Road Trippin’: Day 13 – Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA

Republic hit the road for 18 days to find free WiFi. Follow along with us on our crazy crazy road trip by subscribing to our blog. See you on the road!


Awesome solar fields we passed on the way to California.
Awesome solar fields we passed on the way to California.

Apologies for the delay on this post. I was battling a stomach bug there for a minute, but we’re back for day 13 of our road trip. And…we finally hit sunny Los Angeles, California!

The drive from Vegas to LA was a quick four-hour jaunt. We saw some interesting things along the way, like the huge solar fields that help power the nearby towns.

Once we got to LA, we had some time to kill while we waited to meet our next CouchSurfer friend, so we headed to Abbot Kinney Boulevard to stretch our legs. We’ve talked about brands we love here at Republic before, so you know we couldn’t pass up the chance to check out the Warby Parker store or the TOMS flagship store. Now folks, you know you’re either getting up there in age, or just tired from a long car ride, when the most exciting thing you’ve purchased on your trip is a pair of sweatpants from TOMS. But whatever, judge me all you want. These are the softest sweatpants I’ve ever encountered – worth every cent. Of course, all of the kitschy shops up and down Abbot Kinney had free WiFi. TOMS actually doubles as a coffee shop, so it’s all part of the natural order of things that they offer free WiFi too. Who knew people want to hang out in a shoe store all day?

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a cute yet surprisingly expensive sushi place called Wabi-Sabi. They made up for the price with their free WiFi. Then, when our Couchsurfer was done with work, we met at The Chestnut Club to unwind. If you are the slightest bit into bourbon at all, you should definitely consider stopping by this place if you’re ever in LA. They had an extensive collection, and the waitress was really great about letting me try things before I committed. Free WiFi? Oh yeah. You betcha.

By now you’ve seen the phrase “free WiFi” enough times to probably be curious what my actual offload looks like, especially now that we’ve made it from NC to CA. I was curious too and decided to take some screen shots of my usage so far. Like I said in the beginning, this is me just using my phone as normal. No special loopholes or stops to find more WiFi – just perhaps being a little more WiFi conscientious.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Check out my usage:

Wifi dataCell data









Boom! Not too bad huh?! My Republic phone’s expanded coverage over WiFi + Cell has helped keep me connected. Yeah, I used some cell data so far, but nowhere near 5GB, and most of my data was offloaded to WiFi.

We all retired that evening, resting well having officially made it cross-country. But, our journey is far from over: we still have to make it up to San Francisco.  Tune in tomorrow for a review of easily the strangest museum I have ever been to, more free WiFi, and more adventure! Thanks for reading.

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