Stories: John Paul a Moto Fan

In need of a better phone and data plan, John Paul switched to Republic Wireless and never looked back. For a business management student at Franciscan University, a little bit of savings goes a long way.

In Need of an Upgrade

Before making the switch in 2014, John Paul had a flip phone and calling-only plan with Verizon. He desperately wanted a better phone and, at least, the ability to text. When one of his brothers, Thomas, told him what Republic had to offer, he was sold.

“I ended up having better service, most of the time, than my other brother who was still using Verizon,” he said. “Within a couple of months, I got him to switch to Republic, too. I have cousins who live out there who are now also on Republic.”

John Paul loved that he could have a data plan and top-of-the-line phone without the extra hassle and fees of other carriers. For him, he said, that was the biggest pull.

“A lot of other carriers use the phones you offer, but Republic has actually thought about putting these phones with a budget plan,” he said.

“You’re not forcing somebody to get a $700 iPhone to have a good plan.”

A Motorola Fan

For each new phone with Republic, John Paul stuck with the Motorola brand. He started with the Moto E (1st Gen.) before upgrading to the Moto G (1st Gen.) for extra storage. Even with the launch of Samsung and Nexus phones on Republic 3.0, he sought out the Moto X Pure Edition for its awesome 21 MP camera.

“With all three of those phones, what I’ve noticed is that they are built very ruggedly,” he said.

“They operate very smoothly and Android is compatible with so many things.”

John Paul joked that he used to drop his Moto G (1st Gen.) around campus just to show his friends how durable it was.

“I never even broke the screen or anything,” he said.

For his next upgrade, John Paul has his eyes on the Moto Z. Although slightly out of his price range, its modular design caught his interest.

“One of these days I may get a Moto Z because those things just look sweet, and so powerful,” he said.

It’s a Clear Choice

Like most college students, John Paul uses his phone for everything – social media, banking, calling, texting, work, simple math. Everything. Even with all those apps running, he manages to use only 1GB of cell data per month.

“Before I switched to the Clear Choice Plans, I had a half gig per month and I generally didn’t use all of it because I was always on campus WiFi,” he said. “I love that feature.”

Republic’s WiFi coverage also helps overcome spotty coverage in Ohio.

“The ability to switch from cellular to WiFi is really cool.”

“It stretches my coverage so much more,” John Paul said. “Ohio is fairly populated but it’s hilly and there are lots of places where I wouldn’t have cell coverage where I do have WiFi coverage.”

With a plan from Republic, John Paul can get through college with a little extra spending money. He said he enjoys being part of a company committed to helping people save money.

“I really admire the fact that Republic is trying to make something that’s affordable.”

“So many of my friends are stuck with crazy, expensive plans that generally don’t work any better and often come with a phone that’s also incredibly expensive,” he said.

“When I told people that I had a phone plan with Unlimited Talk and Text for $10 a month, most of the time they don’t believe me. I really appreciate that Republic does that and the people who have gotten onto it really appreciate that you do that.” ♥

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