The Same 10 Questions We Always Ask: Ryan B.

A new month, and a new 10 Questions! We’re back with more exciting answers to our Same 10 Questions We Always Ask from one of our amazing members! Today’s 10 Questions features Ryan B., a unicycle enthusiast whose savings have helped him cut down on his school debt. See what other answers he has for us below!

10 Questions


Name: Ryan B.

City, State: Phoenix, AZ

1. How did you hear about Republic before becoming a member?

Google! I was about to be kicked off of a family plan and wasn’t about to pay up the wazoo for my own phone. So I did some research.

2. What was your WiFi vs. cellular data usage last month? How’d you stack up?

1.15GB compared to 0.56 average. I had switched to the $25 plan for vacation and switched back to the $10 plan when we got back. Considering the previous month I used 0.3GB, I think I’m doing pretty well!

3. What have you done with your Republic savings?

Reduced my school debt. Every little helps!

4. What’s the coolest/best spot where you’ve connected to WiFi (i.e. the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro — it happened!)

Can’t beat Mt. Kilimanjaro! I’m pretty boring I guess… but I LOVE being able to use ‘airplane mode’ with WiFi turned on when I’m in a thick-walled building so I can have full use of my phone without draining the battery searching for a signal.

5. What’s your favorite app on your Republic phone?

‘Here’ maps by Nokia. I’ve never understood why we couldn’t use GPS-enabled devices as a GPS if it didn’t have data. Now I can!

6. Who do you stay connected with the most?

My beautiful wife, Brittany. Not having to worry about minutes/texts is wonderful when I’m away at school for so many hours.

7. Where’s your happy place?

Actually… on my unicycle. It was my transportation to/from campus all 4 years of undergrad.

8. What’s your spirit animal? Why?

Mountain goat. I love hiking in the mountains, and apparently there’s at least one tall mountain that has WiFi now!

9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My 14-month little girl. No, she hasn’t learned to unicycle… yet.

10. What’s the next item on your bucket list?

Travel through Asia by train. Of course I’d bring my Moto G on the $5 plan so I could use it wherever I get WiFi!

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