Road Trippin’: Day 6 – Austin, TX

Follow along with Republic as we drive all the way from Raleigh, NC to San Francisco, CA on an epic road trip.  We’re on a trek to find free WiFi and all the places our Moto X came in handy. There’s a new adventure every day!


Fine. Thanks for asking.
Fine. Thanks for asking.

Even on the day after New Year’s, when everything is closed (and people are perhaps regretting some of the decisions they made the night before), Austin is still a great city to walk around. As we ventured out, my phone alerted me to the free WiFi in the Sheraton lobby. But that wasn’t the only free thing we found… We walked to a popular restaurant near the University of Texas at Austin (I’m not going to say which one because I don’t want to get the waiter in trouble for being so awesome). When we sat down, we immediately thanked the kind gentleman for working on his New Year’s Day. After an exquisite breakfast, the check came. He casually slid it on the table and said:  “Thanks for saying the right thing. It’s on me.” We looked at him in disbelief as he sauntered off. Sure enough, our check had been comped – for our entire $62.75 meal. Way to kick off the new year! You had me at “free”, nice waiter! I really can’t get over how friendly everyone in Austin is. Sometimes all it takes is just a kind word of appreciation.  Suffice it to say, we were all quite jazzed up after breakfast – gleefully skipping on about town.

We can hear the summertime ping pong championships even now...
We can hear the summertime ping pong championships even now…

After a nice jaunt and some window shopping, we returned to the hotel and used the free WiFi in the lobby to book our next hotels and buy plane tickets for the return flight home in 12 days (wow!? Are there really that many more to go?). We would soon come to learn that we would need an easy, relaxing day like this to prepare us for what came next. For out on the horizon, looming in the distance, a blizzard was brewing. None of us could have predicted the voraciousness of its bitter cold clutches as it descending full-scale upon our ragtag group of adventurers.

We heard there was free WiFi at the end of the tunnel.
We heard there was free WiFi at the end of the tunnel.

But! For that story (it’s a good one!), tune in tomorrow for the next chapter in the Republic Travel Companion. Be sure to subscribe to our blog over in the box to your right. Or, catch up on previous days here.

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