Road Trippin’: Day 2 – Atlanta to New Orleans

We set out on a cross-country road trip to find WiFi and all the places our Moto X came in handy. Follow along with us each day as we drive from NC to CA!

After our unexpected detour to Atlanta, we woke up early on possibly the foggiest day in “Hot-lanta” history and headed to brunch at the famous revolving Atlanta Sundial restaurant. Because you know, when it’s foggy out, you just gotta go to the revolving restaurant to take in the view.

We picked the foggiest of days to go eat at famous the Atlanta Sundial.
We picked the foggiest of days to go eat at the famous Atlanta Sundial. But hey, still pretty cool!

As soon as we walked into the building and took the elevator to the top, my Republic app alerted me to the free WiFi available in the restaurant. Sweet! I used it to email myself this very post and look up directions to New Orleans.

After an exquisite meal (seriously, stop by the Sundial sometime if you’re ever in Atlanta and order the house made sticky buns. Yum!), we hit the road. We made it to New Orleans by evening where we stayed with a fellow couch-surfer, who excitedly informed us he recently completed a new addition to his home…a tiny house. And of course, me being the 6’4″ ogre of the bunch, I was picked to stay in said tiny house.

The tiny tiny house, the big big man stayed in.
The tiny tiny house, the big big person had to stay in.

It was actually kind of fun and cozy. Since we were staying at someone’s house off CouchSurfing, he had WiFi ready to go for us along with a list of sites to see and places to eat the following day. But! For that story, you’ll have to follow along by subscribing to our blog over in the right side-bar. Tune in tomorrow for Day 3 or read previous entries here!



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2 thoughts on “Road Trippin’: Day 2 – Atlanta to New Orleans”

    1. Um, yes please! Would love to hear your experience. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what would happen and have been surprised and delighted by how much coverage I had. There were some rough spots for sure, but I was never in a situation where I couldn’t make a call or text. Please do share notes – heck – we might even give you your own guest blog!

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