Road Trippin’: Day 7 – The Blizzard!

Republic spent days on the road traveling from Raleigh, NC to San Francisco, CA to find free WiFi and document all the places our Moto X came in handy. Join us on our journey by subscribing to our blog and following along!



It doesn't feel like we're in Texas anymore...
It doesn’t feel like we’re in Texas anymore…

The day began like any other: slightly cloudy with just a small chill in the air. Nothing that caused worry. Certainly nothing that would cause lead us to believe we were driving straight into a blizzard.

From Texas to New Mexico, we drove 15-20 mph, using the rumble strip on the side of the road to even know if we were still, in fact, on the road. Talk about a time when you’re glad you have good service on your phone. This was one of the most stressful, taxing, experiences – that we’re all thrilled to have come out on the other end of unscathed. During the drive, the car was painfully quiet. The only time anyone spoke was when using the GPS on my Moto X to inform the driver (way to go Scott!) of an upcoming turn, or that we were on the wrong side of the road. There was ZERO visibility. Looking out the window, the scenery resembled something more like Fargo, North Dakota than Texas or New Mexico.

We stopped at one point to knock the ice off the windshield wipers. We were on the side of the road for three minutes, and the snow was halfway up the tire. We couldn’t stay sitting still for longer than those three minutes, or we would never have gotten back out onto the road.

This is the day it happened, too – that moment I was hoping would happen, just not in the conditions it did. Today, I had service on my Moto X and both my friends’ iPhones did not. Now, granted, I only had two bars of roaming service as we drove the long haul from Texas to New Mexico, but it was two more bars than anyone else in the car had. I was able to call and text my mom, who was watching the storms on the Weather Channel back home, freaking out in true mom fashion (hey mom! I’m ok!).

Seriously, guess what state we're in!
Seriously, guess what state we’re in!

Of all the places to wind up after a harrowing experience, like driving through a southern blizzard, pulling into Roswell, New Mexico was just surreal. None of us had ever been before, and if you haven’t, it is everything you’d expect it to be. The Arby’s proudly displays a sign that reads, “Welcome Aliens!”  The mailboxes look like R2D2 from Star Wars. The McDonald’s is very much shaped like a UFO.  It is a sight to behold.

We rolled in, tired and unnerved. We quickly checked in at the Best Western (free WiFi!), then headed to the only open restaurant around for the best burger I’ve ever eaten – seasoned with survival and relief – at Farley’s, which also had free WiFi.

Holy moly, what a drive. Our heads were glad to hit their respective pillows that night, for tomorrow, we had aliens to find. Tune in tomorrow for more! Or, catch up on previous days here.

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