Road Trippin’: Day 18 – 3,833 miles and 4.6GB of WiFi

Republic hit the road for 18 days to find free WiFi. Follow along with us on our crazy crazy adventure by subscribing to our blog. See you on the road!


Wow your friends by texting them from 30,000 ft!
Wow your friends by texting them from 30,000 feet!

This is it! Our adventure across the country has come to a close. Total miles driven: 3,833. Total gas price: $369 (shocker right?! It was super cheap!). We woke up early and headed to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).  Once again, I was amazed by the automagic of my Moto X, alerting me that today was my flight home, that the airport would take about a 25-minute subway ride away, and (of course) that my flight had already been delayed an hour. All without me having to do anything – it just knows.

SFO had free WiFi all over the place, not a surprise since lots of big airports do these days. We ended up being delayed for six hours due to a tire issue on the plane. Switched airlines and terminals, and became quite familiar with the entire airport. It was…scenic. Once we FINALLY boarded the plane, I was greeted with another fantastic sign. WiFi on the plane may not be free, but it sure is cool to be able to text people from 30,000 feet in the air. The best part of the flight? I kid you not, the lady in front of me on the plane was rocking a DEFY XT (our BETA phone) with Republic service. I introduced myself, and she was very nice. She likes her service but is thinking about upgrading to a Moto G soon.

DEFY XT with RW service spotted in the wild!
DEFY XT with RW service spotted in the wild!

We landed safely home, exhausted but feeling quite accomplished. Driving across America is definitely something to cross off the bucket list. But what about my total cell usage and WiFi offload?

Are you ready for the big reveal?!

final wififinal Cell

Not too bad, huh? Over 18 days, eight states, and 3,833 miles, we offloaded nearly 5GB of data to WiFi and used 1.2GB of cell data for an expanded coverage experience using both networks. We didn’t come anywhere close to going over 5GB of cell data and have plenty to spare. WiFi is already available in a lot of places, and its availability is only increasing, as more and more businesses like hotels and restaurants realize it draws in more patrons. Major cities continue to develop city-wide free WiFi options, like New York converting old payphones into free WiFi networks and Chicago turning park benches into free hotspots. Heck, even downtown Raleigh, NC (where we’re headquartered) has free WiFi everywhere. And then there are services like Google Fiber and Elon Musk’s ambitious global WiFi satellite network project being put into place for even more potential WiFi network opportunities. The future is bright for Republic members, and it’s a beautiful shade of green. For even more help, we decided to compile all the places on our trip we found free WiFi into one big list.

Republic’s Big List of Free WiFi:

There you have it, folks. Around the US in 18 days to find free WiFi and all the places our Moto X came in handy. We took some great photos and made some even better memories. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Republic Travel Companion series. Where should we venture next?! Tell us in the comments and catch up on the whole trip here.

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