Road Trippin’: Day 3 – New Orleans, LA

Republic set out to find WiFi and all the places our Moto X came in handy in our great nation by taking the most epic road trip possible. Follow along with us each day as we drive from Raleigh, NC to San Fran, CA!


I tell ya, staying with CouchSurfers is the best. They are typically natives of the area with tons of knowledge on sites to see and all the best places to eat. And eat we did!

The stunning French Quarter, New Orleans.
The stunning French Quarter, New Orleans.

After a surprisingly comfy stay in the tiny house, I woke up early to get some work done using the WiFi in our CouchSurfer friend’s house. Once my other travel companions got up, we ventured to the first recommended food spot: Russell’s Marina Grill. Once again, as I walked into the building, my Republic phone notified me that there was free WiFi in the restaurant and asked if I’d like to join Russell’s network. Heck yeah! We were able to plan our day on my phone from there.

None of us had been to New Orleans before, so right after breakfast, we just had to go down to the French Quarter. New Orleans is just as beautiful and vibrant as we had imagined. I am a huge HUGE jazz fan and all the live music that was happening right out in the streets was pure heaven.

Appalachian Mountain Music Band
Appalachian Mountain Music Band

Here’s something a bit odd though. “Appalachian Mountain Music Bands” are apparently a thing that’s popping up all over New Orleans. Now, we are all from North Carolina. We know our mountain music well. Bluegrass is in our veins whether we like it or not. So imagine our surprise finding all these “Appalachian bands” everywhere. But the funny thing is that none of them could tell me what part of the Appalachians they’re from or what they grew up near. Nice try, barefoot girl in overalls! You just can’t fake the real thing. Still though, it was a nice reminder of home early on in our adventure.

We found our smartphone's older brother. He's seen better days...
We found our smartphone’s older brother. He’s seen better days…

We continued to explore New Orleans, went and saw the ships and steamboats coming and going near the Natchez river, and even found the older brother of a smartphone out on the street. As the evening crept up, we walked through Lafayette Square and caught a rail car through the historic houses district. We rode all the way to the end of the line near Oak Street where we went to eat at easily one of the best restaurants I have ever been to in my life: Jacques-imos.

WE ATE 8 DIFFERENT KINDS OF ANIMAL AT DINNER!!! Where else on Earth does that happen? I hear if you can eat 10 animals in one sitting you become immortal. I’m talking fried rabbit, garlic snails, pan-seared red fish, pulled-pork slow roasted BBQ, fried chicken, grilled duck, blackened lamb, shrimp, and alligator sausage.  Ooooooo weeee, I guarontee!


And, not that I needed it while I was highly enjoying my first foray into real Cajun cooking, but I couldn’t resist…During dinner I sneaked a peak at my phone and guess what?! Jacques-imos did NOT have free WiFi…but the Maple Leaf bar right next door sure did! 😉

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