Stories: Colleen & Russ

After putting five sons through college, Colleen and Russ decided to finally stop worrying about the phone bill. With simple service and easy savings from Republic, they now have a little more room for fun.

Republic members Colleen and Russ

Making the Switch

Colleen and Russ found Republic Wireless after being Verizon customers for 18 years (you read that right…18 years). Seeking a better customer service experience, and a more affordable phone bill, Colleen started researching other providers.

“I started looking around really intently and [learned about] Project Fi and Republic, and it came down to that,” Colleen said. “I really liked everything I read about Republic Wireless so I took the leap of faith and it worked out pretty well.”

Republic’s active Community was an important factor in Colleen’s decision to switch. With a tight-knit group of members and support from our Help Team, she knew she would be more valued at Republic than at a larger company such as Google or Verizon.

Republic Wireless team meets with members Colleen and Russ

Asked and Answered

The resources in Community came in handy right away.

“I had no idea how to deactivate my old Verizon phone and port my numbers over,” Colleen said.

“I went to the Community when I was trying to figure all that out, and it turned out to be the simplest process in the world.”

After a couple months with Republic, Russ’s phone started acting up. With a quick reference to Community, the issue was fixed in a few hours.

“We just did a basic search on ‘can’t hear caller’ in the Community and the fix came up first thing,” Colleen said. “We booted his phone up in safe mode, then uninstalled a bunch of unnecessary apps. Worked like a charm!”

Colleen said their experience with Republic has been better than any customer service experience with Verizon. Even after 18 years (again, 18!) of loyalty, Colleen said Verizon kept hiking up prices without explanation.

“At one point we had seven people on our phone plan and the bill was over $600 every month,” she said. “That was with sharing data and minutes. It was insane. After we booted all the kids off the plan, it was still about $160 a month.”

Members enjoy their savings with Republic Wireless

Getting Re-Funned

One of their favorite things about our service is the Republic Refund™. Colleen and Russ get a $12 refund every month, dropping their phone bill below $30. That’s $130 of savings every month!

Republic Wireless team talks savings with members

“The refund is crazy, and so fun, because you’re waiting and waiting and at the end of the month you’re watching your [data bucket] get smaller and smaller and finally ‘Ding!’ you get a refund,” Colleen said.

The monthly refund is just the start of the fun for Colleen and Russ. With the extra cash, they tried new restaurants, rode the Raleigh Trolley Pub and segway tours (twice!), and let loose at neighborhood social events.

The rest of their savings are going towards an annual family vacation in the Tennessee mountains. After successfully referring their five sons to Republic, they hope to convince the rest of the fam to make the switch.

“This was a trial for us because I wanted to see how a plan like that with such great service, and that inexpensive, really worked,” Colleen said. “I’m really happy with the company and the service. Overall everything has just worked out really well.” ♥

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