The Silent Addiction Nobody Is Talking About

Why aren’t we talking about this?

Cellphone addiction; the problem that we keep sweeping under the rug. I know what is it, I know I have it, and I’ve completely accepted it. Yet, take a second and think about it, we never stood a chance! We live in a connected world where you would rather check your Facebook feed and twitter timeline for current events than traditional outlets such as television or newspapers. If you miss a day from social media, you’ve missed out on the newest and funniest pop culture trend.

Can you give me five cellphone numbers by heart….I’ll wait!

Instead of running away from your addiction, lets take the first step of acceptance and embrace it.  Here is a quick quiz for you all to take in your pursuit of self-acceptance of your cellphone addiction. If you happen to score 20 or higher, you just might be addicted to your phone!

There is hope though…

Your cell phone addiction does not have break the bank. We all have a love affair with our cellular data. But take a look at this, on average Americans use about 1.8 GB of cell data a month (and that’s including streaming and using our navigation services). Also, the average cell phone plan is around $73 dollars a month (a 31% percent increase from 2009). Crazy right? In my preliminary research, I was looking for cell phone plans that included nationwide 4G coverage, the latest smartphones, no contracts, AND cheap plans? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, let me assure you…it’s not! Through the dark cloud of cell phone carriers, emerged Republic Wireless.

So, Republic Wireless is the solution; the question is where should you start?  At home, at work, and even at the grocery store. There is literally WiFi everywhere we spend most of our time. This actually will be easier than you probably thought, we already had the tools, we have just had to teach ourselves to connect! To add further incentive, Republic Wireless uses innovative bonded calling* technology that catches dropped calls before it even happens and helps keep  your  cellular data footprint down. Try looking at your past data usage, most people use about 1 GB of data per month (that’s $20 a month at Republic). You can lower your usage of cellular data by off loading your internet based applications on WiFi, such as Google maps and streaming music.  You could also supplement things like your music streaming by downloading playlists and songs on your music streaming platforms to use when not on cellular data, as well as download the area map of the area your in on Google maps on WiFi. It’s the small things.

I could work on my addiction by turning my phone off, or finding another hobby to take my attention away from my phone; but why would I do that? Republic Wireless will make it super easy to me fund my addiction and save money at the same time. What’s better than killing two birds with one stone? Take the first step at conquering your addiction by finding a Republic Wireless phone plan that best fits you and your cellphone addiction!