Thank You for a Great 2018

It’s been an incredible year at Republic Wireless. From new phones and big product launches, to innovative feature releases, it’s been quite busy here at headquarters. We celebrated 7 years of unbeatable savings for all of our members – a milestone we continue to build on each day. To recall on 2018, we’d like to highlight a handful of our members and the encouraging stories that have been shared with us in this past year.

“My favorite memory with republic wireless is when I got into the beta program! Now 5 lines and about 15 friends that are part of the republic family, the best decision I made.”
– Sergio F.

It’s our top priority to treat our members like people here at Republic Wireless, and not just another number. Creating a sense of family is exactly why we call everyone a member, not a customer. We believe that by viewing our members as real people with real life expenses, that opens the door to creating the best experience possible. Just like Sergio, we have many long-time members who have been a part of the Republic family since the beginning. It only makes sense that over time, our members can’t help but spread the great news of their Republic experience to those around them. Your cell phone bill shouldn’t be one of your highest costs in life – with Republic is doesn’t have to be.

“My favorite memory was my wife and I getting our first smartphones, the first gen Moto Gs. We can now text, share pictures and have video calls with our grandkids no matter how far away they might be.”
– Randy G.

Getting your first smartphone can often be an exciting moment. All of a sudden, your world is opened up to the many connections you can make outside of your old flip phone. Why should that be a costly or luxury experience only available to those that can afford it? At Republic, we don’t believe it has to be. Just like Randy, many of our members are able to finally get their first smartphones through our affordable service. Creating new memories with loved ones through phone calls and video chats is something everyone should be able to do. If you want to buy a phone a bit nicer than the one you had before, we don’t think steep plan pricing should keep you from making that leap. Our members don’t have to choose between a premium phone and a low-cost plan – they get both.

Member Testimonial Post

“I have had nothing but the best customer service from Republic – they’ve gone well above and beyond expected service the couple times I’ve encountered a problem and have worked extremely hard to resolve the problem. I have recommended them numerous times.”
– Barb A.

The innovative online support model we offer to our members is just one of our unique qualities, but it sure does get us some great attention. From winning a 2018 Customer Happiness Award from Nice Reply, to making the list for This Year’s 10 Best Web Support Sites from The Association of Support, our members receive top-notch support from our team at all times. At Republic, you aren’t forced to wait on hold with another 1-800 number, but rather the support you need is always available to you. Barb has taken full advantage of finding the right help when she needs it. Whether it be working directly with our support agents, chatting with someone online, searching in our online help center, or working with fellow members in our online Community – we are here to help on all fronts.

“When everyone around me complains about their high cell phone bills and I can say that my husband and I’s together cost less than just 1 of their phones on their plan. Happens all the time and I get to explain what Republic is all about.”
– Miranda B.

It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re part of an elite savings club here at Republic, full of folks getting the most out of their money each month. When our members share with their friends and family the massive savings they’re getting with our service, the reaction is often the same. It can be hard to believe that an entire family can pay the same price as one person does for just one phone. Miranda and many other members are great examples of finding great value with Republic Wireless – ditching those massive phone bills long ago. It’s encouraging to see our members spreading the word about their savings to those they know well. Our service isn’t your best kept secret, but instead it’s the humble brag you can bring up everywhere you go.

To our members, thank you for such a phenomenal year here at Republic Wireless. These quotes are just a small glimpse into the amazing stories we hear from all of you every single day. Your stories prove that the work we’re doing is truly impactful on your life as a whole, and for that we are grateful.

Haven’t joined in on the great things happening here at Republic Wireless yet?
No worries, we’re here to help when you decide to make the switch.

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