What is WiFi calling?

There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately about WiFi calling and smartphones. While it may seem like the latest hip new thing, here at Republic it is definitely old news. But old news does not mean that it isn’t cool news! WiFi is what we’re all about here, so why not jump straight into the big question:

What IS WiFi calling?

Tethering CapabilityIn addition to being the totally awesome way of the future, WiFi calling is the ability to make calls (and send texts) without using your provider’s cell towers. Instead, your phone completes the call using any WiFi network that you are connected to, no matter how poor your cell signal is. This is otherwise known as voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP. Utilizing this technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities for cellphone calling! No longer will you miss important calls while you are watching a movie in the basement TV room (otherwise known as the Pit of Bad Reception), or visiting your family in the rural countryside. You won’t have to walk to a window and wait for that text message to (hopefully) send. So long as you have good WiFi connection, you can make calls no problem.

You might be thinking, “I already have the ability to do this using third party apps, such as Google Hangouts or Skype!” WiFi calling essentially skips the middle man process of opening up an app, and it doesn’t require the person you’re trying to contact to have any of the apps you are using to make the call. You still use regular phone numbers, and it doesn’t cost you any additional money to make the call. This means the person on the other end sees a familiar number, and not a randomly assigned number like with Skype and Google Hangouts. Just dial the number you want to call, and bam: you’re now officially a WiFi caller. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Because WiFi calling is built into our phones, you don’t have to think twice when placing a call or sending a text. The phone does all the thinking for you, leaving you with money and time to think about the stuff that actually matters.

What makes us different from other carriers?

Next Generation WiFi CallingWe have a seamless WiFi-to-cell connection, meaning you’re able to walk away from WiFi and into the open cell tower world without having to worry about dropping your call. The phone will automatically recognize that your cell service is now stronger than your WiFi signal, and will switch the call over to cell, without you having to even think about it happening. This means no extra buttons to press, no “I have to call you back,” and no settings to change. The phone simply knows which connection will provide you with better call quality. The same is true for cell-to-WiFi, making our phones truly versatile for your on-the-go needs!

We also have Bonded Calling technology, which is only available at Republic. Our phones actually sense any call quality issues and catch dropped calls before they’re able to happen. Most phone companies use just cellular voice for phone calls, while we take all the different networks your cell phone can use (3G, 4G, and WiFi) and blend them together, giving you more consistent coverage and call quality unlike anything before. So, while other carriers give you just one option at a time, Bonded Calling utilizes all three, to give you the best results. Think of it like a multi-lane highway: Instead of being jammed up into one lane with traffic, you have the whole open road ahead of you, and can change lanes as you need. That’s what Bonded Calling does for you!  You can get more information about Bonded Calling and Adaptive Coverage on our WiFi Calling page.


Okay, so what’s the catch?

There isn’t one! WiFi calling capabilities come built-in to our awesome phones, like the new Moto G (3rd gen.), meaning all you need to do is turn the phone on and dial a number to start calling over WiFi; no assembly/app-downloading/data purchase necessary. Currently, only domestic calls are supported with WiFi calling, so you will not be able to call out to other countries using WiFi calling. However, if you are traveling abroad and you want to call back to the United States, you can easily do so using a WiFi connection, at no extra cost. So what are you waiting for? Check out the awesomeness that is WiFi calling. Embrace the opportunity for more fun, more family time, and more savings.Republic Wireless Save on Data

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4 thoughts on “What is WiFi calling?”

  1. I had to read the paragraph twice because I missed the difference between calling OUT and originating a call from out of the USA.

  2. I’m not clear on how incoming calls are handled if, for example, you are in a place with no cell signal and someone calls your cell number.

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