Tips & Tricks: Save Cell Data with Facebook

Your apps LOVE data. That said, there are tons of ways to reduce the amount that they consume over cellular networks. Today, we’ll take a look at Facebook.

Ever scrolled through your news feed and seen those videos that automatically play when you scroll past them? Those little guys, while entertaining, eat up the most data.

But have no fear! We’ve got a quick and easy way to turn Facebook auto-play off when you’re on a cellular network. Watch and follow along with the video below to start saving on your cell data!

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One thought on “Tips & Tricks: Save Cell Data with Facebook”

  1. I can recommend one other option; bookmarking facebook and putting that bookmark on your home screen. However there is the new requirement to use their messenger app in order to view your messages, but that has a work-around as well. Simply select “request desktop site” in the drop-down menu of Chrome and THEN click your messages icon. You may be able to bookmark this “request desktop site” version instead, or find the link on facebook that says “desktop version,” near the bottom to view the true full site.

    Selecting “request desktop site” doesn’t actually kick facebook out of phone mode, but it lets you view your messages.

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