Welcome RingPlus Customers. Special $50 Credit Offer!

Dear awesome RingPlus person,

You’re like us. You want a nice, reliable phone, excellent mobile service, and help from a real person if there’s ever a question.  You want to stay in touch with the folks who matter most to you, affordably, without having to settle for last year’s bargain-bin flip-phone. Most importantly, you want a monthly phone bill that looks more like a lunch tab and less like your mortgage. We’re ready to help with that cause and are offering a $50 credit to any RingPlus customers looking to keep saving.



We’re Republic Wireless. We’ve got awesome phones, fast nationwide 4G LTE coverage, and smartphone plans starting at just $15 / month. And, we’ve got a 14-day money back guarantee. If you decide, for any reason, Republic isn’t for you, you can return everything for a full refund on the phone and service. But! We’re quite certain you, and your wallet, will love us – especially with $50 worth of free service credit for joining, just for you RingPlus folks!

Keeping Your Number & How To Switch

We’ve read that all RingPlus customers have until Friday, February 11 at 5pm CST to activate a new phone or SIM card in order to keep their old phone number. But fret not, transferring your RingPlus number to Republic is a snap and there is NO CHARGE and NO FEE for transferring your number over to Republic (why would anyone charge for that?!). Just follow these steps:

  1. Use our Number Transfer Checker.
  2. Order a phone or SIM card from Republic.
  3. Port your number anytime from your new My Republic Account Portal*.

*For detailed instructions, check out our Community!

$50 Credit for Joining Republic

Once you’ve transferred your RingPlus phone number over to Republic, simply pick the plan you’d like with Republic, then after the first month of service with us, a $50 credit will be applied to your account until it runs out. Easy as that! If you have any trouble, open a ticket at help.republicwireless.com. We love to help.


Love the phone you’re with? Bring it! Just head over to our “Bring Your Own Phone” page to double check if we support SIM cards for your current phone model. If we do, then order a SIM Kit for just $5, plus shipping!

So come one and come all

There’s savings to be had. At Republic, our mission is simple, but our goals are lofty: Help people stay connected better, while changing an entire industry by treating them fairly, like people, not just paying customers.

As the pioneers of the nation’s first WiFi + Cell network, we provide most folks with coverage beyond what they’ve used in the past. And, because we use WiFi for calls and texts in addition to fast, nationwide 4G LTE, we’re able to offer plans at a super-affordable price. No contracts. No overages. No hidden fees. Just great, affordable phone service on the leading Android phones you love.

We believe we’re in this together. This is our Republic.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“You can make a different choice and think outside of the box without sacrificing quality…Republic is thinking outside of the box.” – Members David and Stephanie

“We’ve been able to save enough money with Republic Wireless that I can go help overseas.” – Members Tim and Laura

“A lot of other carriers use the phones you offer, but Republic has actually thought about putting these phones with a budget plan.” – Member John Paul

Terms and Conditions:
Each individual  who joins Republic Wireless from RingPlus (“You”) that satisfies the eligibility requirements will receive a $50 service credit good towards Republic Wireless’ service plans (the “Offer”).
In order to be eligible for the Offer, You must (i) be an existing RingPlus customer; (ii) port your phone number to Republic Wireless and (iii) chose and activate a valid Republic Wireless service plan on that ported number by February 28, 2017.

This Offer is subject to the following additional limitations: The Offer is valid only until February 28, 2017.   Only one Offer per ported phone number.  The Offer has no cash value, is not valid for payment of any kind other than as a service credit for Republic Wireless service plans, not transferrable, and not valid on the service plans of any wireless carrier other than Republic Wireless.  If You terminate Your Republic Wireless service before the total amount of the service credits are used, any and all remaining amount of service credit expires.  The Offer cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or any other amount.

The Offer will begin at the start of Your Republic Wireless account’s second month. By way of example, if You activate Your new Republic Wireless account on February 10, 2017, You will be responsible for paying for the first month of Your Republic Wireless phone service. At the start of Your account’s second month, on or about March 10, 2017, You will receive the $50 service credit and it will be applied towards Your future service plans until the service credit is fully used and You have no service credit remaining.   The service credit is only valid towards Republic Wireless service, You will still be responsible for any taxes and telecom fees.  Once You have fully used Your $50 service credit, any additional service plan charges must be paid by You.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome RingPlus Customers. Special $50 Credit Offer!”

    1. Hi there! You sure can. If you’re porting your number in from RingPlus, you can use any Republic-compatible phone 🙂 Please let me know if you need any additional help with this!

  1. Will this apply after the automatic port of numbers to Ting? It’s my understanding that ringplus won’t be able to process all of the ports manually in time before the migration. If so, how?

    1. Yes, we are still able to apply it! For the time being, if any former RingPlus users (who are now with Ting) still want to switch to Republic, we are able to honor this offer 🙂 we know everything happened very quickly and with such short notice, it was difficult for many former RingPlus users to find a new service that fits their needs best. We’re always happy to help! Is there anything we can help you with?

      1. Stupid qeustion, but once ported to Ting by auto migration, how do I prove I was Ringplus customer? Also, porting sometimes take longer than expect, what if porting does not complete before Feb 28, does offer still apply?

        1. Not a stupid question at all! All we need to see is your last RingPlus invoice, and we will honor the deal. There also should not be any issue with a port completing in the next 14 days if you initiate it in the next few days 🙂 As soon as the number transfer has been initiated, you can email our help team at help@republicwireless.com and they’ll handle everything for you.

  2. Currently, I am using Samsung Note II (Sprint phone) on Ringplus. Will this phone work on RingPlus? It does not have SIM card slot. So, without Republic Wireless SIM card, can I use this phone?

  3. I have an unlocked Nexus 5 16 GB phone. Will it work with your system? I need about 4/5 GB if data/mo. /what’s my monthly cost? I was not a Ring Plus customer. How do I call you to enroll?

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately we do not offer support for the Nexus 5 at this time. All of the phones that are compatible with BYOP on our service can be found here: http://republicwi.re/2b4zPCZ

      We offer both a 4GB and 6GB plan. The 4GB plan is $45/mo. and the 6GB plan is $60/mo. You can see plan details here: http://republicwi.re/21t7Phe

      No need to have been a RingPlus customer to join our service, either 😉 it’s very easy to join us! All you need to do is pop a Republic SIM card into an eligible BYOP phone, or purchase a phone from our store that comes with a Republic SIM. Then, you make sure you’ve got the Republic app installed. The phone will prompt you to activate on our service and you’ll be all set! Once the new account activates, you will be given a brand new number. You can then issue a number transfer request to bring your current number to our service (if it is transferable – you can check that here: http://republicwi.re/1l64PHj).

      Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  4. Attn: Anna(if possible) and anyone else. How about the Moto G4 32 GB phone. This is the phone that is advertised to work on any carrier’s system? Do you sell this phone? Price quote, please?

  5. I’m on RingPlus & will automatically be switched to Ting tomorrow. However, I have an iPhone 5 currently. But, I already have a Moto G4 Plus, new. I was planning on waiting for the switch to Ting before I switched phones. What is your suggestion if I want to come to Republic?

    1. Hey there! The iPhone 5 is not currently supported by us, but we do support the Moto G4 Plus. All you’d need to do is pop in a Republic SIM card, which you can get from us (here: http://republicwi.re/2b4zPCZ) or on Amazon.

      Once you port your number over from Ting, we can give you the $50 credit 🙂 you’ll need to do this before 2/28 in order to receive the credit. Let me know if you have more questions!

      1. Can I switch my number from my iPhone with RingPlus straight to you and have it ported and activated on my Moto G4 Plus with you?

        1. Yup! Check our number transfer checker to make sure your number will switch over: http://republicwi.re/1l64PHj

          All you have to do is activate the Moto G4 Plus as a new line on our service. You will be assigned a new phone number. Then, you submit the transfer request and we’ll replace the randomly assigned number with your number. Here’s our documentation detailing how it works: http://republicwi.re/1OZqj5A

          1. My RW sim card is due here on Wed, 3/1. Is that going to be a problem since the promo ends tomorrow? Is there a way for me to activate my G4 Plus on RW without the sim card?

          2. Shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you run into any issues with this, let me know here and I’ll follow up for you!

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