Talk Now, Pay Over Time: Financing Options Are Here!

Another week, another update from our 2016 initiatives! Keep checking off the list because we are doing this! This week, we are excited to announce financing options for your phone!

Republic was started with the goal of providing cell phone service at an affordable cost. With that goal in mind, we continue to uncover ways to deliver value to our members (can’t stop, won’t stop). We bring phone service at highly competitive prices.  We’ve committed to refunding the data you don’t use each month with our Refund Plans (we’re up to $3.4 million in refunds since launching last July!). Now, we’ve partnered with Affirm to bring you more purchasing power – enabling you to pay for your phone over time.

We’re excited to announce that Republic has partnered with Affirm to offer financing towards the purchase of phones, accessories, and shipping! With Affirm, eligible members will be able to break up the cost of your purchase into 6, 12, or 18 month payments (rates from 10-30% APR).

What’s better? This is another idea from you – our members!

Financing options for your phone have been a long-requested feature in our Think Tank. We hope with these new options, we’ll make switching to our service even more simple. No more waiting for Mom or Dad’s hand-me-down Moto, splitting up the cost of the new phone into payments makes new phones more affordable for the whole family. We are confident this addition will be beneficial to many of our members and soon to be members.

You’ll find the option to finance with Affirm during checkout. Affirm employs top-of-the-line information safeguards and the latest security encryption to keep your information protected and secure at all times too. Now, you can pay on your terms.

Try financing now and get $30 off the 16GB Moto G (3rd Gen.), WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

For more info about financing for your phone, check out our new Financing page.

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8 thoughts on “Talk Now, Pay Over Time: Financing Options Are Here!”

  1. Nice to have another option but worth noting, if moto-maker is again made available for future phones that is potentially a better deal as they typically offer 0% financing for up to 18 months.

  2. So instead of offering new phones as promised, you’ve decided to offer ridiculous interest rates to finance the purchase of the current garbage you sell and which you have to discount to get off the shelves?

    I’ve been a Republic customer for years now, and this marketing strategy of posting updates about coming updates, and feeding us these type of financing options that just make you more money and give us nothing in return, is about to send me elsewhere. Maybe there are fools out there who will finance the purchase of phones at these embarrassing rates, but I highly doubt they’re beating the doors down to buy your current offerings. You people are completely out of touch with your customer base. It’s almost entertaining to watch.

    I’ll give you until 5.1.16 – if you don’t have new phone options that you’ve promised, I’m out.

    1. Did you drop out Drew? If so, what did you switch to?
      I gave them 1 month 13 days ago, the clock is ticking…

  3. Hey RW. I am sure this is all a huge deal to you all, and I am sure this took a ton of work to achieve, but this seems gimmicky. Honestly, I feel a little dirty reading the 10-30% APR for “eligible members”. You used to be the only appealing option out there and you’re quickly becoming lackluster. I LOVE that RW has stuck it to the big carriers and created some market disruption, but what are you doing to stay competitive? What about RW should keep me from leaving? At this point there’s not much difference between RW and Google FI. Both have plans with data in the $25-30/month range, both refund for data not used, and now both will let you make payments on your phone.

    I know two things that are different, Google has 2 pretty decent phones and 0% financing for those eligible. Thank you for the 2016 Initiatives, but has anyone told you Google FI is already doing all that?

    I’m sorry, but this is how I feel. Also, this whole marketing campaign around what’s coming in 2016 kind of stinks.

  4. Didn’t you already announce this quietly last month‽ I was expecting a new phone announcement last week! It’s one thing to officially announce something you already launched but it’s another to call it a BIG 2016 initiative when you could already use it a month ago. I hope your next announcement is a new phone or at least the start of Project Hi-Hat. No pressure though, I am way too cheap to switch carriers. Your low prices will keep me patient for new phones. Just please don’t take a small announcement and make it big like that again. :/

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