always put ourselves in your shoes, and this allows us to:

  • Understand why you may use the service. Many of us have big households, tight budgets, or a firm belief in not overpaying for wireless. Over the years we have built the value of Republic Wireless around these beliefs, and sharing that value drives us day in and day out.
  • Deliver a service that is better than you expected. It is not easy providing affordable service. We leverage technology, challenge the “traditional methods” of being a wireless provider, and we work tirelessly to provide a service that allows you to connect, whether that be through every feature available or just a simple dial tone to call a loved one.
  • Empathize with the issues you might encounter. Sometimes the technology can be overwhelming. Your cat might knock your phone off the counter, or you might run into some spotty coverage, or maybe you need help with your WiFi network. These things happen, but we live and breathe these experiences on a daily basis, and we know what to do.

We listen, and we are here to help you, which allows us to: 

  • Foster a community catered to whatever you may need. Members helping members is what this is founded on, but it’s not just about answering questions, but rather empowering a content rich experience that also provides tips, tricks, recommendations, and knowledge sharing.
  • Promote the most accurate and up to date knowledge. This knowledge comes from the community ambassadors, the engineers developing and maintaining the product, the support agents, and the managers and leaders setting policies and strategies. All of this knowledge is available through any of our online resources, and the self service tools will guide you in the right direction.
  • Provide many ways to interact with us. In addition to the Community and the Help center, we connect through help tickets, chats, messages, email, social, and, by request, over the phone.  We know your time is valuable, and while we don’t publish an 800#, we do schedule calls so we can connect you with the right team member to quickly help.

These core principles are who we are, and providing service and support is what we do. So when you find yourself contemplating your next support interaction, remember that our Help Center and Community are there even if you don’t need it, but we have a whole team of people waiting to interact if you do.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The methods and tools we use to deliver the Support experience.

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