Right in the Feels: Member Andrew F. Adopts a Son

RIZvLdrOSZu4Hx7jDbFQ_d6705cec-1897-41b9-995c-f13dc8175189The Tin-man knew what was up. While smarts are good for memorizing formulas (even if the Scarecrow got it wrong…) and bravery is pretty handy, we’ve always been partial to having a heart. And at Republic, the heart of what we do is our amazing members. From our great Community, to the fun and funny people we see in person at events like FinCon, Republic wouldn’t be who we are without you guys!

What makes our day (and week, and month, and year!) is seeing the tangible results of how the service we provide helps you guys save for what’s really important. It’s no secret we’re really big on family here and Republic was created based on our CEO’s own frustration with the high prices for smart phones for all his kids. So, what better way to celebrate family and what we love at Republic than to profile a member that stood out to us on social media?

While there’s certainly no wrong way to spend the savings our plans create, what Andrew and his family used it for really touched everybody here. While checking our Twitter feed one day, we saw this awesome tweet from Andrew:


“That’s cool” we thought “let’s see what he was able to use it for!” and, thinking it would be a vacation or saving for a car, what we heard back was even better:


Woah! Whaaaaattt?!?! To be honest, it made a bunch of us teary just to read it. I mean, how sweet is that? The little guy in the onesie? And we helped?! We could hardly believe it so we reached out to Andrew to make sure we were reading right. Once we got the details, we had to send out a welcome aboard package. With a onesie and a toddler’s shirt in tow, we sent out what we hoped could show at least a small percentage of the huge gratitude we have for each and every one of our members.

So, thanks Andrew and thanks everybody for your awesome support! We couldn’t do it without you. ☺

What have you done with your savings? Taken any fun trips? Gone back to school? We want to hear ’em all! Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Right in the Feels: Member Andrew F. Adopts a Son”

  1. I have been with Republic for 2 or 3 years, which has been our hardest financial times in our marriage. We have four kids so we don’t have any “extra” money very often. But God has blessed us and Republic has been a big help, we’re finally going on an adult vacation. My wife and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage by going on a cruise. I try to tell everyone I meet about Republic. We save so much money paying only $11 a month and I’m excited about the new changes to come with Republic. Thank you.

  2. Here’s my (I’m pretty sure) unusual story. I actually signed up with Republic and had a price INCREASE. For several years after I was badgered into getting a cellphone, I used TracFone as my carrier. The service was very limited, partly because of the T-Mobile network, but also because use of the Internet was awkward, slow, or non-existent. In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and step UP to Republic Wireless. I LOVE IT. The price I now pay is about $228 per year (compared to the $100/year with TracFone); but I no longer need to worry about limits on voice minutes, and messaging and using the Web are a breeze. Thanks for everything, including the new refund program!

  3. I’ve been permanently disabled since 2007, due to a chronic MS-like condition. It’s important to be frugal, because there’s no new money to be made. Just Social Security, which isn’t nearly enough. I used to be able to “just go earn more” if I needed to, but not anymore.

    I’ve gone all these years with no phone, just a landline, and a horrible Tracfone for emergencies away from home. I couldn’t justify the monthly expense of a plan. Now, with Republic, I got my Moto X 2nd gen for $350, which I mentally amortize over an imaginary 2 year contract. The effective monthly cost is $14.60. I pre-buy half-a-gig of data with the new pricing model, and I always get most of it back, since I’m on home WIFI nearly all the time. My monthly bill, *including* factoring in the phone, is under $30 every month. Buck a day. Not bad.

    Priceless, actually, to know that when I leave the house to visit one of my many doctors, I have security in the form of instant communication and contact.

    I was going to try and talk my wife away from her pricey iPhone, to Republic, but that was when we were on Kitkat. I’m having enough trouble with 5.1 that I’m not recommending it to her. I’m hoping for some system fixes soon.

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