Road Trippin’: Winging It in Thailand

More free WiFi
More free WiFi

Ok, imagine this, I’m in a remote, sleepy village in Ton Sai, Krabi Thailand. The only way to access this part of this town is by boat. There’s no medic, no cars, no police, and not a care in the world. But, there is WiFi, EVERYWHERE. I was honestly shocked.

I just got back from a two week trip to the other side of the world, over 9,000 miles from Raleigh, NC to Thailand. I went with 3 friends and we backpacked throughout the country. We had the first two nights booked but after that, we planned on winging it. The first full day we were there we got on an overnight bus around 7PM to go down south to the coast. The bus was scheduled to take 15 hours! Miserable. The only thing that prevented me from pulling my hair out was the bus had WiFi! Yeah, no biggie, I was sending Snapchats, messaging friends and family from back home for most of the ride (I couldn’t sleep because my jet lag and sense of time was entirely out of whack)

When we finally arrived (19+ hours later because we hit traffic) to the small coastal town of Ton Sai, Krabi I was amazed to see, you guessed it, all the signs for “Free WiFi.” I can’t quite describe just how small the town is, would it help if I said there is no Wikipedia page (seriously). We immediately checked into a our bungalows which were super rustic. We had to get on a five-step ladder to get up to our bungalow, inside there was unfinished plywood floors, a bed covered by a mosquito net, and an attached outhouse. There was no AC, no hot water, and no power during the day. Like I said: Rustic. Then we started our routine that we would follow for the next 5 days: Eat fresh pineapple and mangoes for breakfast. Go relax by the beach. Eat some ah-may-zing Thai food for lunch. Get an hour massage (for $10). Drink a beer. Get some Thai soup off the street for dinner. (Maybe drink some more). Go to Bed. Repeat.

I won’t go through every detail of the trip, pictures speak louder than words…

IMG_20150414_094616459 IMG_20150414_185052066  IMG_20150413_170006476_TOP IMG_20150411_123330497IMG_20150415_173039684 IMG_20150417_124507562IMG_20150415_100757193_HDR  IMG_20150415_205458240IMG_20150415_134107540_HDRIMG_20150417_152758587IMG_20150417_145757353_HDRIMG_20150418_124345898_HDR     IMG_20150418_111454505 IMG_20150418_110059084_HDRIMG_20150419_210235868IMG_20150418_212703557IMG_20150419_151629812IMG_20150420_180925189   IMG_20150420_211420973 IMG_20150420_213033641

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