What is a Member-Focused Supply Chain?

Greetings from your Republic Wireless Supply Chain team!

We’ve spent a couple of years getting to know you and building up capabilities to better serve you. Since we are typically the behind-the-scenes guys responsible for getting those important Republic packages out the door and more, we jumped at the chance to say hello in today’s post.1801293_551008588334242_5156699589173659351_o

For folks who may be wondering, a supply chain is that network of people, processes and systems that makes it possible for us to deliver phones and accessories to your doorstep and to your satisfaction. This requires infrastructure such as warehouses and computer systems; conveyances such as planes, trains, and automobiles; a network of suppliers and service providers; and people whose whole days are focused on improving Republic’s ability to meet your needs. We are the people who plan for inventory levels; purchase goods for the Republic Wireless store; and look after warehousing, shipping and delivery. Fascinating stuff – we know!

Our team debates whether Supply Chain is an exciting function or the Most. Exciting. Function. (Ever.) We love what we do because we have the privilege of ensuring your Republic Wireless phones and accessories arrive promptly, so you can enjoy WiFi freedom as soon as possible.

Early on, when designing Republic’s supply chain strategy, we faced a key decision: We could focus on cost, which has an appeal in light of our subscription pricing model. Or we could focus on you. We chose you. Member-focused Supply Chain Management is based on the premise that member satisfaction comes first and that, managed effectively, leads to other measures of success.

What does that mean in practical terms? Well, for one thing, it means everything we do starts with planning to meet member demand (your orders). All of our systems and processes are carefully tuned to respond flexibly to changes in order patterns. This means nearly all of your orders placed by 5:00 p.m. eastern time ship “same day”. Another point is that Republic carefully selects industry-leading supply chain partners, such as warehouses and carriers, based on their flexibility, member focus, and ability to serve our members – and then we plan together for the satisfaction of Republic’s members. This means that we aren’t locked-in to one-size-fits-all solutions, so we can keep refining our programs as we learn more about you. Then, we measure performance…all the time. The most important measure in our toolkit is known as Perfect Order, which requires every shipment to achieve the “7 R’s”: ship the right product, in the right quantity and right condition, to the right place at the right time, ensuring the satisfaction of the right customer at the right cost. (Whew, that’s a lot of “R’s”.) To max out our Perfect Order score, Republic invests in inventory levels, planning and delivery systems, shipping capacity, and people. And while we don’t typically brag about it, we’re pretty pumped that Republic’s scores rival the biggest and best in e-commerce.

Looking ahead, we will be introducing a number of improvements in response to your ideas. In the pipeline now is the inclusion of Multiple Shipping Options in our store, which will give you control over the transit time for your shipment. We will also be introducing a redesigned shipping box that is smaller and more efficient. Longer-term, we are exploring a Last Mile Delivery concept that may (MAY!) lead to Same Day Delivery capabilities…stay tuned for a pilot program in the coming months. However, despite our keen interest, so far none of our members have been pressing us for drone deliveries. I guess we will keep that idea on the tarmac for now.

That’s a few words on Member-focus from a Supply Chain perspective. Thanks for being a part of the WiFi revolution.

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