Update: Republic Refund Plans

“Total phone bill this month is $14.41! Why? Because refunds the data you don’t use.” – @erinisedge

“Did you get a refund from your carrier for data you didn’t use? Oh, you must not be with .” – @BenjaminColby

“If you take nothing else from this post, remember that my bill was cut in half. Seriously.  No marketing spin…real dollars.” – Walowizard


10856634_627675934000840_5167802990263250858_oOver two months ago we introduced and began selling our new Republic Refund Plan that pays you back for unused cellular data.  This new plan offering was the culmination of our first Republic Labs project called Maestro.  Close to two thousand of our members participated in our Maestro trial, a number we were grateful and humbled to accept.  The quantitative and qualitative feedback provided in this, our very first lab, was crucial to us tweaking the offer prior to making it generally available to everyone on July 7th, 2015.  As of this writing, we now have over fifty thousand (wow!!!) Republic service lines on our Republic Refund Plan.  With more users waiting in the wings to transition on their upcoming billing cycle date, it’s safe to say we are incredibly pleased with how things are going.

Oh, and the savings those fifty thousand users have generated for themselves is huge!  Our average user on these new plans paid only $13.821 for a month’s worth of service in August. That’s amazing! WiFi is the way, and we’ve had great success helping people offload more cell data onto affordable WiFi when available with our new app and service. We call that a landslide win for the power of WiFi for staying better connected.  Let’s put that $13.82 in cost for our average member a bit more in perspective: Based on reported and calculated financial results from the most recent quarter, an average user spent $53.05 on Verizon Wireless, $46.12 on Sprint, $44.45 on T-Mobile, $41.07 on AT&T2.  That’s a considerable cost difference!  If you have a friend or family member on one of these other carriers we think you can probably now afford to buy them a drink(s) and talk about their wireless plan. 🙂

But enough about our competition…how are we doing relative to saving our users money vs. what they were paying for Republic phone service before?

  • Folks previously on our 3G $25/month plan are saving $8.56 on average per month which amounts to a 34% savings!  That’s over a cool $100 in annualized savings back in their pockets!
  • Folks previously on our LTE $40/month plan are saving $19.91 on average per month which amounts to a 50% savings!  An astounding roughly $239 in annualized savings!
  • If you’re on the $10 plan, that stays that way, but for those who want a little bit of cell data on demand, we’ve seen $10 members using an additional $2.93 worth of cellular high speed data when they want. 🙂

We note that these results are roughly in-line with what we saw and communicated in our Maestro lab, which for those of us who stress about forecasting accuracy is a nice relief! Phew!

We also wanted to share a bit on who’s using our new Republic Refund Plans.  It’s pretty much a solid distribution across device type. And, the majority of existing members who’ve chosen to transition into the new plans have come from our 3G plans ($25/month) followed by our Talk & Text plans ($10/month).

Folks currently on the Refund Plans by phone type and former plan type.

The great majority of members (new + folks that have transitioned) on the new plans are selecting our 0.5GB plan (roughly 40%). That was all thanks to you! The 0.5GB option didn’t originally exist when we started the Maestro lab and it was your collective feedback that made it happen! We continue to love and support all our members and thank you for making Republic ever better.  There’s always more to come and we’re excited to have you all be a part of it!


1: Stated ARPUs are calculated based on average usage across all Republic Refund Plan members from August 2015 and exclude taxes and fees.

2: Calculated ARPUs for Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T based on Q215 results and calculated as a blend of post-paid and pre-paid accounts.


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19 thoughts on “Update: Republic Refund Plans”

    1. I haven’t. I’ll be finding a new provider when I’m forced to do so. I don’t even use a lot of cell data, but I was happy with my service on the $25/mo plan. Now, I’ll have to pay more for a plan to get what I want out of the phone. No thanks.

        1. That depends on if you need the data or not. My footprint is 0.1, but I transfer several gigabytes a month, I just do it over wifi, which is free and wont count on your data usage.

          1. i’m not smart enough for a smart phone. LOL. I don’t know if I use “the data”… i have facebook (and twitter & instagram which i rarely use) on my phone, and i use google maps navigator maybe 8 or 10 times per month… is that all ‘data transfer’ ?
            .. .. i am signed up for the $25 plan… maybe I should just change it down to 10 and find out what happens on my next bill? … and if that looks great, ..then try the $5…?

            when I’m out and about, and stopped like at a restaurant and such, i DO look for the wi-fi to hook up to when possible ….but when i’m passenger in my car, i like to mess around on my phone like i do on my regular computer…

          2. I am fairly sure that you cannot “mess around” in your car with the plans priced below $25. You are limited to calls and text messages only on $10 plan and no connection at all on the $5 plan (again, while driving).

          3. Jim, if I sign up for the $10 plus 7.50 refund plan, and i plan on going on a trip for a few days or a week, can I “pre-buy” some GB (like $7.50 additional worth, bringing it up to $25) and you think that would cover me? —- thanks in advance —- Marcia

          4. The 1/2 gig plan off Republic Wireless slash plans should do well for you. It a shame that the plans are so restrictive, but the research by Republic shows that the majority of the users wanted these plans.

    1. You can go to YouTube and do a search for a video called ” transition to new republic Wireless plans” . This video will walk you through the steps to change your plan.

  1. “Now over 50,000 Republic members are enjoying average savings of up to 50% on their monthly phone bill, and we’re thrilled”

    From The State of Republic September

    I get confused when I see terms like “average savings” “and “up to” in the same sentence. To me, “up to” in this context means the savings could be a lot less — zero, even.

    That fits me, for example. I buy 1 GB of data a month, but as a former $10 a month customer, I am saving $0 in a typical month. I pay for 1 GB, I use none of it, I get 100% refund for the 1 GB. Am I saving “up to” 50%?

    I thought that a huge proportion of RW customers were on the $10 plan, which makes it seem unlikely to me that any of the $10 customers are saving anything like 50%. So the other customers must be saving even more than $50% to make the above quotation from RW be true?

      1. Jim… i found that the community message board at RW (members helping members) are fantastic. they are being a big help to me.

        1. Your need for a small amount of data should be satisfied by the .5GB option. My concern is that 20 to 30% of data cost may be in taxes and fees. No one is talking refunding those, or a portion of them. Someone pse address this: If I buy $60 of data from Republic and get $15 of taxes and fees, how much of the taxes and fees are refunded if I only use $7.50 worth of data?

  2. Are they offering tethering/mobile hotspot yet? That’s why I switched to Project Fi I needed that ability, but otherwise I loved their service

  3. i have the same concerns as others. i don’t use anywhere close to 5 gigs but i do use enough that the new pricing plan will cost significantly more. I average probably 2-2.5 gigs a month. i am currently on the 3G $25 a month 1.0 plan. Switching makes no sense cost wise. i’d rather have the option to use more data than faster 4G data. If i want to pay the same i would have to use 1 gig or less a month with the 2.0 plan. I wish they would re-evaluate and give an option to buy data at a 3G speed for less money $15 per gig. This should make a lot of current 3G plan customers happy to stay. otherwise i will be leaving. i’m tossing around the idea of project fi even though it will cost more but there are more benefits with them like tethering and global capabilities and probably less issues. the breakpoint pricewise for the 2.0 plan is 2 gigs for project fi, although i wish they would have a similar cheaper 3G data price too. i’m open to other carriers too. project fi is nice that i could jump around with a simple SIM card change which is not possible with Republic Wireless.

  4. I like the Republic plan, but I really wanted one of the larger phones… 🙂 The Moto G 3rd Gen versus the new Moto ‘Pure’ or Nexus 6 on Ting… Hmm……

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