Summer Travel Empowered by Republic Savings

Your dream getaway may be closer than you think. Did you know 1 in 4 Americans aren’t planning a trip this summer because they feel they can’t afford it?¹  Don’t let your family vacation take a backseat this season because of an overpriced cell phone plan—with flexible plans that give you the freedom to control what you pay, every dollar saved with Republic Wireless puts you one step closer to the dream getaway you’ve been saving for. By spending less on your monthly bill and more on your family, we encourage you to seek new and exciting adventures and create an unforgettable travel experience...on us.

Inspire your next summer trip with our 5 favorite US travel destinations for every type of adventurer:

1. For the Budget-Savvy Explorer: Yellowstone National Park, WY

For only a small entry fee, you can earn 7-day access to Yellowstone’s massive stretch of untouched territory and the thousands of different species of wildlife that roam the grounds —it’s no wonder the latest U.S. News & World Travel Report ranked this bucket-list attraction as the #1 Best Affordable Family Vacation Destination² in the country. From dramatic canyons to pristine lakes, the park’s rich landscape offers endless opportunities to disconnect from civilization and reconnect with the people that matter. Trek among the exotic wildflowers that surround the backcountry trails, roll out a blanket for a peaceful summer picnic, or cool off in the spray of the park’s towering waterfalls. However you choose to spend your nature getaway, Yellowstone National Park offers endless activities that cater to the adventurer in all of us.

Pro tip: Pack your camping gear! You can cut the costs of your trip even more by taking advantage of the countless cozy campsites stationed across the park. What better way to beat the noise of the city than with a quiet evening under the stars?

2. For the History Buff: City of Alexandria, VA

If you’re looking to take a journey back in time, the city of Alexandria is the perfect summer destination for you. Explore this hidden Virginia gem and prepare to embark on a vibrant cultural adventure packed with beautifully preserved architecture and rich historical significance. Recognized as one of the South’s Prettiest Cities of 2018 ,³ Alexandria offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. Take a trip downtown and indulge the local cuisine, peek into the vibrant boutiques that lace the city streets, or venture the Potomac river on a magical riverboat tour. With endless local treasures and classic historic landmarks waiting to be explored, you won’t fall short on fun in this breathtaking city.

Pro Tip: Only a short drive from our nation’s capital, dedicate an afternoon of your trip to explore the historic streets of Washington D.C. Around every corner you’ll find boundless monuments, memorials, shops, and eateries with tons of activities any traveler can enjoy.

3. For the Overworked Mom: Pompano Beach, FL

Do you frequently find yourself drifting into a daydream of foamy saltwater shorelines and misty ocean breezes? With miles of crystal coastline basking under a tropical Florida sun, Pompano Beach is our favorite beach getaway for sun-thirsty travelers. Whether you choose to spend your afternoons lounging the beach’s sparkling coastline, or embark on a deep-sea adventure among Florida’s colorful sea-life, this gorgeous stretch of crystal coast will quench any traveler’s thirst for relaxation.

Pro Tip: Pompano’s summer months are packed with unique (and tasty) local festivals. Bring your appetite and check out the city’s delicious lineup of mouth watering events coming to town later this summer!

4. Fun for the Whole Family: Winter Park, CO

Looking for a getaway the whole family will enjoy? You may know this travel hotspot as a prime winter destination, but the gleaming summer months of Winter Park far from disappoint. As the sun escapes a chilly winter hibernation, the landscape’s snow capped peaks melt away to reveal rich greenery, flowing rivers, and stunning wildlife. From sky-high climbing adventures at the park’s aerial course to horseback journeys across scenic mountain trails, Winter Park is packed with tons of kid-friendly activities for unforgettable family experiences.

Pro Tip: Home to Colorado’s longest alpine slide, Winter Park’s mountain-chiseled racetrack is a must-do for families visiting the area. Grab a sled and spend an exhilarating afternoon twisting and turning down vertical alpine track!

5. For the Fearless Homebody: Your local community

You don’t need to travel far to take an adventure. Vacations from the comfort of your own home (formally known as “Stay-cations”) are great ways to savor the joys of a slower pace of life and discover the hidden treasures lurking in a familiar environment. Use your neighborhood, city, and state as a means to explore the variety of experiences your community has to offer. Use the money you save by staying home to transform your patio into a quiet hammock hideaway, plan a road trip to that local landmark you’ve been meaning to visit, or venture downtown to taste the ripe local flavor that’s been hiding right under your nose—the possibilities are endless!

Pro Tip: It may be tempting to respond to that work email while you’re vacationing from home. Try to disconnect from work and technology during your stay-cation and embark on a journey to those hidden local treasures you had once overlooked.

Where will your savings take you?

Taking time to disconnect from work and technology allows you to relax and enjoy your surroundings in their actual state: uninhibited and uninterrupted. Here at Republic Wireless, we have a passion for life’s powerful moments that come from putting down our devices to disconnect in this fast-paced world. Don’t get me wrong—we love saving members money on their cell phone bills, but our greatest joy comes from life’s experiences created by these savings. Empower your next adventure with help from Republic Wireless.


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