Tim & Laura: Cell Service Overseas

Tim and Laura love to go on adventures, whether it’s a season pass to the ski slope or a stay at an AirBnB in Greece. While they’re always looking to explore something new, the one thing they take on every trip is their Republic Wireless phones.

Republic Wireless customer Tim with family.

Making an Impact

As the volunteer social media coordinator and photographer for New Reality International, Laura has traveled to Haiti, Greece, Guyana and Ethiopia to work on service projects in impoverished areas. Her photos and social posts tell stories of the people they meet and the impact of their work in real time.

“I’m taking photos, getting stories, and getting to know the kids,” she said. “Then I show potential donors the photos, the beautiful kids, and what we hope to do in the future.”

Through NRI, Laura helped build a Children’s Village in Haiti, and helped provide dental care to refugees in Greece. On both trips, she was able to post updates to social media and stay connected to family with her Republic phone.

“When I got to Haiti, they had WiFi at the Children’s Village. Otherwise, I would not have been able to call home or put anything on Facebook.”

“Because I’m their social media coordinator, it’s so nice that I can send photos and updates immediately because of WiFi,” Laura said.

Republic Wireless member laughing

Travel Made Possible

After her service trip ended, Laura spent a few extra days in Greece exploring the city and enjoying the beaches. Republic’s WiFi service allowed her to call Tim from her AirBnB and show him the sites. She said this opportunity helped her not feel as isolated in a foreign country.

“I’m pretty independent when I’m traveling, so I’ll use public transportation and get lost in a huge city where I don’t speak the language,” Laura said. “To get on my phone and be able to search the bus and train routes – it saved my life.”

Tim calculated that the money they’ve saved on their phone bill with Republic has paid for all of Laura’s plane tickets to service trips.

“That’s a pretty big deal for us,” Laura said.

“We’ve been able to save enough money with Republic Wireless that I can go help overseas.”

Republic Wireless members save money, playing in leaves

Adventures at Home

Tim and Laura find many adventures with their two boys at home, as well. With mountains in every direction, winters are full of snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing.

“In the summer we love camping, hiking, and kayaking,” Laura said.

After upgrading to the Moto X Pure Edition on our Clear Choice Plans, they’ve had a much smoother experience using their phones around town.

Tim and family enjoy savings from Republic Wireless for travel.

“The refund plans saved us a fair bit of money, but we wanted to go over to GSM,” Tim said. “I work all over the county and GSM works better pretty much everywhere here.”

Republic Wireless members enjoy fall day reflect no savings.

A Better Solution

Tim and Laura switched to Republic in 2011 while we were still in Beta with the LG Optimus.

“We’ve always felt really supported by Republic’s customer service,” Tim said. “Republic always did their best to fix the problems and move forward.”

When problems did arise, they knew to look for solutions on the Community, and always trusted Republic to come out with a fix.

“I never felt like I was stuck with a problem and it wouldn’t ever be solved,” Tim said. “I knew Republic would improve, and they have every time.”

Now five years later, they’ve converted friends and family to Republic by passing down their old Moto X (1st Gen)’s.

“They’re always talking about their horrible monthly charges,” Laura said. “And we’re like ‘You are crazy to still be doing that, let me tell you about Republic.’” ♥

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