Road Trippin’: Day 15 – PCH to San Francisco

Republic hit the road for 18 days to find free WiFi. Follow along with us on our crazy crazy road trip by subscribing to our blog. See you on the road!


My my, Maxwell’s Cafe in Venice, with its wood-paneled walls and mom and pop feel, just welcomes you right in and sets your day off right. They’ve got great food and quick service. No free WiFi though. Ouch! That’s OK though, plenty of cell coverage and I was still connected strong.

lAfter some fantastic chorizo scramble and strawberry-stuffed french toast, we loaded up the car, said goodbye to our delightful new Couchsurfing friends, and headed up the PCH (Pacific Coastal Highway).

Holy moly, what an incredible drive. It was the perfect day for it too: 73 degrees and sunny all day long. You get to see basically the entirety of the Californian Pacific coastline for 383 miles – crashing waves, crazy surfers, and all.  The whole thing took us about seven and a half hours, including stops. It was bright; it was beautiful; it was treacherous. We got about halfway and hit a road block: the road was out for 30+ miles. We had to detour north up into the hills and mountains. Suffice it to say, yet another time WiFi was MIA this day, but I still had three to four bars of 3G cell coverage, except in the highest areas in the mountains. I was still connected, though, and able to make calls and texts over roaming just fine the whole time.

We stopped in Santa Barbara after we got back on track to catch up with a friend who works at the University of California, Santa Barbara. What a gorgeous campus! If I had gone to college at UCSB, I would have flunked out, I know it. It’s just too pretty. I don’t know how any of those kids pass anything. I would never have gone to class – I would have wandered around the beach enjoying the always picture perfect weather. Anywho, Republic phones and our service are practically made for college life. WiFi was everywhere we went on campus, so we were well-connected – a welcome change from the perilous off-roading on the PCH before.

Don't mind if I do!
Don’t mind if I do!

We stopped at the IV Drip, a coffee and ice cream shop near campus. They had red velvet cookie and pistachio ice cream sandwiches. If you can’t tell by now in this series, I am big on loving some ice cream, and this tasty little treat was to die for. Well done IV Drip. Nice job on the free WiFi, too.

From Santa Barbara, it was a four hour drive to Oakland, where we’d be staying at a friend’s loft for the remaining duration of our trip. There’s WiFi there, so pretty much smooth sailing data-wise from here on out. We stopped and grabbed a bite at the nearby Ole Ole Burrito Express, then caught the BART to San Francisco just to say “Hello” for the evening before we headed back and turned in.

More to come in our 18-day cross-country saga. Don’t miss a beat by subscribing to our blog. Catch up on previous days of our trip here.


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