They should have sent a poet…

It’s no secret we love spending time on Facebook, where else do we get a chance to get into conversations with our members about important stuff like saving money, cool new service features and, well, the importance of phasers being set to “stun”. And, while most of the poems we come across on Facebook are a little much for PWK, member Stephen W.’s spoke to us:


Like flowers in a bunch or free WiFi at brunch, Stephen’s review left us pleased as punch! (Alright, not quitting our day jobs to pursue a career in poetry.) Catching up with Stephen, he gave us some more backstory on his switch:

As a person who very seldom talks on the phone and never really has a need for mobile data but enjoys using the smart aspect of my phone when on wi-fi your $10 plan is a God send! I have $1500 more in my bank account today than I would have had I stayed with Verizon.

My monthly bill is less than 25 for two smartphones for both my wife and I . . . Amazing! I tell people all the time and they think its a scam. I convinced my neighbor across the street to switch and he went from spending close to 275/mo for he, his wife, and oldest daughter to under 60 bucks. He is loving it as well! I don’t know why more people aren’t all over this yet. The major carriers are raking people over the coals financially.

Maybe I’ll use my hard earned cash to take a vacation! I know this, Christmas will be better this year!

No tricks about those savings knowing they’ll help make Christmas a treat for his family! Stephen even reached out to his friends to pass along the wonder of WiFi!:

The wireless industry in the US represents the single largest fleecing of the US consumer in decades (IMO). Today marks a year since I switched to republic wireless from Verizon. Today I have $1500 more in my coffers for making the move!

Whether you’re using your flushed coffers towards extra Christmas presents, flower arrangement classes or some light reading, helping our members save money for the important stuff will always ring like poetry to our ears!


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