Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM

Love your tablet or hotspot but hate your contract? Now, you can enjoy the device you love for a whole lot less with the data-only SIM from Republic Wireless.

Whether you’re taking a road trip, traveling to the US from overseas, or need a data-connection in a vacation home, the data-only SIM offers an easier (and more affordable) solution than signing up for a long-term data contract.

The Unlimited Data-Only SIM gives you 20GB of high-speed 4G LTE data (slowed after 20GB) per month. Buy a 30 or 90 day SIM, insert it into your tablet or hotspot and you’re all set! No recurring fees or obligations – just a simple, one-time payment.

We’re helping you save money on the go

Republic Wireless is a nationwide mobile phone company that believes that people have more important things to be spending their money on than cell phone service. We partner with two of the US’s largest 4G LTE networks and pass the savings from not having to build our own towers on to our members. Since 2011, we’ve saved our members over half a billion dollars with our phone plans. The latest addition to our service offering is our Unlimited Data-Only SIM card.

We don’t think you should be tied to a contract when all you need is simple access to data on your tablet or iPad. And now you don’t have to be. This is the solution you’ve been looking for – and it won’t break the bank.


How does the Unlimited Data-Only SIM card work?

Pick between our 30 and 90 day options. Plan period begins upon first use – no activation required.

Simply insert the SIM card and start using data immediately on any unlocked, GSM-compatible device. A quick-start guide is included with purchase.

30-day offer includes the first 20GB at high speed 4G LTE data, then speeds are slowed to 256kbps.

90-day offer includes the first 20GB at high speed 4G LTE data per each 30 day period, then speeds are slowed to 256kbps. The 20 GB high speed data will reset every 30 days.

Both offers are one-time use cards, there are no recurring fees, contracts, or hidden charges.

Data SIM comes with unlimited data only – talk and text is not included.

Data Only SIM

The data-only SIM gives you cell data
whenever you need it.

Tablets, iPads, Smartwatches and Hotspots

A data-only SIM can help get you break free from the obligation of a recurring payment and allow you to get data for the months when you need it. When you’re away from Wifi, stay connected on these devices with the 4G LTE data that’s already around you. Simply place the SIM into your device, and begin using data wherever you go.

Traveling for Business

If you’re traveling, especially for business, finding a reliable Wifi connection can be difficult. With our data-only SIM, you’ll have the power to connect to high-speed data everywhere service is available. No more connecting to spotty hotel or airport WiFi again.

Traveling to the United States

With our data-only SIM you can stay connected just like you would be back home. We understand the difficulty of searching for a carrier as a temporary solution – it isn’t ideal and it definitely isn’t cheap. Other data SIMs on the market will overcharge you for the service you need, and may even lock you into a contract. Our SIM offers the solution, with reliable service, no contracts, and 2 affordable options to choose from.

Vacation Home Hotspot

If you have a home that you only use a few months out of the year, why overpay for expensive data services that you have to go through the hassle of cancelling and activating every time you go? Make it easy on yourself and simply slip the data SIM into a WiFi hotspot and enjoy unlimited data for a fraction of the cost.


Which devices are compatible with a data only SIM? 
Tablets, Smartphones, iPads, Hotspots, Smart Watches, and other GSM-compatible devices.

How do I know if the data-only SIM will work with my device?
The data-only SIM will work with unlocked, GSM-compatible devices. An unlocked device is one that is capable of connecting to a cell network but is not configured for a specific provider. AT&T and T-Mobile both run off of the GSM-network. If your device is unlocked and compatible with either of those carriers, your device should be good to go.

If you’re still unsure, we recommend reaching out to your device manufacturer to confirm your device is unlocked and GSM-compatible.

Can I check how much data I’ve used? 
Because we are testing this product, there is not currently a feature built-out to allow you to check the amount of data you have used.

Will I still be able to connect to WiFi? 
Yes! You will be able to connect to WiFi anywhere a WiFi connection is available. We recommend connecting to WiFi whenever possible so as to conserve your data for when you are unable to connect to WiFi network.

Where will I have coverage with Republic Wireless?
98% of all people in America are covered with Republic. View our coverage map here.

Can I continue to use the data SIM card after my plan period expires? 
No, you will need to purchase a new SIM card to begin a new plan period.

Where can I purchase the data SIM?
Our data SIM is currently available on both Amazon and eBay:
30-day offer on Amazon
90-day offer on Amazon
30-day offer on eBay
90-day offer on eBay

Have any other questions regarding our data-only SIM? We’re happy to answer them!

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Notable Replies

  1. Woohoo!!!
    Uh…wait. Umm…not quite a tablet plan. I agree with Randy and Julie:


    I am happy to see this is now available. Looking forward to being able to auto-renew monthly without replacing the sim card each month. The amazon store does not show a large number of sim cards in stock. This would make it difficult to depend on getting a sim card each month.


    I am probably in the minority, but this would be more expensive for me. Currently I get 1 Gb per month for $20. That’s usually plenty, since I follow the RW model of being on/near wifi most of the time…

    Please, please, please develop a regular low data tablet plan! I am so ready to dump Sprint!

  2. Since most OTT services are happy to provide a number; my suggestion would be if this is of interest to you, test with a number they’ll provide before making a decision regarding moving your Republic number.

  3. Just a quick update, I bought the RW Sim and the NetGear Explorer a few days ago, so far they have worked perfectly. I get great speed and service for data, even on the road at places were WIFI was; spoty at best. They are simple to use and in my opinion worth every cent. At this point I could not be happier. Hope this helps anyone debating about getting the RW SIM for data.

  4. So I took the plunge and gave this card a shot. Here are my observations (YMMV):

    • I first tried to use this in an old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I originally purchased from Verizon. I use it now mostly as a mini-tablet, and only on wireless. I put the RW data SIM into the Note 4, and after adding the Republic network to the network list, I got a 4G data signal! I was surprised at this, because the specs on the Note 4 indicated it was only compatible with the 3G Band 2 1900 MHz frequency, but the 4G LTE indicator was lighting up, and the speed seemed to be at 4G. So I was pleased at the possibility that I would have a resuscitated phablet I could use in the wild.

    • I then took the Note 4 out on a test run, a drive from home across the Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse corridor on the NY State Thruway. Alas, no reception anywhere outside of the urban/suburban regions. Once I hit open country, I was at best getting “E” reception, which I think is somewhere between 2G and 3G (i.e.useless). A disappointment in terms of using it as a travelling companion.

    • Lastly, I decided to see how it work in my Moto G4 Play, which is my RW-compatible phone. I took a ride across a rural area over to Jamestown NY. I kept it in the Note 4 at first (after tweaking a few settings), but had the same result, although in some smaller towns I got surprisingly good reception that did not last too long. On the way back I placed the data SIM in the G4 Play, and the data reception along the same route back was much stronger and more consistent. Of course, the G4 has far more bands in the 4G LTE spectrum, and this provided much better rural coverage. I only lost a signal once, and only for about 5 minutes or less. So it appears the data SIM works best with phones that have most of the bands specified in this post. I should note here that the process of exchanging the SIM cards in the G4 was tricky, and every time I took out the data SIM and put in the phone SIM, the phone went through the activation process via the Republic app. An annoyance, but ultimately a minor one.

    My conclusion from all this is that, from a financial point of view, it is probably more practical for me simply to purchase data on my current RW Moto G4 Play phone than use a data SIM on any other device. For the equivalent $30 I can get 6GB of data, with the best part being that I can buy that data as I need it. I do not have high data needs, as I am not a very large consumer of video or other high-rate media (web, email, mapping, and streaming audio are my greatest needs), so 6GB can pretty much cover that for a month. When travelling I use the RW phone for tethering so as not to eat into the family data plan I share with my children on VZW. In short, I like the concept, but from a need and financial basis, buying data as needed through my RW phone plan is a better way to go. I presume coverage for the data SIM is exactly the same as coverage for phone data.

    I would also agree with those who criticize the plan’s activation method of being on the date of delivery rather than on inserting into the device. I might have a slightly different opinion if I knew I could active the SIM when I needed to, and if I knew I could buy two or three and use them as needed. It would really be exciting if I could buy the 30 GB of data and be able to use those 30GB until they were used up rather than within a set period of days/months, but that’s probably a pipe dream. To me, buying data should be like buying a box of cookies: once I buy the 30 cookies in the box, they should be mine to eat when and how I want, rather than be regulated as to how and when and how fast I should eat them.

    Lastly, I would recommend to anyone looking to use this card to consider buying a cheap-ish compatible cell phone rather than a tablet or mobile WiFi Hotspot for its use. A Nokia 3.1/6.1 or a Moto G4/G5 on sale might make the best-use scenario. I don’t have a portable WiFi hotspot device such as the Netgear, but based on my limited tests, I think the portability and multiple uses of a smartphone, plus the tethering capability, gives it a much greater advantage over a MiFi hotspot device, which is basically designed to stay in one place and simply broadcast the signal.

    For what they’re worth, those are my observations. I’ll probably use the data in the Note 4 until the card expires. It’s nice to have the Note 4 up and running again, if only for a limited time in limited areas. My apologies for the length of this post. -twl

  5. A very nice very through review. I have just one observation. Cookies go stale if not eaten soon enough. Data expires if not used soon enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

  6. HaHaHa! But I can freeze my cookies before they go stale. Data, on the other hand, is digital, and never really, truly “expires” unless artificially throttled or cut off. :wink: PS thanks for the kind comment.

  7. I hereby disavow the cookie analogy! I feel like I created a “Cookie Monster.” :crazy_face::cookie::cookie::cookie:

  8. You can have data that doesn’t expire. With a legacy phone on Republic and the Refund Plan it is $15/GB. With a phone active on the $20 talk/text plan on Fi, it is the $10/GB. Data that doesn’t expire is more expensive. You can get it, but you’ll have to pay more. For $5/GB on the Republic My Choice plans or barely more than $1/GB on the data only SIM, it’s gonna expire.

  9. Hi @dhinet, @louisdi, @rolandh,

    The best I can tell your conversation has shifted from the Unlimited 30-day Data SIM to the $5/GB data on our My Choice plans.

    Let’s please keep the conversation in this topic focused on the Data SIM product. There are plenty of other places in Community where the My Choice plan can be discussed.

  10. We’ve updated the Data SIM’s expiration policy so that it will expire 30 days after first use, rather than 30 days after delivery. Our authorized reseller will be making the changes in the Amazon store. It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be visible on the Amazon listing.

    Thank you all for some excellent feedback and discussion on the policy! What do you think of this change?

  11. Sweet! A Republic data only SIM will be added to my hurricane supplies in case of longer-term power outage!

  12. That usage raises an interesting question. Is there an expiration date on these? Meaning could it literally sit for 2 years and then be used?

  13. Hi @louisdi and @rolandh,

    You are correct, there is a limited shelf-life to the SIM card which is printed on the card and is usually about 3 years from the manufacture date.

  14. I think this is a very positive change. Thanks for being responsive to feedback.

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