Road Trippin’: Day 4 – New Orleans, LA to San Antonio, TX

For 18 days, Republic took the most epic of road trips from Raleigh, NC to San Francisco, CA. We kept track of all the places we found WiFi and where our Moto X came in handy. Subscribe to our blog to follow along on our journey.


Crepes! Delicious crepes everywhere! And free WiFi.
Crepes! Delicious crepes everywhere! And free WiFi.

Before leaving New Orleans, we stopped and had breakfast at the quite tasty Merchant crepe shop (how are we going to leave New Orleans before eating more delicious food first?!). Merchant’s had free WiFi (you seeing a theme here yet?), which we used to plot our course to Texas. After enjoying a delightful Nutella crepe, we caffeine’d up, and hit the road to San Antonio, Texas.

Admittedly, I hit my first cellular data problem on the fringes of eastern Texas.  I was still able to make calls and texts without a problem though, so we just listened to some episodes of Welcome to Night Vale, and Serial, and trekked on. It wasn’t long before we got to a strip of stores and restaurants where we decided to take a pit stop at a Tex Mex spot – Lupe Tortilla. Before we even got into the building, my phone lit up to let me know there was free WiFi. Hurray! We had just caught up on all our podcasts, so I took advantage of this fortune, downloaded the next episodes, and answered some emails while we waited on our meal.

Right after dinner, we stopped at a Flying J gas station (which, unexpectedly, also had free WiFi), fueled up, and made it to San Antonio by late evening for our next CouchSurfing spot. Tuckered out after a long haul, we all passed out pretty quickly. For tomorrow brings…THE ALAMO!

Awesome little local market bazaar before we left.
Awesome little local market bazaar before we left.

But for that story, you’ll need to tune in tomorrow. Be sure to subscribe to our blog over in the box to the right so you never miss a thing. Or, catch up on previous entries here.

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