The Same 10 Questions We Always Ask: Steve – AKA “Walowizard”

Meet Steve, AKA “Walowizard”

Welcome back to this week’s The Same 10 Questions We Always Ask! We’ve loved reading all of your entries and can’t wait to feature more of you in this series. Keep ’em coming! For this month’s post, we are featuring Steve, AKA “Walowizard,” one of our very active members in our Community, and probably one of the most entertaining too. Here are the answers he shared with us:

First Name: Steve

City, State: O’Fallon , MO

1. How did you hear about Republic before becoming a member?

I think someone forwarded me an email.  I thought it was a scam at first and ignored it.  For some reason I kept coming back to the website over a six month time frame.  You can thank Verizon for my switch because we were renewing our contracts (2 phones) and wanted to add 2 more.  Verizon did what Verizon does and tried to “fine print” me so I decided to take a look at RW again. Second best decision I ever made.

2. What was your WiFi vs. cellular data usage last month?  How’d you stack up?

Keep in mind I travel a bunch so…..

WiFi 17.4 gb

Cell 1.8 gb (Hey! That’s pretty close to Republic’s cross-country average.)

3. What have you done with your Republic savings?

I have donated 100% to disadvantaged children and the homeless.  All proceeds go directly to my wife.  She is smarter, better, and prettier than I ever will be so she deserves it all. She is very good with money so I assume it was used to purchase something important….like box wine.

4. What’s the coolest/best spot where you’ve connected to WiFi (i.e.the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro — it happened!

30k feet on a Southwest Airline flight.  If you’re “A list Preferred ” you get free WiFi (You may not know this but I’m kind of a big deal).

5. What’s your favorite app on your Republic phone?

OMG! Facebook so I can keep up with my BAE and BFF’s toats!   Actually it’s a diary app.  I write a bunch of nonsense and it keeps me organized and sane. I have strange thoughts and if I don’t write them down I end up sharing them with people.  Like…

We eat chicken meat and turkey meat but we only eat chicken eggs.  Why not Turkey eggs? They would be bigger (I assume) and since we farm-raise turkeys for consumption there must be a bunch of turkey eggs that go to waste. Why are we not eating turkey eggs?

As you can see…I tend to make people uncomfortable unless I can get these thoughts out.

6. Who do you stay connected with the most?

My family.  I have an awesome wife and two teenage sons.  I love to hear how their days are going and what they are up to. I also enjoy sending them pictures of strange folks I see in airports.  I know this makes me petty but I don’t care.  If you leave the house wearing crocks then you have lost your right to be indignant.

7. Where’s your happy place?

Cliché I know, but my happy place is sitting next to my wife.  She is my best friend and makes everything better…

8. What’s your spirit animal? Why?

I don’t have a spirit animal. You know why? Because I’m not a filthy hipster.  I am also not a “unique snowflake” either.  I am an adult with responsibilities and a realistic, non-Utopian view  of the world and my place within it. I don’t chase rainbows or dream of a perfect world.   I actively work to ensure I am reasonably happy and that those that rely on me are as comfortable as possible without inflicting undue misery on my fellow man.  Want to “chase your dreams”? Go for it but realize sooner or later you’ll need to put down the mood ring, take off the “ironic trucker hat” and work…Get a job hippie…or a goat. Definitely a goat.

9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The notion that it is entirely up to me to either make the day a triumphant, glorious success or sit and watch Sponge Bob while eating cookie dough straight from the tube.  Sometimes the cookie dough wins.

10. What’s the next item on your bucket list?

To take my wife to Paris.  She has always wanted to go there.  She deserves it after putting up with me for so many years.

Thanks for participating in the conversation, Steve! Keep an eye out for this guy in the Community.

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Why are we doing this? We hear some incredible stories from the people we communicate with every day in our Community, on Facebook, Twitter, and even in person. You are all such great contributors to the success of our company and deserve to be recognized in a fun, conversational way. Thanks for reading!

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