The Republic Think Tank: One Hundred Great Ideas


It’s been over two years since we first launched our online Think Tank, allowing members to submit, discuss, and vote for new product ideas.  It’s been a great source of collaboration and we’ve seen over 950 ideas successfully submitted.  That’s a lot of suggestions! We love it! Each one has merit, and over the coming weeks, we’ll be working to refine all of your ideas in the Think Tank so we can make them more manageable for you, and more actionable for us! We love hearing your feedback and doing whatever we realistically can to make things happen.

We’ll start by combining like ideas together so more voices can rally behind a singular focus and be heard. Our goal with a shorter working list is to engage more often and foster those ideas that percolate into Republic Lab Projects, or straight into production.  We’re referring to this initiative as “One Hundred Great Ideas,” which we think is a good amount to use as we zero-in on our discussions and internal road map.  The actual number of ideas will wax and wane over time but we intend to manage around this number of ideas.

You’ll start seeing us applying some quantitative and qualitative filters to the existing list of ideas to manage ourselves down to the Top 100.  The process is described below for those that are interested. Archived ideas will be available for viewing (link coming soon) but commenting and voting will be turned off. If you just REALLY want an archived idea to be heard, submit it again, get it approved, get upvotes and rally the battle cry of your fellow members! If the demand is there, we’ll do our best to investigate.

Here’s a brief rundown of the quantitative filters we’ll be applying:

  • Ideas that are marked as Delivered, Technical Barrier or Already Offered will be archived.  This represents about 5% of our total ideas.
  • Ideas that were submitted prior to June 2015 and have less than 50 community votes will be archived.  This represents about 75% of our total ideas.
  • Most ideas that have achieved over 50 votes and have not been delivered will make the cut.  This represents about 8% of our total ideas.

After this quantitative exercise we’re left with roughly 12% of the ideas upon which to make qualitative decisions.  We’ll be reviewing this this carefully, consolidating similar ideas where we can, and making sure we’re capable both technically and economically of potentially delivering.

Going forward we’ll revisit this culling strategy on a periodic basis.  As stated, our goal here is a manageable list of ideas that we engage with more fully and also to allow our users to more easily digest the best ideas offered by their peers. So, come collaborate with us! We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

–RW Product Team

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3 thoughts on “The Republic Think Tank: One Hundred Great Ideas”

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