We Love St. Patty’s Day!

stpattysdayMaybe it’s all the green, but we love this holiday!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is a holiday that all of us here at Republic hold near and dear to our hearts. Why, you ask? Yes our logo is a green arc (some might see it as a green rainbow with a pot of gold at the end), but more than that, we love the color green for all of the positive connections we make with it on a daily basis.

Growth: Our Community is growing, our membership is growing. In 2014, our $10 talk and text plan grew by 407% – that’s a lot of people with a net-zero cellular data footprint. They tap into WiFi – the people’s network – for all of their data needs.

Freshness: New thoughts and innovations are presented to us by our members every day in the ThinkTank, Community, and in our daily conversations on social. Not to mention, we work with some amazing engineers. We’ve got tons of fresh ideas up our sleeves – like email to SMS messaging and web-based calling. We can’t wait to let them take off!

Positivity: Green is an emotionally positive color, and positive things are happening at Republic. We’re paving the way for how the wireless industry could be and setting the standards for what it means to have GREAT coverage using the resources around you to their fullest – like the 340 million global WiFi hotspots estimated to be available by 2018 (iPass Report). We’re getting noticed for it too.

Money and Savings: Who doesn’t love money, especially when it stays in your pocket? While you pay for your phone upfront with our service, we take pride in the fact that some of our members are saving hundreds of dollars on their total cost throughout the year:

The savings really add up over a year. 12 x $200 = $2400 per year was my phone bill with Verizon. My phone bill with Republic Wireless is 58.78 x 12 = $705.36 per year. – Member Robert H.

And some members are even saving thousands:

In five months we have saved nearly $1000 on our cell phones. So yeah I’ll say Republic is so worth it. – Member Eric A.

Today, we are challenging you to “think green” with us. How are you bringing growth, freshness, positivity and savings into your daily life? Let us know!



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