Road Trippin’: Republic is Coming to Meet You!

Meet Southpaw (ok, this isn't really Southpaw, but her yarny Android friend "Andrew).
Southpaw’s yarny green Android friend, “Andrew”.

Meet Southpaw. She’s one of our rock star member Ambassadors and she’s taking an epic road trip to meet you! From today, May 4th, to May 8th, Southpaw will be driving from Republic headquarters in Raleigh, NC to Salt Lake City, UT. Along the way, Southpaw will pick six different towns to stop in where Republic members can come out and say hi. We’ve loaded Southpaw up with exclusive Republic gear to give out, so if you want any, you’ll have to stop by!

In Southpaw’s own words: 

I’d like to get to know each and every one of you, hear your stories, find out what brought you to Republic Wireless, check out your favorite WiFi locations, and write about all of it here. I’m looking forward to meeting you and seeing Republic Wireless members meet other Republic Wireless members, bringing our “Community” to a local, personal level.

Here’s a look at Southpaw’s route:

If you live along this route let us know. We might host a meetup in your town!
We might host a meetup in your town!

If you live along this route, simply reply in the discussion thread here and let her know your favorite place to meet. Each day, Southpaw will announce a new location and a new chance to meet awesome people like you! (Oh, and there’s free stuff. Lots of free stuff.)

Follow along here on PWK each day to see where in the world Southpaw is and to see some cool pictures from the road with her and her adorable yarn Android friend that she’s appropriately named “Andrew”. Who knows, you might even show up in a photo yourself!

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