Road Trippin’: Day 12 – Las Vegas and a Car Fire

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If you’re in Vegas, you gotta see a show. They can be a great way to take a break from the insanity of the strip and see a different side of some of Vegas’s world-class casinos. I highly recommend The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show, and on this trip, we saw .

 was a phenomenal experience. Without giving away too much, perhaps the most technically impressive aspect of the show was the moving mechanical stage. At one point, the whole thing was filled with sand, like a beach. It tilted and dumped all the actors and props, everything, out into the void below it. Later, the same stage was moved up vertically in front of the audience and performers climbed it using incoming arrows being shot at them from across the room. In summary, go see a Cirque show if you haven’t. Just go. It’s flippin’ awesome (ha, no pun intended) and a real testament to the boundaries we can push ourselves physically.

So, remember that Las Vegas insanity I mentioned up top? As we left the show and exited the massive MGM Grand, a cab pulled up in front of the building. The driver hops out, while yelling: “It’s overheating!” Then, sure enough – BOOM! This car goes up in flames. We, being the inquisitive minds we are, of course, try to check out what’s going on. And the car explodes again! It felt like an episode of 24. I’m not joking. I’m so glad I have pictures or else no one would have believed me.

Vegas baby!
Vegas baby!

Almost as soon as the car fire started, it was put out by a team of firemen while police roped off the area. Vegas, baby!

What do you do after all that, other than go eat? So, we headed to Heritage Steak in The Mirage (one of my friends is a fan of Tom Colicchio). I’ve almost given up even mentioning WiFi at this point because it has become so ubiquitous throughout the strip of Vegas. The Mirage had it, Heritage Steak had it. The HoJo we were staying in also had it.  I simply did not have any connectivity issues the entirety of our time in Las Vegas. The city has that going for it, at least. Oh…and this guy:

Is anyone feeling...Evil?
Is anyone feeling…Evil?
WiFi is pouring out of every casino in Vegas. And if it's not, just walk next door.
WiFi is pouring out of every casino in Vegas. And if it’s not, just walk next door.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Day 13 of our epic road trip when we reach sunny Los Angeles, California. Or, catch up on previous days of our trip here. Thanks for following along!

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