Welcome: New Year, New Blog.


hello-world A lot has happened in Republic Wireless’ three years of being in business (heck, a lot happened just last year). We’ve rolled out WiFi + Cell Calling to the masses, the “other guys” have taken notice, and the mobile landscape is looking more promising for today’s callers than it has since, well, three years ago.

As more and more people start to enjoy the great value and ability to stay better connected WiFi + Cell Calling brings, we get to go tackle the next industry head-scratchers. 2015 is gonna be a big and we haven’t even begun to shake things up in the mobile industry. We have lots to do and are super excited.

Our new blog is your front row seat to it all.

We’re adding tons more content and tons more functionality to make the information you need more accessible and easy to get to. Throughout the year we’ll be doing more ongoing features about us, our culture, our service, our phones, our lives, and most importantly: YOU! You’re who helped get us here after all and we want to showcase all your neat Republic stories, savings, tips, tricks, and more. Right here.

You might notice the new name of our blog too:  “Phone. Wallet. Keys. Essentials for smarter living.” And that’s our aim:  Everything our new blog is will focus on the benefits to your life. Your needs. No sales pitches here. Just education and information, with a bit of that ol’ Republic charm mixed in. All with the intent to better arm you to make the best decisions for you and your life in today’s smartphone world.  The idea for the name came from that moment each of us have every day before we leave the house. The last thing everyone does is check for their phone, their wallet, and their keys. These are the vital items you need to go out and survive in the world. And we’re going to help make them all the more accessible.

So, we hope you enjoy. We hope you subscribe. We hope you want to contribute some posts of your own! Welcome to the new Republic Wireless Blog. Welcome to essentials for living.



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