Road Trippin’: Day 14 – Museum of Jurassic Technology

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I love LA. Cliche, I know. But I do. I’d almost forgotten how much. It’s always perfectly 72 degrees and sunny. Who can be sad in that kind of weather?

Yeah, I'm a fatty. So what?!
“Two scoops? Make it three. I’m not driving’…”

We started our day with breakfast at the OP Cafe, a super quaint little establishment with pretty healthy food – and free WiFi, of course. It’s always summer in California, so breakfast was immediately followed by ice cream (whatever, don’t judge).

From there, we headed to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. You’re forgiven if your first thought is that this is a museum of cybernetic dinosaurs. We did. No. This is place is far stranger. I don’t quite even know how to describe it. The museum itself is sort of one giant interactive art-exhibit. They have rooms and rooms of oddities from decades past. It’s almost like a “Museum of the Weird,” or a Ripley’s, but it’s all somewhat more legitimate and historically accurate. Did you know when someone used to die, it was the responsibility of the youngest child to go “tell it to the bees?” If the bees remained silent, someone else was unfortunately doomed. But if they buzzed, that meant they heard you and all was well.  Or, how about that it was the duty of the eldest woman in the family to sprinkle urine on the children each New Year’s to ward off bad omens and happenstance? Yeah, we’re pretty glad that tradition died off.

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The museum had a room entirely dedicated to all the dogs Russia sent to space in the early early days of the space race. There was a full tea room that served actual tea you could take out onto an outdoor patio. You could almost fool yourself into believing you were in Morraco. If you stay out on the patio long enough, you soon realize you are being watched by the dozens and dozens of birds surrounding you that live at the museum. (The whole time you’re at the museum, you have an eerie sense you’re being watched.) If you’re ever looking for something spectacularly weird to do one day in LA, you should stop by.

After the museum, we met up with some friends at Urban Ramen, which was good. But not as good as their free WiFi! We turned in early this evening, because tomorrow we had to take the longest but prettiest drive yet. Tune in as we drive up the Pacific Coastal Highway to our final destination:  San Francisco! Catch up on previous days of our trip here. Thanks for following along!

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