September: What’s New and What’s in the Works

Cool weather brings an update on some cool projects that are in the works at Republic Wireless.  Not resting on the laurels of successfully launching Cell to WiFi Handover in August, our team is already testing a new type of WiFi Calling technology that’s going to improve your experience. Our engineers and scientists (yes we have scientists now) are doing some amazing things in this area and we can’t wait to share it with you all. We’ve also got teams advancing big projects that will result in a new device, a new network option, a new way to access your services and new data tools.

As busy as we are advancing these projects, we did find time in September to release some meaningful updates to our service such as MMS interoperability with Straight Talk and Tracfone and enabling Email to SMS functionality! Our Community got some new shine with an update to our platform software and, as usual, we released an app update that everyone should make sure to update to.

Last, as the leaves begin to fall, so too should your wireless bill! If you haven’t transitioned to our new Republic Refund Plans, you should consider doing so as our average customer is paying under $14 per month. Amazing!

New in September:


Email to SMS
MMS interoperability with Straight Talk and Tracfone
New Community Version Upgrade
Republic App Update

In-Progress Items to Improve your Experience:

Gifting/Purchase without Plan Selection in our RW Store
Republic Think Tank Clean-Up
MMS interoperability with Cricket
Republic “My Account” Portal Redesign



Next Generation WiFi Calling
Multi-Device Experience
Next Generation Device
Multiple Cellular Carrier Experience
Android Lollipop 5.1 Update (Moto X (1st Gen.), Moto G (1st Gen.) and Moto E (1st Gen.))
New Device Qualification
Tethering capability for Republic Refund Plan Subscribers
Background Data Suppression Tool


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11 thoughts on “September: What’s New and What’s in the Works”

    1. Make sure you’re following along with the updates on this over here! We
      highly encourage you to click through and read our update, and especially Motorola’s post linked there. Motorola makes the
      phones we use, and just announced their OS update schedule this past Friday.
      when it comes to things other companies make, we have to play by their
      rules a little bit. 5.0 particularly stings because we were ready early,
      it got pulled for being buggy, and we had to start from scratch with
      5.1. Then that also got put on hold because of the emergency update that
      rolled out to fix the Stagefright bug, which definitely needed to take
      precedence to keep your information safe. We are working round the clock
      on these updates with our partners and are committed to making them happen. Here’s the latest:

    2. Just wait until marshmallow…eta: after the next android update.

      Request an invite to project fi, you won’t have to wait for updates.

  1. I’m underwhelmed, as usual. No mention of fixing existing problems, nor of training the support staff to give, you know, actual support.

  2. Hope we get High Hat really soon, was a little disappointing not to see the new Nexus phones be supported despite (essentially) the same features being supported (alá Google Fi).

  3. I’m a huge Republic fan but I am also a huge (huger?) fan of Android. Going on two full years without having the latest version of Android has been something of a let down; but I somewhat expected it. But seeing users with the 2014 X enjoy lollipop for months now while my more than capable 2013 X is running a very outdated version of Android has me fuming a little. I don’t see myself buying anymore phones that are tied down to Motorola.Sprint.Republic update process and that is a shame because I really like the service and community of Republic.

  4. Thanks for the update Garett. I’m certainly saving money on the new plan. This month my bill should be about $13!

    Just to clarify on the “Larger Scope Items,” can we assume that “Next Generation WiFi Calling” and the “Next Generation Device” are linked and will be released together? Also, is the “New Device Qualification” a separate device from the Hi-Hat device?

    Keep up the great work, Republic!

  5. Nope, no reason to consider switching plans. I’ll be paying more. I’m sticking around until I’m forced to change and then dropping Republic like a bad habit. Too bad, I enjoyed the product.

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