What’s in the Box?!: Sticker Edition

Welcome to the first post in our new series, What’s in the Box?! Here, we want to walk you through some of the experiences you may have while unboxing your new Republic Wireless phone, starting with one of our favorites: the Republic arc sticker.

Welcoming you with arms wide open! (No, the phone doesn’t come loose in the box.)

Unboxing your new phone is a moment that can create a whirlwind of emotions. While every experience is different, for many, it means getting to enjoy a smartphone affordably for the very first time. For others, it’s a shiny new toy that comes with more coverage and less money coming out of their pockets each month.

And then there’s that beautiful green arc sticker…The Republic Wireless sticker included in each box, while small in size, represents a big part of what it means to be a member of Republic. One of the most amazing opportunities I’ve had working here for almost two years is seeing first-hand the sense of community throughout our member base.

We have met at least one person at each event we attend with an incredible story about why they switched to Republic and what doors it has opened for them. One moment that truly opened my eyes to this real community happened when I was still an intern. I was sitting in the library studying for an exam – rocking the arc sticker on my laptop, of course – when someone spotted it and asked if it was for Republic Wireless. When I said yes, they began to tell their story like we were best friends.

I got to know a perfect stranger through a conversation that he started with me over a STICKER! In the office, we share stories like this all the time – like the time MK was wearing a t-shirt at the gym and someone asked about how she was connected with Republic Wireless.

The beautiful thing is that our members are the most important part of what makes our company what it is today. They share their stories with us all the time and we could go on and on about them, but I’ll try to stay on topic for now.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Sport your sticker proudly. We have something great going on and you are a huge part of it! 

Here are just a handful of the ways our members rock the arc:

Some sport it around on their bike…


Or their car…


“Prius: Saved over $30,000 in gas since switching from Ford Explorer in 2005.

Republic Wireless: Saved over $800 in cell phone charges since switching from Verizon in 2012.

Reflection: Saved over $21,000 in heating and cooling cost since installing Geothermal HVAC system in 2001. It’s just a matter of making value judgments.” – member Bill G.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.39.54 PM

“Proudly displaying my green wherever we go! Spreading the word through four Counties in WNC!” – member Kenneth E.

Some blow it up big and slap it across their RV…


And some of even enjoy wearing it as a mustache…

1426269_10101138036707283_30808912_n  10714118_10204742839466432_8729814968677659234_o



What would you like to find in your unboxing experience to show off your Republic pride? Share it with us in the comments section, and who knows? We might just take that idea and run with it!

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One thought on “What’s in the Box?!: Sticker Edition”

  1. Sadly, I never received a sticker. My MotoX is from MotoMaker and thus did not include the sticker I would truly love to have.

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