Road Trippin’: Day 5 – The Alamo!

Over the course of 18 days, Republic drove from it’s headquarters in Raleigh, NC to sunny San Francisco, CA. We documented all the places we found WiFi along the way using our Moto X. Travel along with us, with a new city and new story each day.


The CouchSurfing house we stayed in had free WiFi. The little shack we stopped at to have the best Frito Pie of my life had free WiFi. The flippin’ Alamo, which has been standing since the 1800s, had free WiFi!

I was supposed to remember something...what was it...?
I was supposed to remember something…what was it…?

I had a funny “remember the Alamo” joke while we were there, but now I can’t remember what it was (just trust that it was hilarious and timely). But sure enough, right out on the edge of the street, on the Alamo’s lawn, I got a notification on my phone about the free WiFi nearby. How awesome is that?! One of the oldest buildings in the nation has free WiFi. Of all the places. Amazing.

Seeing the Alamo itself was very cool. As a building, it still stands firm and you get a real sense of how structurally sound and durable it is even today. And how, along with some incredibly brave Texians, it helped stave off enemy troops for 13 arduous days. The grounds are filled with beautiful gardens and greenery. It’s all really well-maintained and worth adding to your bucket list if you haven’t been.

Grounds of the Alamo.
Grounds of the Alamo.

From there, we headed to Austin, Texas and had dinner (skillet seared redfish, yum) at another famous and historic building, the Driskill, right off 6th Street. For years, the Driskill has been rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of several guests who met less-than-agreeable ends during each of their respective stays at the hotel.  We didn’t personally see any ghosts or ghouls, but did find some delicious house-bakery-made ice cream sandwiches to snack on.

Oh yeah, that's super haunted.
Oh yeah, that’s super haunted.
Yes, those are homemade pieces of chocolate cake used to sandwich the ice cream.
Yes, those are homemade pieces of chocolate cake used to sandwich the ice cream.
Only in Austin...
Only in Austin…

After dinner, we hit infamous 6th Street to ring in the New Year Texas-style. And booooooyyy was it rowdy. Every venue had live music pouring out into the streets. In fact, the people themselves were pouring out in the streets. The entire road was shut off to traffic. It gave New Orleans a run for its money. We made our way down 6th, past all the ruckus to the east side, where we’re told all the locals hang out. Austin really is a great city with some really great folks in it. Everyone was warm and welcoming, and showed off that southern hospitality. Of all the cities we stopped at on this adventure, I’m glad we got to stay in Austin for a couple days.

Tune in tomorrow for more. Be sure to subscribe over to your right and catch up on previous days here.

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2 thoughts on “Road Trippin’: Day 5 – The Alamo!”

  1. My wife and I stayed at the Driskill last April when there to see the Crash Kings for her birthday. A ghost welcomed us to our room by turning on the radio. I also enjoyed the free Wi-Fi with my Republic phone too.

    1. Haha, was it the ghost of the little kid that lives in the painting in one of the halls? We heard that story a few times. And the one about the bride left at the alter.

      Hope you enjoyed your stay. Austin is great!

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