Road Trippin’: Day 9 – The Grand Canyon

This post is primarily going to be photos. I’m not typically one to toot my own horn, but…HONK! Look at these pictures! Lots of folks ask about the quality of the 13MP camera on the Moto X. Heck, I’ll admit, even I had my doubts (hence the backup GoPro). I was honestly pretty shocked at how well some of these turned out. Take a peek and follow along with our epic, 18-day road trip, by subscribing to our blog over to your right! Or, catch up on previous days here.

 ———————— All of these photos were taken with a Moto X (2nd. Gen) ————————

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4 thoughts on “Road Trippin’: Day 9 – The Grand Canyon”

  1. RW should really not praise the MotoX camera an make that into a selling point. The MotoX is a decent smartphone and a good one for RW service… a bit pricey, but OK. That said even the most satisfied user can’t deny the massive downsides it continues to have on 2nd Gen version:

    1) Still a sub-par camera sensor (gets pink highlights when overexposing, and horrible/non-existent low-light shooting ability)
    2) Still lacks a microSD card for added and swappable storage
    3) Still lack user swappable battery (which would allow to extend use when traveling with no need to carry bulky external USB batteries to recharge when needed)
    4) Still lacks a SIM Card slot (more a wishful thinking addition) to allow getting a SIM for cellular service when outside US and allow owners to use the phone as an unlocked SIM Card smartphone using any foreign cellular networks from EU to China or Japan, as needed.

    Hope 3rd Gen will address the points above… somehow I doubt anything will change since RW is the first not requesting these improvements from a brand that is basically using exclusively Motorola devices now.

    1. 3rd Gen will not address the points above as those are YOUR desires and wishes for what you want a smartphone to have. Recent flagships like the Oppo’s and even the mighty Galaxy line of Samsung’s has ditched your points 2 and 3 and gone the Apple route to make a sleeker phone. You want all those? Go back a couple years and get an older Android.
      RW is using the phone that works best on their tech…

      1. You’re definitely correct, those are MY desires and wishes for what an ideal smartphone should have and those happen to match the desires and wishes of a sizable chunk of cell users. If YOU are not part of that chunk, then you’ll be a happy camper and love countless devices that have ditched point 2 and 3 and available through RW and other wireless service providers. I won’t try to convince you and vice versa therefore we’ll politely disagree with each other and agree that we have different desires and wishes when it comes to smartphone specs… and that’s more than fine by me 😉

        About the “Go back a couple years and get an older Android” I would in a heartbeat get a phone with the features I want hook it on RW service, sadly your suggestion isn’t an helpful one since the option of BYOD on RW is not a possibility at this time (nor there are news about the future, or that people have not expressed their wish to have it available, mostly because many want to use an iPhone on RW service ;D) hence that’s why I had to settle for the motoX even when lacking those wished for features.

        On choosing the model because “works for their tech” if you happen to have first hand insight on RW product selection studies, test and reasons behind the specific choice, then your last statement is grounded in information I do not possess although would definitely like to know more about. On the contrary, if you have no first-hand experience, then I’d be cautious with assumptions of any kind since there is so much you and I don’t know and making such assumptions would be just silly.

        Sure RW wouldn’t choose a device they couldn’t make work with “their tech”, granted that’s a safe assumption (or rather a tautology/truism) indeed as I too don’t believe engineers and developers at RW have any masochistic tendencies. That said, assuming the choice of smartphone wasn’t made also taking into account the financial side (among many other things) would be quite naive and misleading (my own opinion of course) since driving cost down as much as possible while keeping the highest possible service quality in order to bring in as many subscribers as possible, still remains one of the main goals of RW and its business model. Proof is that after the older Defy XT, ditched for a much more expensive motoX 1st Gen. (that’s when I got my RW service), RW looked into offering devices at lower price points. In fact RW introduced a more affordable line of devices to entice more budget-minded subscribers, some of which I brought in myself as a satisfied RW customer.

        That move wasn’t just random but was the consequence of RW’s own market research as well as a ton of user “wishes and desires” which users and prospective customers left on several threads, where they expressed that they loved RW’s idea and the business model, but the price of the smartphone was too steep for them… here is a thread with such wishes being expressed with the subject reading “RW phone for $99” check it out at

        So fast forward to a few months later and you had the announcement of a new line of affordable RW devices offered in addition to the moto X. That’s when the moto g at $149 and then the moto e at $99 were added to the line of RW phones…–coming-next-month

        How’s that for listening to customer? Thread requesting a device for $99 started on JUly and the phone came around October! 😉

        By the way the moto e (which is momentarily unavailable for sale as the 2nd gen should be coming shortly) will have 2x the RAM of previous model, bringing it to a total of 8GB and will keep the microSD card slot for added storage (like video, music, documents and more)… so the presence of a microSD slot did not make the phone unsuitable for “their tech” 😉 and I am quite certain that if enough pressure was there requesting such feature to be introduced in the top line moto X 3rd gen. the microSD would most definitely come back (same goes for the battery but given then higher redesign challenge that would pose, perhaps it wouldn’t be implemented just as quickly as a microSD slot would).

        …and for the record a microSD slot won’t cause design issues nor increase production costs or phone thickness… there is virtually no real reason for removing such slot (other than wanting to push online storage services perhaps?) especially in phones that do not use a SIM card since the microSD could basically be physically placed in the slot where a micro SIM would sit.

        Perhaps user feedback will be met by RW without the criticism you applied here since RW has a long history of collaboration where feedback expressing wishes and desires was very often requested, encouraged and welcomed by the company and the whole community (subscribers and prospective subscribers alike). I say that knowing that RW considers feedback to be something that positively contributed to make the company grow and steer in the direction it did on a path of constant innovation and improvement of their offer and service read for yourself here:

        And articles aside, I know this to be true for a fact since RW has delivered in more than one occasion, catering to users feedback/wishes/desires the expressing of which you seem to be so firmly oppose and ready to write off as a mere “somebody’s personal anachronistic wish” to be dismissed by default. If that was the same attitude RW had applied, there would be no lab section, there would be no think tank or active community for that matter… quite fortunately those, not only exist and are alive and well, but RW applied the exact opposite attitude gathering feedback, evaluating it and responding to it with actions! So much so that a wish expressed by myself and others a while back is now a reality and it has just been launched with the codename of “Maestro” in the Lab section of RW… go check that out, will ya? 😉

        Concluding, I appreciate your reply although I can only politely agree to disagree with your views about what you defining those wishes and desires (in pony 2 and 3) to be exclusively MY own wishes and desires for what a smartphone should be, about the unavailable and unfeasible choice proposed of getting an older android phone with microSD slot and removable battery, as well as with the assumption that RW chose the motoX because was “the best for their tech” hence excluding other viable devices due to features rather than financial considerations.

        It will be up to the community to request a device with such features to also be made available for sale as an RW phone maybe it’ll happen maybe won’t, but not asking for it just because the Apple iPhone continues to be proprietary and refuses to add a microSD slot while pushing their own iCloud storage services or because Samsung is playing copycat rather than its previous differentiating model and ditched microSD and removable battery on the Galaxy S6 going backwards not forward it would just be a silly thing to do.

        The only request that will always and most certainly be denied is the request that was never made 😉

  2. 3rd Gen will not address the points above as those are YOUR desires and wishes for what you want a smartphone to have. Recent flagships like the Oppo’s and even the mighty Galaxy line of Samsung’s has ditched your points 2 and 3 and gone the Apple route to make a sleeker phone. You want all those? Go back a couple years and get an older Android.
    RW is using the phone that works best on their tech…

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