What’s Coming in 2017


We never do anything small at Republic (go big or go home, right?). To end our 2016, we received a major investment from Bandwidth (the company our business was born within) and branched out as our own stand-alone company. To celebrate, our first move was to put that investment right back towards our members by offering an unheard of 6 months of free service on our $20 plan during the holidays. Not a bad way to start out on our own. 2017 is shaping up to be just as big, so let’s get right to it…

New Phones

Last July, we launched the largest lineup of phones in Republic history. We expanded our portfolio with leading Android phones like the Nexus 6P by Huawei and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. We will continue this trend in 2017, right now actually. Announcing the…


Moto G4 PLAY – just $149 (available 1/18/17)

Motorola has added an even more affordable entry to their excellent G series of phones. If you’re looking for solid battery life to help you answer emails, call, text, and snap photos throughout your day, the Moto G4 PLAY is next to unbeatable in its price range.

New Deals!


Samsung Gear Fit2 (available 1/6 – 1/15)

We all make the New Year’s resolution to hit the gym hard. This promo from Samsung can help! Until Jan. 15th, when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, get a Gear Fit2 free. Not a gym-junkie? The Gear Fit2 does way more than just track steps. Check emails, respond to texts, sync your alarm clock, control music on your phone, and more! The Gear Fit2’s sleek design has swappable face plates so you can mix and match to your style. Check out the great deal at www.samsungpromotions.com.

sim-copy-5Bring Your Own Phone

We also announced the ability to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic, last summer. We launched with just a handful of compatible phones, but have already expanded that list to 16 phones! We will continue adding more to the list so you can get started saving at Republic on a phone you already know and love.


Republic Pop-Up Shops Coming to You

In December, Republic decided to run a little experiment. We launched our very first pop-up store in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets. The turnout was spectacular and we’re busy planning our next retail moves. Let us hear from you in the comments where you’d like to see Republic. Your town could be next!

New Site Features

If you hadn’t noticed, we LOVE helping people save! The mobile industry can be full of confusing service fees, line fees, activation fees, roaming fees, data fees, overage fees, termination fees, it goes on and on. At times, trying to understand what’s in the fine print can become maddening. Not at Republic. When you signup with us, what you see is what you get. Your monthly phone bill includes just a few items: your monthly service cost, and your standard state/federal taxes and fees. That’s it. In 2017, we’ll help you understand the industry ins and outs better and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your hard-earned buck. Be on the lookout for new Plan and Phone comparison tools on our site that make checking prices across different carriers easier, all in one place.

Contests and Sweepstakes

You all LOVED our #MyDreamPhone giveaway last summer (we got over 84,000 entries!). We’ve got more fun chances to win cool stuff coming up in 2017. We aren’t just about affordable phones and service. The subtitle of this blog, in fact, is “essentials for smarter living.” We want to put that idea in action. We’ve done a “Smartphone Makeover” before, but what about a “Smarthome Makeover”? Lucky winners would be able to pick from all sorts of cool Smarthome tech to sync with their Republic phones and turn their home into the house of the future.

Republic Anywhere™

Speaking of technology for smarter living… we have a number of top-secret projects planned for 2017. Some of you may already be “in the know” about Republic Anywhere – a suite of apps that enable you to take calls and send texts from any device you own like your computer, or tablet using your Republic phone number, at no extra cost. We sent the first wave of BETA invites out in December, but if you’re interested in helping us BETA test Republic Anywhere, signup here.

Other Top-Secret Projects

(except we’re talking about them a little bit, right now, in this blog) 

In addition to Republic Anywhere, our Product and Engineering teams have been working incredibly hard on a few other pieces of tech that I can guarantee I’m not supposed to get into just yet (I can feel the collective team’s ears burning as I type this). For now, I’ll just put four bullets below for no specific reason. As the year goes on, if one or all of those four, totally arbitrary, bullets gets filled in with more information, cool!

  • ??? – your voice is a powerful thing
  • ??? – savings for a whole lifetime
  • ??? – more WiFi
  • ??? – help me right now!

There. That shouldn’t give our Product folks too much heartburn. Are you as excited for 2017 as we are?! This is just the tip of the iceberg, too. This industry moves super fast and we’ll continue to add to our roadmap as the year goes on. Thanks so much for being a part of what makes Republic so great!


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83 thoughts on “What’s Coming in 2017”

  1. New Sprint phones needed ASAP!!!! That’s the one thing I came here hoping to read and I don’t see anything about it….
    Also, refund plans with Sprint phones as an option would be AMAZING!

    1. Pretty sure Republic 1.0 Sprint phones are getting phased out. Would love for that to change, but I won’t hold my breath….

    2. We’re making progress on this! Currently, we’re working closely with our cellular partners to develop a smart coverage check tool that is able to determine if coverage has been optimized for the places you use your phone the most in your area.

      We are always happy to find solutions for you in the meantime. All you need to do is drop us a note here: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r and we can check the specifics of your account and device to help get you squared away.

      In regards to your comment about Refund plans, we really appreciate this feedback and are always passing it along. Thank you for letting us know 🙂

    3. Agree those of us who have refund plans should at least be grandfatherednand allowed to buy new cdma phones and keep the plan we have. I understand to get tmobile the cost went up, but that wouldn’t be true to continue to use sprint

  2. The Amazon G4 Play for $99.00 for Prime members is the best deal in town. Add the Republic sim, you’re good to go. Love mine.

      1. $99 with adds and offers $179 without. Similar to amazon tablets with and w/o adds and offers they have offered in the past

    1. I Agree bought my Moto G4 Play about a month ago on Amazon and it is working awesome. Bonus note to those out there using other similar phones the Moto G4 Play is the only phone in the budget smartphone class that I have found that has a removable battery so if you get the Amazon Prime deal you can use the money you save to buy a bonus battery for more uptime.

      1. The Amazon ads are not intrusive at all… just swipe them away upon power-up. It has a great screen. …Incredibly simple to use. …Plenty of memory for my use. The G4 Play might not be great for gamers or power users, but it works fine for me.

    2. In your experience, how much data does the “with Special Offers” ads thing use, especially while on cell data? My daughter and I are on RW, and this phone at $99 + the $20 RW plan would be perfect for my son, but if the ads are loading all the time and using up all the cell data, the value proposition isn’t quite as good to leave the cheapo phone/plan he has on Boost.

      1. I mostly use the phone on wifi. I did take a trip earlier in January and used maybe 150mb over 5 days. Balance of the 1gb for the month is about 850mb. I use my phone mostly for email and news apps.

  3. CDMA/Sprint 3.0 plans please! Already moved two family members to Twigby because of poor GSM coverage. Once our remaining 2.0 phones die it’s going to be goodbye Republic Wireless (which I would hate to see) if CDMA doesn’t become an option with the new plans!

    1. My wife is quickly losing patience with the T-Mobile coverage in our area, I agree the Sprint backbone was better in our area of NC also!

      1. Has your wife reached out to our Help team about this recently? If not, please have her open a ticket to let them know she’s currently on GSM and experiencing poor coverage. We’d love for them to take a look into the issue to help find a solution in the meantime; having reliable coverage for all of our members is definitely important to us! Here’s a link to open a ticket with our Help team: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r

        Let us know if you have any other questions. Always happy to help!

        1. Hi Anna, yes, I actually contacted both Tmobile and Republic about this issue. We live in a “fair” coverage area which means it frequently drops out inside homes or even in certain low spots of the terrain. As a final solution I was directed to the COO comments about developing a solution where we would be able to switch to the CDMA/Sprint backbone if our area is not covered well by GSM/Tmobile. Originally we hoped for late 2016….now I have until the end of February or my wife is moving on, with or without me, lol!

          1. If you don’t mind, could you let me know what your most recent ticket number is for this issue? I’d like to follow up with our Help team on Monday for you.

          2. Hi Anna, to be clear 1030715 was the ticket number where I discussed our poor reception with the RW customer service. Thanks for following up!

    2. Hey DJ, thanks so much for your enthusiasm about our service. We’d be very sorry to see you go! We have some good news on the horizon for you. We’re currently in the process of developing a smart coverage tool that will determine if coverage has been optimized in your area for the places you use your phone the most. We are working very closely with our cellular partners to get this knocked out as quickly as we can because we know how important this coverage is to so many of our members. 🙂

      In the meantime, we’re always happy to try to find a solution that works for you. Just shoot us a note at the link below about your coverage situation. We’ll take a look and be able to give you a more specific answer about your account and devices through a Help ticket. Thanks so much for being with us!

  4. +1 for the Sprint / CDMA coverage needed ASAP. My previous Moto X bit it and so I upgraded to the BYOP plans. Coverage maps show I should be fine in my area with the GSM provider, but upon a deeper dive I found out there aren’t many places in town that have coverage. Too bad I already bought the phone.

    1. I agree. GSM service is terrible here and I just ported my wife’s phone away and the port is not going well. We need Sprint v3.0 quickly!!

      1. Hi Bob, sorry to hear your wife has ported away from our service. Please open a ticket here about the porting process and we can take a detailed look into what is causing it to go poorly and will help find a resolution: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r

        If you are still with us on your line, we are always happy to help find a solution to assist with your coverage in the meantime. It’s important to us that you are reliably connected and we will do what we can to help you out! Just drop us a note at the same link above and we’ll take a look into the details.

      2. Absolutely! I am in the same boat! My home location doesn’t have good T-Mo and AT&T coverage (that’s what’s likely used by RW right now although they can’t confirm nor deny 😉

        I tried to go with Google Fi after getting convinced it was time by my “then dying” MotoX 1st gen. I am not going to go into details but it was a complete disaster and had to revert back about a week later! At the time had repaired my Moto X 2 times replacing the rear camera, battery and hearphone speaker. I also swapped in an aftermarket back cover. And is still working now despite some minor issues (like no warning when battery is about to die).

        I can still work with it but would gladly get a new decently priced phone since the Moto X 16GB (11GB really!) quickly become insufficient to hold anything an it’s a pain not being able to shot more than a few photos ad videos which will have to be removed by the end of the day or the phone won’t even have enough space to perform an update. That’s really Google’s and Motorola’s (hence Google again) fault since Android won’t allow users to use internal microSD as storage and because the phone comes with no microSD slot. To make matter worse there was never a good solution to add an “active case” on the Moto X, one which would allow adding an external battery and an external memory connected via the microUSB port.

        So I am feeling the pain mostly because of planned obsolescence rather than real need of a new phone. Regardless here it’s a sure +1 for a RW/Sprint line. And wouldn’t really care about 4G…. wish a 3.0 phone was available for 1.0 plan!

        1. I would be happy with new sprint phones for 2.0. Since sprint still works idk why we cant get new cdma phones without giving up our refunds

    2. Yes, the coverage map showed decent coverage for GSM all over Western NY. Not the case south of Rochester and Buffalo. We very much appreciate all the time the Republic reps have put in, trying to help us. But apparently there just isn’t service!! We had excellent coverage with our old Moto G phones (CDMA). So disappointed. The coverage map needs to be corrected!

        1. Unfortunately the tickets are just buying more time to come up with a real solution. The whole T-Mobile idea has not really worked well so far. I have had tickets open for 2-3 months and have just ran in circles. So far, no solutions.

  5. Since you are already in Orlando. please consider The Villages for your next venture. About 70 miles NW of Orlando between Leesburg and Ocala. The Villages covers 40 square miles and has a currebt population of 120,000+ 55-year-old active retirees

  6. Are we going to get access to both CDMA and GSM on the new phones like I had on the old phones? I no longer have coverage where I live and most of the areas I am with my new phone. And no, I can’t return it and go back to my old phone because its a brick. I just want the same great coverage again.

    1. Are you using GSM now, or still waiting it out? We’ve got some good news: we’re making progress on this. Currently we are working on developing a smart coverage check tool that can identify if coverage has been optimized for the places you use your phone the most in your area, which should help you out.

      As always, we encourage you to drop us a note here: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r if you’re experiencing any issues with your current phone. We’re always committed to finding solutions that help keep all our members connected with reliable service, so opening a ticket will help us look into all the details on your account and find the solution that’s right for you.

  7. Reiterating comments regarding Sprint and GSM: All of Iowa and Wisconsin are devoid of Republic 3.0 data coverage save for two or three cities. T-Mobil uses partner carriers in the rest of the state that are apparently not in the agreement with Republic. We are paying $20 for essentially a talk and text plan on our newest phone.

    Last I heard, this was targeted to be addressed by the end of 2016. Please update ASAP, as my Moto X1 will eventually pass on and we’ll be forced to switch carriers. One phone without data is bad enough; we won’t do two phones on this coverage.

    Thanks, and keep it up!

    1. Ditto to this comment. I live in the 2nd largest city in Iowa and we have no GSM data coverage. I’m holding out on an old phone/plan until Sprint/DCMA comes to RW 3.0.

  8. Please please please bring in the iPhone. I’m holding on to my old phone as long as I can hoping you will bring in the iPhone before I have to switch companies.

    1. We would love to offer iPhones and are always looking into ways to expand our phone portfolio in general. It takes agreements from all parties involved (us, service providers, manufacturers, etc.) to make this happen. We also have to do rigorous testing to ensure phones work well with our service before we offer them to our members. We recommend letting Apple know you’d like to see ’em at Republic!

      What phone are you currently using? What are you favorite features that are on iPhone that you’d like on your Android?

  9. I am wondering when some crucial features will be added, namely the ability to block incoming phone numbers!! Seriously, this is SO BASIC – even the cheapest phone plans have this ability!!
    I was told they could alter some number the phone has, to prevent unwanted calls, but not only did that not work, it screwed up everything on the phone and nothing worked after that. Had to do a factory reset.
    Also you all need to have an actual number for TECH SUPPORT.

    1. There’s an app called, Mr. Number that does a real good job of blocking numbers and alerting to spam calls. Been using since MotoG1

    2. You can also add the number to a new contact named Block List or whatever you want, then in the contact, check the box that says “all calls to voicemail”. Any calls from that number will never reach you and will only go to VM.

    3. As a Republic Wireless user, I use a free app called Call Blocker that takes care of that for me. There are many new apps for both iOS and Android to choose from that will block calls and texts…most of which are free to the user!

    4. I’ll second what others have commented here. The ability to block a number is built into most phones. On my Nexus 6P, if I get a number I don’t like, I go to call history and “Block / Report as Spam” is an option.

      As others have pointed out too, there are tons of free apps that also block unwanted calls.

      If it comes to it, you can email help@republicwireless.com to change your underlying number, which may also help.

  10. Yes to Sprint/CDMA!!! I love Republic, but the GSM coverage out here in the boondocks stinks – the coverage map on the website is a complete fantasy. I’m with DJ: without better coverage, I’m going to have to quit Republic when our existing phones give up the ghost.

    1. Hi Ken, definitely understand where you’re coming from here. We have some good news on the progress of CDMA: We’re working closely with our cellular partners to develop a smart coverage tool that will determine if coverage has been optimized in your area for the places you use your phone the most. If your current phones are experiencing issues, drop a note here: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r and we’ll take a deeper look into finding you a solution in the meantime.

      1. I don’t understand this …. it is not about optimizing the phone where we use it most …. it is about not losing coverage in areas where we have it under the 1.0 plans. And i don’t know why you would ask a lot of individual people to contact you directly off-line

        Either Republic is or is not working on this … if it is not, i suspect that I (and many for the people on the 1.0 plans will flee after our phones die and / or become obsolete

        I thought i had read that Republic was close to a solution … which is it ?

    2. I find this funny. The way they were making me feel is the problem was my phone or the software on it. After reading all this I see that it is the T-Mobile that is all the problem. All these garbbled phone calls I have had since this new plan came out. I think it’s time to show them who really run republicwirless! I am so disappointed with 3.0 I am thinking free is not worth it either!

  11. No, wait…I have to buy a new phone to get the…”To celebrate, our first move was to put that investment right back towards our members by offering an unheard of 6 months of free service
    on our $20 plan during the holidays. Not a bad way to start out on our
    own. 2017 is shaping up to be just as big, so let’s get right to it…” Shucks.

    Oh, and Republic is still the best, thanks guys!

  12. I thought I was the only one having the problem with service since the change in Republic. I have talked Republic up to every one I know (some of whom have signed up), but I don’t do that any more. I love, love, loved the service with my old beta phone! Would dearly love to have it back.

  13. I signed up w/ Republic May ’16 on the 2.0 plan. I’ve loved it so much, we added a 2nd 2.0 phone in Oct ’16. I simply can’t do the 3.0 plan options living here in Iowa (for the same reasons others have already stated). In all our travels since first joining Republic (across various parts of 9 states), I’ve not had a single coverage issue with the Republic’s 2.0 CDMA partnership. I don’t plan on switching anytime soon, but I agree with the others that CDMA is needed in the 3.0 lineup. Badly. And, soon. Keep up the great work! This company rocks!!!

  14. Another request for new CDMA options. I’d love to see both CDMA and GSM SIMs so those of us who don’t get GSM coverage can still take advantage of BYOP. Put your resources into this! There are a lot of us who love RW but will be forced to leave when our CDMA phones die.

    1. Yup, having CDMA BYOP is something we’re actively working on! In the meantime, if your current phone is showing any signs of age or issues, please drop us a note here: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r We are able to look into the specifics of your account and find a solution for you in the meantime. Reliable service is important to us and we’ll do everything we can to help you out!

  15. Just adding to the calls for CDMA continuance. The TMOBILE is pitiful around here, even though coverage map shows otherwise. I have 3 lines, and will have to move on when these aging devices quit.

  16. Another vote for getting CDMA coverage rolled out and updating coverage maps. I get no data coverage at all within two hours of me. To make matters worse in my case the map shows that I should have no data but at least talk and text anywhere. In reality I have talk but absolutely no text capability unless I’m on wifi.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about this. Have you had a chance to work with our Help team? We’re happy to look into a solution for you in the meantime – it’s important to us that we help keep you connected without having to worry about coverage. If you haven’t, please drop us a note here: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r

      Let us know your ticket number and we’ll follow up on your behalf. Same deal if you already have a ticket open about this (or opened one in the past)! Just send us the number.

    1. …and launch a store here in TheVillages Florida..retirement community of over 118,000 folks…would be a great market

  17. Please CDMA! We have two wonderful RW phones with the old CDMA network and want another one here in Virginia; but the new “Magenta” network is full of holes on the map, and people who have it say it’s far worse than the map says. The worker at Walmart told me she wishes they didn’t sell T-Mobile in this area because people are so disappointed and return their purchases.

  18. I too am waiting for CDMA coverage with newer phones. I’ve replaced the battery in my Moto X to prolong its life, but if it dies before Republic releases new CDMA phones, I’m going to have to find a new provider because TMobile doesn’t cover my town. I love Republic and don’t want to be forced to find a new company.

  19. For some reason RW wants me to pay at least 25% more per month to give TMobile a test run. No chance. Only if RW adds multi carrier phones and data refund will I have a reason to stay.

  20. I paid 179 for a G2 a year ago. It was supposed to have a great camera…More MP than my iPhone 5. I’ve been so so disappointed in the photo quality. I don’t have $ to purchase another phone. I’m stuck. Now there’s a cheaper phone that may take better pics!

  21. I have a Moto X 2nd gen and am on the Republic 2.0 plan. My phone works but is nearly dead (battery barely holds a charge). I need a straight answer from Republic on when they expect Sprint CDMA coverage on their 3.0 plans. If I dont get it Google Fi is looking very attractive. Hate to go there — they stole your model and your idea but I cannot hold out much longer… I dont want the BS about the coverage tool, just answer the question. When can we expect Sprint (or other CDMA provider) coverage… the service is great, I love the product, love the company but cannot sacrifice my phone service which is truly a necessity for me

    I am frustrated, everyone is asking and we are getting the song and dance. WHEN CAN WE EXPECT SPRINT COVERAGE ON REPUBLIC 3.0 PLANS… just ANSWER THE QUESTION.

    1. Here, Here…



      “These Our Witness, Aunty. Us Suffer Bad. Want Justice. We Want Thunderdome!”

    2. HI John-from-far-away, if you get poor coverage on T-Mo and ATT don’t get Google fi. I tried it and reverted back to RW in about a week. Not to mention that the Nexus 6P I got even after being connected to my home wifi, for some reason decided to use cell data to download Nougat update of over 1GB!

      I have a Moto X 1st gen and replaced some guts (camera, internal headphone speaker, battery and back plastic cover. You can do that too while we wait for RW to follow through with old customers. See how on ifixit https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Motorola+Moto+X+2nd+Generation+Battery+Replacement/40717

      It’s absurd that they would force us to upgrade to a new plan after being grandfathered into an older one. I don’t want to sound like I am bad mouthing RW, but probably the company thought… let’s grandfather these users; afterall they can only last as long as their old phones and since the phone’s will soon die or become too obsolete, all those old loyal users will eventually have no choice but get on the new plans like everyone else and consolidate the entire userbase.

      I’d much rather have RW stick to the old ethics of caring for all its users, but especially those who believed in them since the beginning and helped them to get to where they are today. I brought many to RW in the past years, several while plan 1.0 was around. It’s really sad that after all that we just get ignored and dismissed… can’t help but feel that since there’s not even a single new phone option for 1.0 plan members which could have been available today if RW had worked on testing their plan 1.0 custom ROM on a new phone and later Android release, while the moto X, G and E aged. 🙁

  22. Here in NYC the service is very good I changed my phone to a Galaxy s7 bought from RW, it’s been one month, and unlike my other phone with this one I’ve never had any problems of any kind at all! plus they gave me six months of free service! how cool is that. I absolutely love RW

  23. Have been considering Republic for a while, but after reading the comments about GSM I will have to wait. GSM coverage is horrendous where I live. T-Mobile/AT&T has terrible coverage. My current phone is GSM and at home I can’t even use it half the time. When you get CDMA I might look more seriously at your services. PS. I live in Southeast Iowa.

  24. I would love for a pop up shop to come to Milwaukee, or a brick and mortar store. I would definitely apply to work there. I have a ton of retail management experience.

  25. Moto g 4th gen byod to republic wireless didn’t work for me well. I replaced it and republic wireless tech made some changes works little better but still can not get services in town.
    I do not recommend. BYOB to republic wireless or if not phone may be republic wireless services is not the same as before.

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