The Republic Wireless Difference

Choosing the best cell phone plan in 2019 can be quite the task. With offers crowding your email inbox, social media feeds and television screens every day, how do you know where the best of those deals are found? You’re often left wondering if these insane deals you’re seeing everywhere are too good to be true. We’re here to tell you that they usually are.

What are you truly paying for?

The number of confusing plan choices in the world of smartphones today can make it difficult to know what you’re getting yourself into. With how often these new offers change, you’re left confused by where your money is really going. Not to mention, the lengthy terms and conditions attached to these ever changing plans are designed to confuse you even further. You shouldn’t have to be up to speed on legal jargon just to understand your own cell phone bill. Attempting to read into those lengthy agreements can be overwhelming, and therefore you could be making quick decisions without knowing the facts. When these offers are filled with too-good-to-be-true promises, there’s usually something that cell phone providers don’t want you to know. They do this for a reason – to keep you from fully understanding what you’re paying for.

The unlimited plan myth

Another method these providers use to trick you into paying for more than you need is the unlimited plan. There are messages everywhere pushing the importance of having an unlimited plan so you never run out of cell data. But, with widespread publicly available WiFi and some savvy data-saving skills, most users don’t fit into this typical one-size-fits-all plan. The average cell phone user today only uses 5.4GB of cell data each month¹. Technically, that means this same user is paying for almost 18GB of unused data with an unlimited plan. That’s the downside to this system, and what the other carriers are hoping for – you’re always paying for large amounts of unused data rather than paying less for what you’ll actually use. Republic Wireless users are even more savvy, using less than 1GB each month. You deserve a plan that adapts to your lifestyle and needs, and puts you in control of your cell phone bill.

How Republic Wireless is different

Here at Republic Wireless, we want you to always know where your money is going. Say good-bye to contracts, lengthy and confusing terms and conditions, line access fees, and hidden and surprise fees never knowing what you’re truly paying for. Our cell phone plans put you in control – you get to decide how much data you want or need, keeping things both simple and affordable. With our $5 per GB pay-as-you-go data being the lowest price in the industry today, you truly are getting the most out of your wireless savings. Not only are you cutting down your spending, but you’re getting to enjoy life outside of your phone overall. More wireless savings with us means more real life experiences for you.

Many of our members have been able to open up the possibilities of travel, retirement savings, and much more – all thanks to an average monthly plan cost of $21. They’ve also been able to cut down on their personal data usage, making conscious decisions to be on their phones less and less. When you save money on your phone bill and simultaneously cut down on screen time, everyone wins.

We are founded on, and will continue to stand by, providing affordable service that unlocks a fuller life for our members. A very important part of this experience is not locking you into a contract. Choosing the plan that best fits your needs also means being able to leave if you’re looking for a different phone experience. You remain in control of your service with us, and we will always do our absolute best to provide the top-notch service we promise to you from the beginning.

Hesitant to make the switch to Republic Wireless? Take a look at some inspiring and encouraging savings stories our members have shared with us.

If you’re currently a member of ours, we’d love to hear what you’re doing with your Republic Wireless savings. Share your story with us today for a chance to get your next month of service free! We’re all about celebrating your awesome stories.

Don’t wait any longer – begin your very own savings story with us today.

1 Average data usage estimated from a nationally representative online survey of 880 U.S. cell phone users, aged 18+, conducted by Republic Wireless; January 2019

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