The Same 10 Questions we Always Ask : Rachael D.

We’re back with another “Same 10 Questions We Always Ask” featuring member Rachael D. Rachael tells us about how Republic was the best option for her in a location with little to no cell service. Oh, and check out her Spirit Animal, probably one of the best responses to date!


Name: Rachael D.

City, State: Cloudcroft, New Mexico


1. How did you hear about Republic before becoming a member?

I was Googling cell phone providers that offered WIFI calling and text messaging as I live out in the country and have no cell phone reception. I kept seeing the name “Republic” as a cell phone provider, then finally looked it up to see what it was all about and first thought was too good to be true.

2. What was your WiFi vs. cellular data usage last month? How do you stack up?

Most of my data is via WIFI as work from home and on a home network most of the time.

3. What have you done with your Republic savings?

Used it to buy more electronics and also go on more trips.

4. What’s the coolest/best spot where you’ve connected to WiFi (i.e. the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro – it happened!)

Was super excited to find out my favorite sushi place had WIFI, and that’s awesome to me.

5. What’s your favorite app on your Republic phone?

Google Play Music as can listen to music nonstop on WIFI.

6. Who do you stay connected with the most?

My mom and friends in other states.

7. Where’s your happy place?

My house up in the mountains.

8. What’s your spirit animal? Why?

A gorilla, because they are amazing, smart, majestic, and no one wants to mess with one.

9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My very very very loud alarm clock on my Republic phone and/or coffee.

10. What’s the next item on your bucket list?

Take a cross-country train trip across the USA or Canada.

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