Stories: Julie & Matt Family of Four

Before Julie and Matt joined Republic Wireless, keeping their family in sync was often a guessing game. Without phones for their middle school sons or reliable service at home, they knew it was time for a change.

Republic Wireless members

Phones for the Family

After Julie read about Republic online, switching over the family was a no-brainer.

“I loved that Republic had wireless to cell handover, and the other way around because it meant we could actually use our phones at our house,” Julie said.

With Republic, they could afford for the entire family to stay connected. Phones for their kids, Tain and Rowan, meant no more waiting after school or losing touch on field trips.

“[Republic] gave us the chance to get the kids their phones,” Julie said.

“Being on such affordable plans with everybody, we’re probably close to one third the price we would pay at Verizon.”

The 0.5GB Republic Refund plan has allowed Tain and Rowan to do a lot more streaming for a lot less money. Their phones are just another entertainment device.

“They use it for surfing the web and watching YouTube and Netflix,” Matt said. “We’re using it more like a traditional phone but for them, it’s like a screen to the world’”

Republic Wireless team meets with members Julie and Matt

Refunds and Rewards

Julie and Matt integrated the monthly refund into the boys’ allowance.

“They were so excited and enthused about the process, and doing such a good job,” Julie said. “They’re both in middle school so they could be terrible with data usage, but they’re really not. We started adding $10 on top of their refund if their attitude is great.”

Julie explains her passion for Republic Wireless

“It teaches them a huge lesson about data,” Julie said. “They have to think: ‘How badly do I want to stream this video from here to the store because I’m going to get less money back.’

“It really teaches them, not just about data and money, but just the overall concept of being conservative with what you use.”

Julie says this system gives the boys more control over how much money they’re getting.

“The refund gives them a sense of how to impact what they get,” Matt said. “So they can earn the money by being really careful with their data.”

Republic Wireless team meets with loyal members Matt and Julie

A Better Connection

By communicating more often and being conscious of usage, Julie and Matt’s family has grown closer with Republic’s service. Each month, Julie sends the boys an email explaining their refund, behavior and added allowance.

“It’s been a great conversation to have as a family,” Julie said. “Sometimes reading something in an email makes it so much easier to hear the message and not feel like you’re getting yelled at to your face. We’ve just had a really positive response.”

After Julie finishes grad school, they’d love to save for a dream trip to New Zealand or a food tour around the world. For now, the value of bringing the entire family together is priceless.

“Just the fact that we can afford to have the phones is such a wonderful opportunity,” Julie said.

“That’s by and large how we use it, that now all four of us can have phones.” ♥

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