The Same 10 Questions We Always Ask: Jordan C.

Welcome to our new series, “The Same 10 Questions We Always Ask.” We’ve asked our members in the Community to respond to these questions, and every month we will be featuring someone new. Who knows? One week it could be you!

Awesome Republic member Jordan Carey!
Awesome Republic member Jordan C.

Why are we doing this? We hear some incredible stories from the people we communicate with on a daily basis in the Community, or on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You are all such great contributors to the success of our company and deserve to be recognized in a fun, conversational way.

First Name: Jordan

City, State: Brea, CA

1. How did you hear about Republic before becoming a member?

A while back my dad did some looking around for cheap cell phone companies on the web. He found your site but disregarded it because there was only one phone. About a year later, I tried to remember what company it was, then after research found you again. After seeing you allowed reactivations, I bought a defy off of eBay and started service.

2. What was your WiFi vs. cellular data usage last month?  How do I find my cellular data usage?

(Dec 1-jan 1): Cell: 1.9GB / WiFi: 27.5GB

3. Who do you stay connected with the most?

My parents.

4. What have you done with your Republic savings?

My dad (he pays my phone bill still) has been able to pay off other bills with his savings and afford to take us on a cruise.

5. What’s the coolest/best spot where you’ve connected to WiFi (i.e. the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro — it happened!)

Coolest spot with WiFi would be a sky rise hotel in Hawaii.

6. What’s your favorite app on your Republic phone?

Favorite app would have to be eBay.

7. Where’s your happy place?

My happy place is being out at sea (specifically on a cruise ship).

8. What’s your spirit animal?  Why?

My spirit animal would be (what I think it should be) a killer whale.

9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Knowing that with great work comes great rewards.

10. What’s the next item on your bucket list?

Go water jet flying (using water pressure pushed through boots to fly over water).

Thanks to Jordan for sharing your answers. Would you like to participate? Submit your answers right here!

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