Travel Tips: Make your Android Awesome for Memorial Day!

Pack your bags, load up your car, and hit the road. It’s Memorial Day weekend and this guy is hitting the beach! But before I hop on the ‘ol dusty trail, there are some handy optimization tips for my phone I’m going to do to be sure I’m using sweet, money-saving, WiFi as much as I can and am getting the most out of my coverage on my Republic phone.

First off is getting there. Here’s some quick tips for Google Maps for the car ride:

Ok, what good is a beach bash without music? Here’s how we’ll keep the party going with Spotify:

And lastly, I’ll admit it, I’m going to be shamelessly posting my shenanigans to Facebook to make my other friends jealous, so we’ll need to know how to optimize that too:

So there you have it – all prepped and ready for vacation. Be sure to check out other tips for WiFi optimization for your phone on our Youtube channel. And, tune in next week when I’ll share some of my beach photos!

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23 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Make your Android Awesome for Memorial Day!”

  1. Better yet, in place of Google Maps, use the “Here” app by Nokia. It’s available in the Google Play Store, and can be used offline for navigation. You can even search for an address offline, and get directions offline. Can’t do that with Maps.

    1. I second the Here app recommendation. I’ve been using it for quite a while since I don’t pay for mobile data, and it works flawlessly. Look up addresses, navigate, etc – all offline! Just make sure to download your maps beforehand!

  2. Could you print the directions instead of youtube videos? Watching the videos eats more data than reading a page 🙂

  3. Could you print the directions instead of youtube videos? Watching the videos eats more data than reading a page 🙂

  4. I second the Here app recommendation. I’ve been using it for quite a while since I don’t pay for mobile data, and it works flawlessly. Look up addresses, navigate, etc – all offline! Just make sure to download your maps beforehand!

  5. If you are a data-miser like myself, and on the $10 month plan, you don’t need cell data.You can use Navmii, which is an open source (free) GPS based app. While you have a wi-fi connection download the app and the maps and it will use GPS to guide you while you are on the road with no need for cell data. You can also pick the states/countries you need so you can save the space on your phone. Just go to the Play Store and you are “on your way”…no pun intended.

    1. Navmii is not open source. It is opssosite of open source. It does however use map data provided by open maps. Free apps are not by definition open source.

      I am currently trying to use OSMand for my primary GPS after seeing how much data google maps was eating up. OSMand is offline only if you want it to be. You can download maps on wifi, and get more specific maps by state. It’s not an easy transition going from google maps to OSMand but I am trying to get used to it.

      Also try contributing to open street maps to update your areas. If I run into descrepancies in directions I encounter from routes provided by OSMand, I get on and contribute by updating the map so it is accurate for everyone.

      BTW to the mods or autors. I’m a little upset that I can’t post here using my RW username and PW. I have to use 1 of 3 social media or disqus. I do not do social media. I have gmail account created when I bought an android phone to join RW. I dont even like using that. Am I incorrect? Is there a way to login vie RW credentials?

      Yahoo sports app requires login via social media, not yahoo email credentials. I deleted it. You are probably losing participation due to this same caveat.

      1. This is true. The maps are open source not the code. Considering I make a living using open source kernels I should have been more specific. That wasn’t really my point as I doubt .00001 percent of RW users intend on doing any plumbing with the app. I’ll check out OSMand. Regardless, I pay $12 a month and get great directions without needing cell data…..And I LOVE IT!!!! And since we are being particular, you just posted on social media. As for security/privacy and social media, the NSA owns the kernel that runs your dishwasher and has the metadata of every phone call you have made in the last 5 years and credit card transaction and email and back doors to just about any encryption you may use. I’m all for privacy but it doesn’t exist anymore. Unless you want to live in a cave. Which I consider some days…lol. Thanks for the tips.

        1. I didn’t say anything about NSA or privacy. I just don’t agree with the whole social network concept. Not a big deal.
          I need to look at the osmand app and figure out how to navigate it. I think there is kinda no support for address entry that I can tell. That is counter productive for a navigation app in my opinion. I would install the app you talked about but if it’s not available on f-droid I can’t install which it’s not there. I don’t install from play store anymore. I’m trying to go all open source.

          1. Purely out of curiosity, what is your concern with social networking if it’s not privacy? That is a large part of open source and the sharing of ideas. I would prefer to use all open source products myself but sometimes I just want to get it done. I’m not picking, just truly curious.

      2. All accounts are separate, it’s the way that it is. RW credentials are used for checking out, help tickets, and the community–that’s it. (Even then, when you submit a help ticket, it may land to community experts via Directly, which has it’s own separate account).
        You could create a separate account with Disqus that is not tied in. Much more of a process than just linking but it is an option. Personally, I have a Google account that is only used when it needs to be tied into something, and for nothing else. It has very little personal information (first name, last initial, wrong birthday, linked to an AOL account with no personal information at all) and is only used when linking to a social media is a must. We are reaching an interconnected world, and there’s little ways to avoid it.

  6. i used my moto x on road trips and noticed that, google maps some time dont get data even though i see signal strength as 4g, Waze navigation works( this app is crashing so cant use ) and i am able to play my online songs songs, any thoughts? did anyone see the same issue?

  7. Went to Ga, last weekend! Of course used GPS! Entire road trip was friday morning . Left Kissimmee, Fl at 11:30, got there ( very rural town in Ga, Elberton, NO SERVICE AT ALL). MOTEL we stayed did have wifi. Which indeed weren’t there much. Stayed friday at 7:39pm, left at 11:30am Sunday. Arrived home 7:30 sunday.

    Used GPS, most of trip. Mind you only areas not familiar with. Shut off in areas i knew.
    Checked email! Went pass data allowed! So this was not EVEN more than possibility 10 hours total!
    Worked for Sprint for over 5 yrs. So not in dark about date used.
    Now, mailed informs me i have know data forthe reminder of cycle!
    Rates range from 5.00 to 45.00. No contracts!I’m on a 25.00 dollar one. Which when i started it, had unlimted. I get not on wifi goes to sprint towers,for data and calss, text. You figure out the rest! They changed it in January! Now only 5gb for cycle.
    I’m good with directions, but when dont know area, need Gps! Very upsetting for me and my 75 old mother whom was with me!
    Those of us that had unlimited when it first rolled out should be grandfathered in!
    At 45.00, ( which i think has 30 gb before change) .
    Seriously looking for better coverage annd data.

    Now I understand data charges roaming charges and the like. I work for Sprint Nextel for many years. I was actually in the retention department. What’s required great knowledge of all applications, apps,billing,roaming, phone issues. So I’m well aware of the prices at cost to share towers used towers that not and contract with said company. but by the grace of God we got home safe, no thanks to republic Wireless and very limited data unless you’re on wifi.

    Loyal customer since 2011.

    1. I’m on the $25 plan, and I have NEVER come close to going over the 5 gb allotment. And I download several podcasts every day over cell tower, use the gps frequently, and email and internet. You must have some background usage issues that are eating up your data.

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