What’s in Store for 2016

To paraphrase Chris, our COO, from our last all-hands meeting:

“This year we will essentially blow up the primary barriers to making Republic the leading choice for mobile phone service in the U.S. I’ve been at Republic since day one, and without a doubt this is the most excited I’ve ever been about this business.”

We’ve been pretty quiet so far in 2016, but for good reasons. This year for Republic is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever – arguably bigger than patenting WiFi + cell Calling was back when we started in 2011. Our earnest startup has been heads down working on what we’re calling internally “Republic 3.0”, which has been, in large part, driven by you, our members’ voices, and what you’d like to see:

  1. More phones and consistent, more predictable release schedules.
  2. Better, more consistent call quality.
  3. More buying options to help remove the upfront cost of phones. 
  4. Different cell carrier options.
  5. Faster rollouts for major OS updates like Android Lollipop.    
  6. More plan options to fit different lifestyles.

Before we continue, like always, we have to be clear that everything we do happens with a TON of moving parts. We exist in an industry that is both frozen in some regards and rapidly changing in others. A lot of that change is, in part, thanks to your support of Republic. Our WIFi-first model has worked so well (we just earned a near perfect score (9.8!) in PC Mag’s Reader Choice awards for lowest possible monthly service price), the industry is being forced to adapt. Now, a lot of carriers are playing with their pricing structures and the costs for plans everywhere are in flux. We have to remain agile. So let’s take a look at how we’re planning to tackle everything listed above this year.

1. More phones and consistent, more predictable release schedules.

new phones at republic
Phone testing at Republic HQ. Member Daniel G. helps pick the best shape and size.

Since coming out of BETA with the Moto X (1st Gen.) in 2013, we have sought to provide a “good, better, best” portfolio of phones – that fits within anyone’s price range. We can’t get into super specifics just yet (too many fragile ins and outs taking place), but our goals for this year are to add more phone options to each of those tiers, as well as from different phone manufacturers. Part of what we’re hearing from our members too is not just more options, but more consistent and predictable release dates for new phones. We believe we are working on a path that will achieve this for our members this year. We have a few surprises up our sleeves too.

2. More consistent call quality.

First there was WiFi + cell. Then, there was seamless handover. Then, there was handover from cell back to WiFi. But soon, we’ll be doing what no other carrier does. Most only let you use 3G, 4G, or WiFi — one at a time. Kind of like only being able to drive in only one single lane on the highway every day, even if that lane is jammed up. You can see the other lanes open, but currently, other carriers aren’t able to let you move over. The next generation of WiFi Calling is here! No more choosing lanes. We’re going to give you the entire open road to maximize the quality of your experience.

3. More buying options to help remove the upfront cost of phones.

Our mission is to provide remarkably simple and affordable ways to stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, in anyway. The upfront cost of phones has always been a hurdle for some folks looking to join the smartphone world and we plan to introduce financing options that provide an easier, faster way of paying for your new Republic phone over time.

4. Different cell carrier options.

You might have caught wind of this from a Fierce Wireless article from earlier this year. We REALLY can’t get into specifics on this one yet, but more details are coming.

5. Faster rollouts for major OS updates like Android Lollipop.

One thing we can say here is we are creating the ability to be free to push OS updates out faster, in our own timelines, without having to go through third party certification processes, and are able to be more agile for the good of our members.

6. More plan options.

Since last July, we have had immense success with our Refund Plans. In those eight months, we’ve already refunded our members over $3.4 million in extra cell data they had left over month over month. Our members who have made the switch LOVE the Refund Plans – writing to us daily like Mike here:

“I LOVE REPUBLIC WIRELESS! Last phone bill…$38! Family of 3. Overall, great service!”

But, like we said, our mission is to help people stay in touch better and more simply, in the ways that make the most sense for them. If you’d like to try our Refund plans, cool! You can switch anytime. Or, if you want to keep your current $25 talk and text over WiFi + cell, with WiFi and 3G cell data or your $40 talk and text over WiFi + cell, with WiFi and 4G cell data, we figured out a way to let you do that as well. Options are formulating as we speak, so keep watching!

7. Hmmmm…

This is one of those surprises up our sleeves we can’t talk about just yet. Suffice it to say, it’s gonna be awesome and something that has been talked about at Republic since day one.

Ways to get ready!

  • Hit the subscribe button on PWK.
  • Watch closely. Keep checking back here each week.
  • Heck, print this blog out and check off the list because we are doing this!

We are committed to updating you on at least one of the huge initiatives listed in this post each week. This year, we are tearing down all the barriers to make Republic the easiest, most obvious choice for affordable, quality phone service. You don’t want to miss what’s coming next. We are motivated and driven by your voice. We are in this together.

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557 thoughts on “What’s in Store for 2016”

      1. I got told that 2 months ago when I was first considering getting a new phone. I finally gave up and bought the Moto G gen 3.
        Is this announcement another 6 months out? Or is it tomorrow and I just barely missed it?

    1. Republic Wireless, in keeping with their tradition of offering less for an increase in price, is super excited to announce the new phones!

      Moto C ($399, 0.5 GB of system memory) replaces Moto X as the premier phone.
      Moto B ($299, 0.25 GB of system memory) replaces Moto G at the mid level.
      Moto A ($249, 0 GB of system memory) replaces Moto E at the entry level.

      But as RW will tell you, this is actually a benefit to the customer, and will save them money: your phones will be so slow you won’t use them as much, which will make them last longer! Just like with their cell plans, they’ll be proud to offer their customers much less for more money.

  1. I switched away from RW last year due to carrier coverage and phone options. Super excited by what is to come and will likely be coming back to RW at release.

    So… hurry up and release the new phones already!

  2. It’s good to hear something. Best news since hearing that Uploto.com was finally going to launch in a few months . I can’t wait to upgrade my Moto X 1st gen, I was waiting for 3rd gen but I’m its going to get skipped for a better phone! About time!!

    1. Thanks! We’re glad you’re excited. We are all excited too! We know we’ve been hush hush, but it’s simply because there are so so so many things going on behind the scenes that are in fluid motion. Things are lining up nicely though and we can’t wait to drop more details!

      1. Yeah, I know there’s a lot that can be said and there’s a huge process to all of this. A lot of us have been very patient. This gets me excited for the year. I will be honest, even though Project Fi prices are higher, I was seriously considering the last three months to make the jump simply because of the phone. Moto X 1st gen is dying on me badly, for my wife and I, and I’m sure other people too. The 2nd gen wasn’t really a upgrade over the 1st but even that is a old model. Keep pushing towards greatness, even if it takes time. You may lose a customer or two but you’ll eventually win a larger group in the future. Can’t wait for more news to unveil!

  3. This is all great, and you haven’t mentioned what I have discovered is the number one cause to rule out Republic Wireless: NO REPAIRS, NO WARRANTIES, YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN, KID. I was fine taking the risk even when X Gen 1 was $299, figuring that Motorola would honor the warranty somehow (and never finding out if that was/is happening). Anyway, I tell all my friends I have a mobile phone experience no different from theirs, but mine costs $20 a month and theirs $60-70 and up. But when I tell them that they will have to assume hardware risk, they lose interest in a New York minute.

    1. My moto x is in for warranty right now. And my last moto x I sent to Motorola to repair for $100. What do you mean no warranties or repairs?

        1. It’s an exchange program with Motorola. I did the research and it was cheaper to send it to them and get a “like new” (not refurbished) from this program than buying a used one on Ebay.

          It takes a little time so I would recommend buying a crappy Moto E on ebay for $40 so you have a phone to use wile you send yours in. (then you will have a backup phone) Switching phones is really easy.

          They also offer to send you the phone first for $120


          1. Can this be used to upgrade phones with Motorola so I can get a phone with a better quality camera? I currently have the Moto E with a 5.0MP camera quality. I thought all phones had to be purchased through Republic Wireless. How is the “like new” one activated through Republic?

          2. I am not familiar with any upgrade plans like that.

            I feel your pain, I have been using the 1st gen Moto E for a week now and that is the worst camera I have ever seen in a smartphone. I can’t even use it. I am happy with the camera on my Moto X first gen. I would recommend picking one of those up on ebay. I see them going for about $150. I also see the squaretrade warranty right on the ebay listing, 1 year for $30, 2 years for $45.

            If you do the exchange program you tell Motorola that you are with republic and they will send you a republic phone.

          3. OK! Thanks for the information. If I buy a phone on ebay how do I get it to become a Republic phone?

          4. It will already have to be a Republic phone – for example I sold my Moto X 1st gen on ebay that was a republic phone. The buyer can now factory reset it (if not done so by the seller) and then you can contact Republic to activate your new phone.

      1. I work in construction. It’s lower-paying work, so i need as plan that is fair. And, smartphones are now another required tool in this trade, so that phone has to be tough, too. Moto X is the best they have and I’m not on my third phone in 18 months.

        Needs better option…

    2. I was having trouble keeping microUSB connected on my Moto X 2. I contacted Motorolla and had 2 options… send my phone in for free or pay a nominal fee and they would mail the replacement FIRST. I took option 2 and got a brand new replacement and was never without a phone. I’m not sure about the OP’s experiences, but my warranty replacement worked just fine.

    3. You get a 1 year warranty on a new moto phone just like you would with Verizon, without the vulnerability of a contract that goes a year beyond the warranty.

    4. Warranty is there from Motorola for a year (free), and you can buy extended from Moto or third-party like Sqaure-Trade for ~$5/month! Repairs? Insurance? Well, even when I was with Sprint or AT&T, their repair system was a joke because they could never “fix” the problem… they always wanted you to pay extra, or pay twice the price for a “refurb/replacement” that half the time didn’t work. I learned quickly that insurance offered by the major carriers was a huge money generating scam, and dropped those like a hot rock in favor of a GOOD QUALITY case which has prevented all but the most catastrophic damages in the past decade.

    5. I had a problem with my Moto X about 8 months in and Motorola gave the option of sending it in and waiting for the replacement or paying something like $25 to get the new one first. I had no problem with paying the fee and had a new phone in 2 days. I don’t see where the complaint is?

    6. After the one year warranty expires from the manufacturer, I rely on the extended warranty a typical credit card offers. We actually just got a check for my husband’s phone based on the amount of the repair estimate we got for it.

    7. Sorry to hear if you’ve had any trouble with your Moto X. We love to try to help if we ever can. If you haven’t, please do reach out to our Help team and we’d be glad to try to find a solution that works for you. (help.republicwireless.com)

      1. I have had ZERO problems with my first gen Moto X. I’m so happy that my mobile per month is less than $20 are you kidding? What I was trying to describe is my observation that people won’t try Republic because there’s no way to get a phone serviced, under warranty or otherwise, from Republic for the phones it hacks (very well) and sells to us. Many people shake their heads and just say no. I think it’s an excellent risk, at now $150-250, but many do not.

        1. But you can get the phone serviced by Motorola directly. I even bought a service package/insurance plan from Motorola with my last RW phone purchase.

  4. This is radically good news. I have been a huge fan of RW’s commitment to their customers since I joined. Keep up the good work!

  5. Sorry RW, I cancelled my last remaining phone with you last night. Just didn’t enjoy our experience with you. Best of luck with all the new stuff.

    1. It is absolutely no coincidence that that is one of the biggest priorities right now. The only reason we’ve been hush hush is because there are so so so many things behind the scenes in fluid motion. So much is getting ready to happen and this release year will be unlike anything Republic has done before. Thank you for your interest in us!

  6. So are we going to get an old-people friendly flip-phone that my Mom can actually use? I got her a Moto-e and installed the most idiot proof old-person skin I could find and she still can’t figure it out 2 times out of 5.

        1. So, it’s not the phone then. YOU shouldn’t have brought it up if comments “trigger” you, best head to your safe space.

    1. You can do it on Ring Plus, and they have so many free plans, your head would spin.

      Sticking with RW now is futile and foolish, once you know bout the alternatives. RW is not long for this world, the way they treat their customers, and the price they charge for the service they provide.

    2. Dumb phones are also something that I can send to school/practice with my kid without giving him the whole internet in his pocket. I’d love a Republic dumb phone. We keep a tracfone for that, but I hate dealing with the adding of minutes, etc.

    3. Bravo to having simple flip phone option! No more butt calls and easy/ big numbers would be perfect for my parents! Please hurry!!

    4. I actually tried to post this on the RW forums and guess what – it got rejected! They said my post wasn’t allowed on their site. So much for taking new ideas. 🙁 I would love to see a dumb phone option especially once my kids are teenagers.

  7. I don’t care about having multiple phones in each tier. Just having *a* viable option at a fair price would have been a good start.

    1. More options across the board are the name of the game. But if your comment is the case, have you checked out the Moto G (3rd Gen.)? Some of the folks in the office who got to test them wound up keeping them because they liked them so much. They’re water resistant and perfect for that middle of the road fair price range. Some of our members did a review on it: http://pwk.republicwireless.com/battery-camera-and-value-the-moto-g-3rd-gen-proves-itself-to-be-a-triple-threat/

      1. The Moto G 3 from Republic is a joke. The normal 16 gig models come with 2 gigs of RAM and the Republic version only has 1 gig…there is no point, might as well just keep the first gen Moto G…there is no upgrade to it.

  8. None of this is new. This is what you have already been saying for months…. Everyone is waiting for a new phone announcement!…. We are sick of hearing there is going to be an announcement for new phones, then getting these types of regurgitated information that we already know. I have a 2.5 year old moto x…. i expect my phone company to have a suitable replacement for my phone after 2.5 years…. but nope, no suitable replacement, no upgraded models… only down grades and low end models. I dont need a new phone every year. im not high maintenance. but every 2-3 years i do once my phone stops functioning correctly. but to not even have a choice once im ready, is very sad.

    1. I was looking forward to the Moto X Play, but that isn’t sold in the US. so yeah, I am in the same boat like Travis..

    2. Is there anything wrong with the Moto X? It seemed great when new, and mine does the same things as always. What features don’t we have that might be on newer phones?

      1. The Moto X is a fine phone. However, all of the republic phones in my family are acting squirrely after the last update. Mine is almost 3 years old now. It’s having a lot of issues. I don’t want to replace it with another Moto X when they keep teasing us with a new model.

        1. Agreed. A few times my phone has locked up and never did this before. Same apps, always updated. But I do love RW.

        2. Ditto. My phone shuts off randomly and have restored and still the same. Mine is only 1.5 yrs old. Wish their phones lasted longer. The Moto E was $100 a yr and a half ago and is now $129??

        3. Mine’s not as old as yours, but I had a ton of issues (at least 50 little things, some not so little) with my Moto X 2nd gen after the Lollipop update. It worked PERFECTLY on KitKat.

          The fix was to reset the phone. Painful, but now it’s on a fresh Lollipop full install, not update, and 99% of the issues resolved themselves.

          Definitely worth the trouble to do it.

          That said, I’m going to want a new phone in one year. Republic, I really hope you have some killer options ready by then. I’d be one unhappy camper right now if I needed a new phone, with the lack of current offerings. Also, I’ve been trying to convince friends and family to try RW, and they ALL balk at the limited phone selection.

          1. Go look at all the phones the other carriers have now. Most likely that’s what Republic will offer a year from now.

          2. duh. But “most likely” only being true if RW *does something*. A year one might have said the same, but no, those phones weren’t available here.

      2. It’s not new anymore. Are you using a Pentium 4 single core processor? No, you have upgraded. That’s the problem.

        1. You have a point. My desktop runs Win 10 on an Intel i7. I still have my Pentium 4, but just the chip, as it is pretty with all its gold connections; the computer itself and the Pentium 4’s cooling fan are probably in a Chinese landfill.

      3. The camera is garbage and the screen is too small.
        I had the moto x gen 1 and just bought the moto g gen 3 the camera is way better and the screen is a little bit bigger, but WOW going from 2 GB to 1 GB is AWFUL

        1. That’s why I kept the oldest E because i cracked it open and put in a memory card 64GB! – and presto, everything is fine. The 2nd gen E has the same memory slot molded over!!! Cheats.

          1. Not 1GB of storage 1GB of RAM the Moto E also only has 1 GB of RAM. I wish we could buy the Moto G with 2GB of RAM like ATT customers can, but we can’t or I would have.

        2. If you only have 1GB of RAM, it is because you opted for the 8GB version of the Moto G 3rd Gen. The 16GB version has 2GB of RAM. I suggest you do your research about the phone in the future before you decide to upgrade.

          1. What are you talking about? From the Republic shop phone page for the Moto G gen 3 “8GB or 16GB internal memory (up to 32GB memory w/ micro SD card, sold separately). Both with 1GB RAM.”

          2. Republic Wireless does not re-engineer the phones, nor do they ask the manufacturer to do so. The 16GB model has 2GB of RAM, this is a stated specification:

            Options: 8 GB storage + 1 GB RAM or 16 GB storage + 2 GB RAM—both with removable storage that supports up to 32 GB micro SD card (sold separately)

            The above was from the Moto G 3rd Gen Specifications page on their website. So if you have the 16GB model you have 2GB of RAM and should stop whining.

          3. Not true. The Moto G 3rd gen sold by Republic Wireless only has 1GB of RAM, whether you have 8GB or 16GB internal memory. For whatever reason, Motorola only offers the CDMA version of the phone with 1GB of RAM.

          4. No, the XT1548 (CDMA) only comes with 1GB of RAM no matter the storage. Stop calling out people for not doing their homework when they are more knowledgeable about the subject than you are.

          5. You’re actually not correct that’s only for GSM phones or I would have purchased the 16 GB version

        3. The Moto X is the best cell-phone camera that I have had. Pictures seem to be about 5MB in jpg format. The pictures are too dense to load to some internet sites. But for photographic pictures rather than for internet images, I agree that my Moto X camera rarely gets used.

        4. OMG Fred!!! Can you still walk? Do you have sight? Are you living better than 99% of the people on the planet? Then quit your whining and be a man!

          1. I agree, compared to most people on this planet I have a great life, but that’s a completely separate issue.
            I use a cell phone company that actually listens to customer feedback and the current situation is such that it’s caused me to consider switching to Google’s Project Fi so I’m voicing my concerns so that they can hear my feedback and decide if they want to do anything about it. Yes I took a strong tone, but that is because I wanted it to be heard.

        5. Cry about it. Try finding better options elsewhere if it doesn’t float your boat. Republic wireless is good, why the new phone?

          1. ?
            The Moto G has a MUCH better camera than the Moto X gen 1 and we are using it as our main camera for our family.
            Why are you being so rude?

      4. Sadly you couldn’t be more wrong… After Lollipop update, my moto X has become so sluggish I no longer use it to browse or do much other than use it as phone and sporadic text messages… I also use Yatse as a remote for my Kodi entertainment system, check the weather and at times I read the occasional email (I much prefer using a computer to write than any touch keyboard, but that’s my personal hate of them since they slow me to a crawl and are usable only for a quick text message at most).

        Even if it was going to work half way decently for web and other connected apps (like FB), I still wouldn’t use it much mostly because I would not be able to since it would run out of juice in 3~4 hours of use.

        But there’s no much risk I’d run out of juice while taking pix because since it started to get the “pink eye” my phone has become completely useless as a camera… not that was much better before. The moto X camera has always been sub-par and near laughable and when compared with today’s standards in phone cameras (yes I am talking about the iPhone unfortunately) one would have to make a real stretch to consider the camera on the moto X even just as “OK”. Here is an example that speaks for itself! http://i.imgur.com/6aXpCvH.jpg

        Anyway to your point… the fact that you personally are satisfied with your own device which fits great your needs is not a good enough reason for any company not to offer improved and up to date phones, I am all for up-cycling and recycling, trust me… and if the moto X kept being usable and had a camera I could work with I’d be opening the mother up to slap in a new battery that would let me use it maybe 6h before needing to plug in again… fact is that moto X was a device that was as good as it could get with all the corner cutting made by moto in order to put it on the market at the price point they did back when. Now the many corner cutting have caught up with it to the point for many of us is no longer a viable device.

        That’s why you see so many of RW members stating what they did…

        By the way we’re all glad you’re fine with your moto X and if you ever need another one let me know… I’ll give you mine real cheap (BTW I am not joking) once I move to a new phone (hopefully one I’d want) as soon as RW will make them available to customers! 😉

        1. Yes you can. Check out amazon & eBay. The b.s. about non-serviceable battery isn’t true! I just replaced mine for less than $20!

          1. Why would a lithium battery fail during the normal life of a phone? Aren’t lithium batteries good for almost infinite recharges as long as the owner doesn’t do silly deep discharges?

          2. I replaced the battery, but am still having issues with battery lift and the phone restarting and doing the optimizing apps issue others are having. I still need a new phone!

      5. Android 6.0 Marshmallow has a lot of new features. For instance, you can modify app permissions for each app.

        Right now in all the lower versions of Android, most of my apps have access to my contacts list, camera, microphone etc when they don’t really need all those to function. It’s a matter of privacy.

    3. Travis Dulaney for President!!! Great post, buddy. You are so on point they’ve been saying that Forever. Incidently my phone is as old as yours.

        1. In the 2 years I’ve had my 1st gen Moto G, the RW app (which must run) has grown from needing about 20meg of memory to 70. May not sound like much, but I’m constantly having to dial back what is on this phone in order to make it responsive, to the extent whereby it’s now a glorified dumb phone. Another example – I was happily using OneDrive to sync photos, but an update to add cast support also saw that app’s memory footprint increase. This is true of so many apps. So, sure, first world problems, but whether we like it or not, these things have obsolescence built in. It’s not like your 10 year old desktop PC that still makes for a powerful home server.

        2. Do you live off the grid somewhere? 2.5 years is multiple lifetimes when you are being relative to technology and new system, or hardware, upgrades. 2.5 years is very very, very patient and in no way looks to be snobbish or spoiled for wanting to view some of the newer options (which are already told) that the majority of the public is working with.

        3. A 2.5 year old phone that is slow as a turtle and goes through resets every so often. Have to delete Facebook at times to get my email to open. Have seen the words Insufficient Memory so many times, I call the Moto X phone now, “Insufficient Memory”. Lollipop really do a number on the phones use.

        4. Its not that its too old, its the fact that these phones do not last that long! I love My moto x. But 2.5 years later the camera will not focus, it shuts off at random, the battery sucks, the speakers are shot, etc. I hoped to be able to get over 3 years out of this phone, but I’ll be lucky to get 3. It’s fair time to expect reasonable upgrades.

      1. I used to have the Moto X gen 1. Now I have the Moto G gen 3…BIG LETDOWN the only thing that’s better is the camera (which is actually WAY better) but I just can’t handle having just 1 GB of RAM. If I had known a GSM option was coming I would have waited to get the Moto G gen 3 with 2GB of RAM (1GB of RAM is NOT enough in today’s mobile world)

      2. Why should we have to check back weekly? The email I opened, then clicked the link it contained seemed to be an answer to all the things we’ve been waiting for. Stop giving us useless non-information.

        1. SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD VALERIE! Thomas, Nom, and Lertha can deal with the “Optimizing 1 of 110 applications” in their own corners. I’ll join you and others in jumping ship for other products that currently exist right now.

      3. Check EVERY week? What’s the point in that? If I were to check back EVERY week for the last 2 years, how many of those weeks would I have found a new high-end phone is available? You really want me to check in with you guys 104 times and be disappointed 104 times? Seriously?

    4. I suspect they may be losing customers to their competition. They’re getting like the merry go round where the brass ring is oh so close but just out of reach

    5. This. Moto X is becoming more and more sluggish everyday, and the real kicker is when it restarts for no reason and goes through the “Optimizing Apps” nonsense for 30 minutes. It’s been a great phone, but it’s time to move on.

      1. Mine is doing this as well. It should not. It should work fine. It’s almost as if some bugs were introduced somewhere along the way to make me hate the phone I have loved.

        1. mine did that after installing a “tuneup” app – uninstalled and hasn’t done it since – hope that helps

          1. No tuneup apps. And I have wiped it twice. Really bad performance ever since the last update. “Android OS” just eats and eats the battery.

      2. i have a motog and its been acting sluggish lately, like it is very sleepy. this is even with all apps killed. What is going on? Also, i was using internet the other day when the router died – the call just dropped, it didn’t switch over to cell. i just called back using cell, but still, i thought these things could switch over.

      3. Been thru the Moto x 1st Gen thingy. Take screen shots of each page of your Apps and copy them to another device (computer). As well as Pics/videos, music, docs etc. Do a Factory Refresh and install as a NEW phone (do NOT restore from backups). Using your screen shots that you took of your Apps directory, re install the apps that you want NEW. Then you can copy the Pics/videos, music, docs etc that you saved to another device back to your phone.
        Best wishes.

      4. As long as you are not charging (have your charger plugged in), you don’t get the “Optimizing Apps” idiocy. I think it was the Lollipop upgrade that caused the problems.

        1. What’s funny is this is a widespread issue (introduced by lollipop) and no one seems to want to fix it. Sprinkle in youtube hangups, and pretty much half of my apps suffering from random glitches/bugs, and I’m not sure I can justify the sacrifice for saving $15 every month.

          My personal favorite was when my phone started rogue dialing strangers for about a month and the calls kept getting simultaneously routed to whatever sprint number is shared with republic. Comical at first, but it got old real quick.

          Any point in posting this? Not really, but that fucking gif image of the republic owner dancing around like an idiot is stuck in my head now and this feels like a fair time to share the true experience.

        2. Yes, I agree. Ever since I downloaded the new Lollipop software the phone battery does not last near as long and there are several glitches with email and calendar.

    6. Replacing your phone every 2 or 3 years would work if they offered the latest greatest as soon as they were available.

    7. Strongly agree. I clicked this email with excitement since it said “New phones” – what a let down. This long without a new high-end phone option is a joke.

      1. The worst of it is, the joke’s on us. I cringe to see what comes next because I get the feeling that they’ll bring out “BIG SPARKLING PHONE A” for us all to get. We’ll buy it and try to find good accessories for it and three months later, the somewhat good accessories we could have bought are now gone and we have little to no accessories for it because “BIG SPARKLING PHONE A” has been outsold by its cheaper versions “BIG PHONE A” and “MEDIUM PHONE A”. Those phones will get the attention for slightly longer until their PHONE B upgrades come out that won’t have the features that their PHONE A predecessors have and since everyone likes their PHONE As so much, they won’t get the PHONE B right away. Then the PHONE B will be gone by the time the PHONE As need replacements and all that’s left is the “BIG PHONE C” and “MEDIUM PHONE C” but no “BIG SPARKLING PHONE C”.

        I paid $300+ for my Moto X and it was treated like a brick by RW and accessory manufacturers (THANKS OTTERBOX FOR NOT THROWING IT COMPLETELY UNDER THE BUS) and now it’s useless because nobody has a replacement screen for it for me to repair it unless I want to wait the two weeks for it to get in and another few days for it to get added on, assuming the repair service company knows how to fix it.

        1. I sent my broken screen back to Motorola for service and paid extra so they would transfer my data. Needless to say no data was transferred. I got back a phone that has half the battery life as my old one and they refuse to do anything about it.
          Next time choose a supplier with a customer care department that really cares.

    8. Firstly, thanks for being with us for 2.5 years. That puts you joining us right about when we came out of BETA testing with our first phone. That’s awesome! Thanks for being around with us that long – almost since the start! We did have the Moto X (2nd Gen.), which was a sweet upgrade, but unfortunately sold out a bit ago.

      All that said, we totally hear you. It’s no coincidence that the big huge projects we’re taking on this year perfectly align with what our members have been saying to us. We know we’ve been basically radio silent for months, but only because there are so so so many things happening behind the scenes that are in fluid motion. It’s hard. We’re a startup that is entirely member focused and driven. We walk a fine line every day. We always try to say as much as we possibly can without a bevy of legal/contractual concerns inevitably raining down upon us if we do say too much, but equally, there is also so much getting ready to happen, we are each literally having a hard time keeping it all to ourselves. So, do you stay radio silent or do you say as much as you possibly can without the pants getting sued off you while still letting your members know what’s up and that you hear them?

      But we get it, we really do. There are people in Help, our Community, on social, who read almost every single word that our members send us. And we thank you for your feedback. Without it and your support, our young startup would still be in BETA today. We have a lot going on, there is movement beneath the water’s surface. New phones are on the way and this release year is shaping up to be unlike anything Republic has done before. Thank you for continuing to be engaged with us in the meantime! 🙂

      1. You need to dial it back on the word-smithing, rhetoric and BS about being a startup. You get to play the “We’re a startup” card for a year, 18 months at the most, but not 5 years after opening your doors in 2011. And even then, your ‘startup’ moniker is questionable, at best, because Bandwidth has been around since 1999. When the RW division was created back in 2010, a sizeable chunk of the staff was moved from PhoneBooth to RW. So, rearranging some cubicles and reassigning staff doesn’t make you a ‘startup’ when you’ve already been in the phone industry business for 15+ years.

        1. Brother, I wish I had the time to wordsmith that well. I joined this company 3 years ago right when we were coming out of BETA. We’ve done some incredible things in that time, a lot of which has been asked for and directly influenced by our members. Projects both small and large – from emoji support to reverse handover from Cell to WiFi. In those 3 years we’ve gone from literally 12 guys flashing ROMS onto the phones and stuffing them in Fedex boxes, to actually being able to see the impact we’re having on the mobile industry.

          We are on a mission to help people afford a smartphone, while also having the lowest bill possible. We have cut amazing partnerships with key players who believed – and still believe – in what our company is trying to achieve. We work with some incredible people, who we’ve seen pull off nothing short of miracles every other day in the name of our members despite the caveats or constraints faced at any given time.

          But part of what keeps me coming back to work every day is knowing I work with people who care – like genuinely care – about our members. We try so so very hard. Could we be better? Of course. Any company could be and we strive to be. But at our very core – our company – our brand – is the Help people who lose sleep on the weekends if it means helping a customer. It is the Product folks who will talk until they are blue in the face if it means helping someone understand a complex subject or new feature. It is our CEO, David, who constantly challenges us to experiment, learn, and go the extra mile for our customers. We don’t think there will ever come a day when we’re all sitting around patting ourselves on the back saying: “Yep. We did all we could do. We’re done.” That’s not us. We seek to do the other thing. Go after what “could be” in the wireless industry. We will always work harder and try to be better.

          1. Hell I’ve been trying to change my billing date since I started with your STARTUP when you STARTED it YEARS AGO! And you can’t even do that!

          2. FWIW our family has been with Republic Wireless for 2.5 years and I still haven’t found a better carrier for a better price. I work for an authorized reseller of AT&T and am offered EMPLOYEE level discounts on their service, and I still save money by staying with Republic. The Republic app is like my own command center monitoring real-time usage and lowering my bill.

          3. Well, considering he took three paragraphs to say nothing, silence would have been the equivalent. Not sure where the FU came from. Perhaps you have personal issues when you jump onto a comment not addressed to you.

          4. I think I’m missing something about your “comment not addressed to you.” The forum was definitely addressed to me, an owner of a RW phone. I even received an email with a direct link to this forum (ie, I didn’t get the link from a spammer network). I like RW, so I responded just like any satisfied customer would have, and the same as if I had liked you and someone criticized you. I didn’t know that ajm had been with RW for three years as a box stuffer, that David was the CEO, or that FedEx was the logistics support.

          5. I certainly understand the suing part. There is probably not a week ever that I don’t get at least one notice of litigation, where a law firm has determined that one of my stocks has done something wrong. How does that help? If the lawsuit wins, the company pays a check to the legal firm, which then gives a tiny portion to the “injured” stockholders. It the lawsuit fails (this never happens, as the cases never go to trial), then the company and its stockholders keep everything.

          6. What happened to the Moto X2? Why is it that it sold out instead of continued to manufacture it and sell it? When my Gen1 Moto X dropped after the vibrating alarm was on for too long and the screen broke, it took me almost a month to find a solution (purchase a broken used one with a good screen and switch the brain) without spending too much money on a slightly used one or a downgraded brand new Moto G3. My first solution was to go to RW to find the Moto X2 (which I didn’t want until I needed it so I didn’t buy it).

        2. @Sly Ostinato, you might disagree with Republic Wireless’ use of a word, but did you really have to curse at them?

          Can we reason together and also be civil, too?

          The word “startup” can have different connotations.

          “‘A company five years old can still be a startup,’ writes Y Combinator accelerator head Paul Graham via email. ‘Ten [years old] would start to be a stretch.’

          …One thing we can all agree on: the key attribute of a startup is its ability to grow. As Graham explains, a startup is a company designed to scale very quickly.”

          “A startup is a company in the early stages of business development. For some companies, the startup phase of a company may last years…”

          We live in an age of instant gratification, but sometimes good things come to those who wait.

          I, for one, am very thankful for Republic Wireless. I’ve been a paying customer with them since February 2015, and I’m looking forward to the plans they have for this year!!

      2. Ajmaphone, Any idea where to find my republic account pin/passcode? – I don’t remember setting mine up

    9. The bottom line is this – If you’re not doing it BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER (in cell data pricing) than Fi, then there really is no point, Republic, because Google Fi is going to keep eating your lunch. Not to mention that Cricket and Straight Talk is eating your breakfast and dinner. And save the harpy retorts about how Fi is $10 more a month, because for that small amount I’m getting SO MANY MORE features. And until you start offering 24/7 customer service support like Fi does, you won’t be able to compete with them.

      I’ll have to agree with others here that you simply regurgitate….well, the same old, same old. It’s painting you as a company that isn’t trustworthy or reliable. Empty, meaningless, PR stunts like this just further marginalize you in the eyes of critics and customers. But good luck trying to catch up to Fi’s and FreedomPop’s 1,000,000 customers, when you only have around 300k; and you’re bleeding those customers fast to the competition who is way ahead of you.

      1. Oh wow! Sly Ostinato! You’re like, famous around here. We’re just flattered you’re still following us and engaging with us after all this time. Rock on!

        1. Seriously ajmaphone? Your reply sounds sarcastic. If it isn’t, my apologies for my misinterpretation of the tone of your words.

          I feel exactly as Sly does right now. He’s keeping his conversation up and I’m starting to bring in my own side. I sang RW’s praises and benefits without any kind of advertisement pay from RW. I think I could have gotten in trouble if my supervisors at Walmart overheard me tell my unhappy, prepaid customers about picking RW over Straight Talk as being much better than ST except that ST has more phone varieties. RW now has even less than they had when I was selling them as a Walmart Employee without any Walmart endorsement (for which I’m sure I could have gotten fired if I was caught).

          We speak because we loved what RW had to offer and now RW isn’t offering it anymore. They promise something upcoming and new but we don’t want to be disappointed. It’s easier to cut the emotional strings now and move on than to wait with all this tension. I’ll return if RW proves to be the best company they were when I first started. I truly believe they still are but I need a reliable phone and I don’t want to downgrade to RW’s current options nor pay for a used version online.

      2. Sly… Any idea where to find my republic account pin/passcode? – I don’t remember setting mine up

        1. Sure Gar Conn – I am on the Verizon “More Every Unl Talk Txt 15gb” plan with a 19% discount due to my university affiliation. This costs $100 less 19% = $81 plus each additional line access fee is $40/month less $25 discount (phones are paid off). = $15 per line. I mistyped when I said I could add a line for $25… the incremental cost would be $15. I’d been with Verizon for 15 years but tried Republic thinking I’d move 5 lines to them @ 17/mo. With Verizon, 4 lines = $141. 5 lines = $156 plus taxes.

          1. But see, did you get this because of it being a family plan? What if it was just yourself with a single line?

          2. Agreed Jake! I’ve been burned by Verizon and (as an Electronics Employee for 1.5 years) watched many customers be burned by Verizon so many times I lost count.

            Every time I even think of going to Verizon to give them a shot to see if anything’s improved, the prices just aren’t what I’d be willing to pay. Sprint took me away from TMobile with better Cell Quality (prices were better than Verizon’s and RW took me away from Sprint due to the prices.

            Other Verizon Experiences that help me to say no to Verizon:

            1. Verizon blocked their customers from calling our phone number which was originally controlled by Vonage. This caused our doctor’s office (recently switched to Verizon) in 2005 to not be able to get a hold of us when they needed to and they sent the cops to check on our baby that was in the ER the night before (30 days for that mess to get fixed).

            Reason for the block – Our number was ported to TMobile (and now @ Google Voice) from Vonage. Vonage and Verizon have been at each other’s throats since 2005 due to some VOIP patent where Verizon was claiming Vonage stole their idea. Since Verizon didn’t want Vonage to do what they were doing, they blocked all Verizon customers from being able to call Vonage customers.

            2. We wanted faster internet and Verizon was promising to bring Fios into our area at the time so we signed up for their DSL internet and were required to pay for phone. When we were sick of the poor service after a few months and cancelled, we asked the Verizon CSR to turn us off on a specific date (the day before our new company was due to set up services for us). Verizon turned us off right away then wanted $75 to turn it back on for 2 weeks.

            3. There is no phone number to get a hold of Verizon Customer Support if you have a question on their prepaid phone services or wanted a Verizon phone to be unlocked or you were waiting for a phone number to be ported to Verizon services. If you don’t have a Verizon phone number, you’re not talking to a Verizon CSR (this one valid as of March 2015 when I quit Walmart).

            My mother, father, and three brothers are loyal customers (one even a loyal employee) but Verizon just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. No Thank You.

    10. I agree, this is pretty annoying. We need to know release dates of phones. Last August I bought a Moto X 2nd gen, the screen cracked the first week I had it. I bought this phone after watching people try to smash it with a hammer, it fell off a coffee table that stood about a foot off the ground. Disappointed the AWFUL customer service didn’t do anything. Then a month later the new Moto came out, I felt like a fool. It was cheaper, better, and I have a giant spider crack on my screen and barely enough storage space on my device to take pictures and listen to a couple albums.

      This message told us nothing new, besides the fact that you’re gonna use some different cell carriers. And hell, if the carrier aint Verizon, idc, I’m still gonna have a dead zone when I travel thru the Midwest.

      And more plan options??? The plan options keep getting worse and worse, I used to be able to recommend this company. But you can’t sign up for the $25/month 3G unlimited (but really 5gigs) data anymore. You need to sign up for the refund plan, which is only better if you use under 1.75 gigs every month. Anyone who uses their phone daily, checks Facebook here or there, watches a YouTube video once a week, you’re gonna go over that. Is the new plan going to be worse than that??? The second you stop me from being grandfathered into my sweet $25 plan I’m getting an iPhone and switching to Verizon, at least they offer upgrades and have good customer service.

    11. You need a new phone every 2-3 years to do what exactly? Does your phone stop making calls, can’t text anymore???? You want to be a spoiled phone snob, get an iPhone then.

    12. i thought they rolled out the BYOD? or am i wrong? Also the Moto x in fall of 2014, that was a year and a half ago, and that would be an upgrade from your Moto X first gen… just some thoughts, im not sure about the BYOD though.

    13. Travis:
      I’m in almost the same demand structure as yourself. I don’t have any needs for a new phone option every year, but when my phone starts to get slower and charging sometimes can be tricky; or I develop some dings or one scratch to many, it’s time to shop for a new phone. Looking around to other carriers is almost the only option. RW is an awesome company and I’ve no problems with the service, but WHAT ABOUT SOME “UP TO INDUSTRY PAR DEVICE” option to purchase?? Why has (or is) this taken such a ridiculous amount of time? Motorola has upgraded its ‘X’ three times. RW couldn’t make an offer to Motorola in order to have some of their new phones available to us while they’re working on their other contractual obligations??? Hard to understand what the hold up is.

    14. I am in the same exact boat as Travis, and equally upset, especially since I went to the RW website last week to use my tax refund on a new phone and was BAFFLED to find out I can’t upgrade Moto X 1st Gen! My only option on this date (4/1/16) is a DOWNGRADE to a Moto E, and keep in mind that I referred a family member to Republic Wireless 2 months ago and he was able to buy a 2nd Gen Moto X….

      My phone is getting old, and lately it has been having MAJOR issues. The RW “Tech Support” team has said that a factory reset of my phone is my only option to get it working 3 times within the last year!

      One of factory resets resulted in the loss of the last text message conversation I was saving between me and a close friend that recently passed away. As you can imagine I was not happy…

      We all know that Republic’s plans/rates are great, it’s the reason that for the most part I’ve been a loyal, happy customer, but this phone nonsense is RIDICULOUS! Hoping something is done soon or I may go the pre-paid route, which has comparable prices…

    15. You all are a bunch of spoiled brats. I was happy just to have a smartphone when I got rid of my LG Octane(way too old for your comprehension). The Moto X hasn’t changed because it’s good. Maybe you should go back to Kit Kat 4.4 if you think Lolipop has so many bugs and battery drain. Maybe the Moto G is sluggish because it’s not the best phone that Republic has? They’re doing a good job with their plans, and you people should gtfo if you want your BIG updates with some minor, if not one or two, changes for the Galaxy S7. You can change your processor with android, duh. Shut all your complaining mouths. The best part is that it’s cheaper than any other cell service company. A verizon $25 plan? Nah, they’re too expensive for that. Stfu and deal with it.

      1. Hate to break it to you but Project Fi is about the same price with better phones (and BYOD program, ability to bring PF devices to other carriers, AND a monthly insurance on a PF device purchased directly from Google) and freedom pop is completely free to use (the lowest price of ALL) AND you can BYOD and use Tablets.

        Let’s see…Pay $30 (give or take a few) for RW or PF or take my old Sprint-enabled iPhone 4 to freedompop at low or no cost…..hmm…..very tough choice. The only reason I haven’t done it yet is because I just found out about it today. You know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it must be. Even so, it’s worth looking into. I’m extremely close to jumping ship for either company.

        If I wasn’t burned on the lack of accessories to purchase with my Moto X1 (waterproof case or even low-cost cases with holsters) or the lack of ability to repair my broken Moto X1 or upgrade my currently broken Moto X1, I wouldn’t be in this boat where I want to jump ship.

    16. AGREED! I hate that the Moto X 1st gen was brushed under the rug as if it wasn’t important. As I figure, I think Moto X2 was also pushed under the rug too. I didn’t want it because I don’t think it has things that the first gen has but when my first gen got to be too annoying, I was willing to relent and get the 2nd gen. Low and behold, it’s gone! Hate that I have to downgrade or buy used just to stay with RW. It’s causing me to consider going over to Project Fi. These mystery “improvements” have already got me convinced to make the jump on May 1st. I’ll return in the Fall once RW announcements have smoothed out and I can get a glimpse of their whole lineup, (not just the starters…unless of course, RW offers some kind of discount for those of us with the Moto X on one of their other phones, I may return earlier). Just sux.

  9. would love some sort of roaming option. I visit Toronto maybe twice a month and it is one of the frustrating parts of the service.

      1. I am not referring to domestic or off carrier roaming. I am referring to international roaming to Canada. I used to be able too text. Now I was no service up there unless I make a pitstop somewhere for 2 second to check on where my friends or family are at or to pull up a map.

  10. I’d like to start the rumors off with a couple words:


    I’m excited to hear what you have in store, regardless.

  11. Makes me think Republic may be getting exclusive phones?… or making their own?… or making it work on iPhones?… Waiting with my trusty but eager to be retired 1st gen Moto X…

  12. I have been shopping around to leave RW. This is good news, maybe I’ll stick around to see what happens. It better be quick, though…

    1. Me, too, but too little too late. I found a no contract prepaid plan with T-Mobile and a phone that actually works since my Moto X stopped functioning after Lollipop

    2. My sentiments exactly, Emily!

      If I were not so busy working all of the time, I would have switched services months ago.

      My camera broke for the third time three months ago (it is a crucial tooll for my business), but there are no new options for replacement!


      1. Sorry to hear about your camera! We love to help people. 🙂 If you haven’t, please do shoot our Help team a note and we’ll be glad to see if we can find a solution that works for you. (help.republicwireless.com)

    3. Thanks for being with us and glad you like the news! We are determined to continue a consistent cadence of information – as much as we possibly can without running up against legal/contractual concerns, but suffice it to say, this release year is gonna be unlike anything Republic has done before. Thanks again for your interest and your business! 🙂

  13. OK, but you’ll need to offer a BYOP option (bring your own phone) experience soon, or it will be tough to compete with the likes of Cricket, StraightTalk, etc. Fortunately I like my Moto-X for now, but having options in this industry is a must for Android users.

  14. My existing Moto X would be fine if the updates actually were an improvement ..seems I always need a new phone because of them. I’ve been with Republic from the beginning and this just seems par for the course. =P

      1. I would be happy to have mine working again too! When our phones stop working Republic should replace them, not make us beg to buy new ones that will work.

  15. After 2 years and 2 trips to the repair shop, my Moto X gave up the ghost. When I went to replace it, last month, I had to down grade and get a Moto G (not happy). Now I’m told that any day, RW will have new phones. Man I can’t catch a break with you guys.

    1. If the day comes when my Moto X2 breaks and Republic Wireless doesn’t have available a decent phone (meaning they only have Moto G), I am going to Cricket

      1. This is what I just attempted but cricket could not swing the switch since RW is VoIP and it shows up as landline. So…went to T-Mobile no contract plan

  16. I have had service since moto x (1st) was released. I have mostly enjoyed the service, I even bought a pimped out moto x (2nd) and it was great until the screen broke and Motorola didn’t keep their 1 break promise of motomaker phones. It took a month to get my phone replaced. All devices should be on marshmallow ala Apple. My wife also has Republic but I just purchased a Nexus 5x for Google fi and I will be right behind her. Too little…and way too late.

      1. He said it: Google’s Project Fi, https://fi.google.com/

        I switched from Republic to Fi back in October and I’ve ben VERY happy with the switch. Better phone, faster OS updates, better call quality, and less expensive monthly service.

        I gave my RW 1st gen Moto X to my kid and my only regret is that I prefer the smaller size of the Moto X over the Nexus 5X.

        1. Thanks, wasn’t sure if “Fi” was cut off or misspelled. Looks interesting. Going to bookmark and read after work tonight.

          1. Ok, thanks. I’ve been eyeing them! The 5X looks like a nice upgrade to my barely functioning X. Hope it works well for you, Aaron! 🙂

          2. Yeah, our Moto Xs didn’t take kindly to Lollipop and that pushed us to make a change.

    1. What’s your feedback on Project Fi as compared to your republic wireless experience? Im so very tempted to give up on RW and switch to Fi.

  17. Personally, I would prefer to hear less about how excited some guy is and more about something that will benefit me. Are they losing their focus? It’s not on them. It’s on customers. How about: New: You get this phone, at this rate, and it’s the best value. That’s why I joined in the first place, not to watch some guy tell me how happy he is. I don’t care.

    1. He’s happy to bring you the new phones and updates that will make your life easier. You all are at the center of our plans, we’ve talked to members and these are the top requested items.

      1. Is he happy that Ring Plus provides free plans that give users more than RW does, and that those plans are free, and that if the customer changes services, their phone isn’t useless to them?

        1. Do you work for Ring Plus or are you getting a kick-back for recommending them, or simply trolling? I’ve never seen anyone hard-sell a company like this. And, if you do use Ring Plus, why are you posting here? Do you even have a Republic Wireless plan?
          Regardless, we haven’t had any issues with our RW phones or service, and with our monthly refunds, we’ve saved a ton. We’ve had our Moto-G phones for a few years now and haven’t run into any of the issues or some of the complaints that some have posted here, but in all fairness, while we do use our phones regularly, we probably don’t use them as often as most everyone else does, so that may be the reason why we haven’t experienced these issues. We’re very happy with Republic Wireless.

    2. Right on. We appreciate the feedback. It’s a fine line we walk every day. We’re all super friggin’ excited over here about what’s going on, but then there’s so so so many things going on behind the scenes that are in fluid motion. As a member first company, we want to respond to the things we’re hearing from our member base (namely the 6 things listed up top). So, do we continue being radio silent or do we say as much as we literally can without getting the pants sued off us to let our members know we hear them and that there is movement beneath the water’s surface? We do plan to show you the dancing guy more this year, and are determined to continuing a consistent cadence of information. Meanwhile, thank you for being engaged and for the feedback. With continued input and support, we won’t be the underdog forever. There’s so much getting ready to happen! Thanks again. 🙂

      1. You keep being radio silent until you can release actual facts, dates and details that you can meet and you forgo all the hype and clickbait. Are RW employees so young you’ve never heard the phrase “underpromise and overdeliver”? Seriously, reading this thread is akin to reading high school notes rather that responses from, I assume, college educated communication and PR majors. Using terms and words such as “friggin”, “so, so, so”, “blush”, and “underdog” do not endear the majority of adults over the age of 24. Grow up and act like you’re running a business. Your startup days are long over and your days as a business will be too if you don’t get your act together. Hire more people, acquire more funding and do what it takes to respond to the urgent demand for new phones, etc. Otherwise I, with many others, will be leaving and it looks like heading to Project Fi (which by the way, I would probably NEVER have heard about if I hadn’t clicked on your false message and read through this page.) Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot and basically handing your customer base over to your competitor.

        1. LOL JANE! I Heard of Ring Plus and FreedomPop for the first time today too. I’m jumping boat sometime between May 1st and May 3rd (pending my schedule and how those days go) for any of these three companies unless I can trust RW’s word and they actually show to me that they really deliver exactly what is promised and then some by that time. I doubt it though.

      2. Dude, do you just continually cut and paste this same reply??? You’ve said the same thing 10 times here. If RW is paying you to respond to comments, they aren’t getting their moneys worth.

      3. Starting to hate your cookie cutter answer….I’m beginning to feel like you don’t mean it. Try changing it up and making it fit the comments. A great test example I give to anybody I expect to help me with any troubleshooting is to have them type the word “pineapple” in their replies. At least I know that way my message has been ready. I’ve only had that happen for me once and that was with a Google Employee.

  18. Encouraging news although that’s way too much use of “can’t talk about it”… I understand there’s lots of things you REALLY can’t talk about it for legal reasons, but you should at least leave (or leak hint, hint) the lines of phones that will be in the offering of RW.

    BTW, was about time you got more phone options and got out of that Moto X which for the price it’s a good phone but a sub-par everything else. I hope you plan to offer phones like the LG G5 and for iOS lovers the iPhone too. That would catapult RW to the front for anyone who is a lightweight cell-data user and wants an affordable service without paying outrageous monthly fees just because the racket of wireless phone keeps up the price point to what they all agree it should be.

    Looking forward to hear more and see if I can finally get a phone that I won’t use just for phone calls and text messages, but would be good enough to capture decent photos in all light conditions…

    1. You are too connected with the company down the road from you that bought Motorola. Seriously, I can tell panic when I see it — you know promise .. promise .. promise, and hope you buy time.

  19. I love Republic Wireless. I’m writing this on my 1st gen Moto X. However, I’d like more concrete details than vague promises. You literally told me nothing. I WANT A NEW PHONE ANNOUNCEMENT!

  20. Weve been with Republic Wireless around 3 years plus or minus. Yes it has some flaws, as we also found with other carriers. When we switched both of our phones over to Republic, we saved around $100.00 per month, it took the first 6 months to recoup the up front cost of our phones. Any how, once Republic released the data refund plan, it saved us another $20.00 per month!
    As odd as it is, we share our experience with Republic to all our friends and family, yet only 2 have currently switched over. It seems folks prefer paying more, I understand Rupublics current cell carrier is not the best in some places, it is a slight inconvenience I am not willing to pay more for.
    So forge onward Republic, I look forward to your progress!

    1. Anita, I am going to share something with you, and it would be odd if you didn’t switch: Ring Plus will give you more of a cell plan for free than what RW gives you. And your phone (bring your own) wouldn’t be locked into RW. So if you want to save even more money, check out the numerous Ring Plus free plans, and ditch the RW. There is no way RW is going to survive more than 30 months or so, anyway.

    2. Aw. Thanks so much! This comment made my night. We came out of BETA testing 3 years ago with the simple mission to help folks have a more affordable phone bill and give people the option to have a smartphone who hadn’t before. That’s you! We are so happy we’ve helped you save. Thank you for your support. With it, we won’t be the underdogs forever. This year is gonna be awesome!

  21. I have no beefs about the service I get via wifi or cell. My beef is with the low internal memory of the phones and constantly having to delete data from applications some of which I don’t even use (that I know of). I have taken all “added” applications off my phone except two – Weather and Tide Charts. Everything else was preinstalled. Why would Motorola/Android issue phones that are essentially out of internal memory from the get go? I have a Moto e with 2+ gigs of internal memory that came with 1.9 gigs of preloaded junk most of which I never use. Get me a 4 gig phone with 1.9 gig of preloaded stuff and I will probably be happy. Or, better yet, allow me to move some of this “junk” to my sim card and free up internal memeory. By the way, Tide Chart and Weather Bug are installed on the sim card.

    1. Why not link your phone to cloud storage, and have your files automatically uploaded? Then you would always have storage space.

      1. I don’t really keep files on my phone. All of the internal memory is being used by pre-installed applications. I don’t understand how cloud storage would help this when I don’t have a choice to even store those apps on my sim card. “Storage” space is not an issue. I use 12% of the storage on my sim card but am usually near 90% on internal memory. I can’t even run a Republic update because there isn’t enough internal memory.

        1. I’m an old guy who is not a tech wizard, but don’t your new apps ask you where you want to store them, giving you the choice to put them on your sim? And even without a choice, can’t you use the system settings to move them from main memory to sim? I’m not big on apps or pictures, so my Moto X works fine. My wife’s Moto X was crawling until she uploaded here pictures to the clouds.

          1. I too am not a tech wizard. Any new apps are put on my sim card but I kept running out of memory so I took all but two of the “new” apps off. Pre-loaded apps, those that come with the phone cannot be moved to the sim card, Android doesn’t allow it unless there is some technique I don’t know about. I have very few pictures on my phone, all of which are on my sim card. I don’t have an issue with speed/response on the phone. I do have a problem with memory, not storage. Because Android/Motorola load the pre-installed apps to memory, and give me no option to move them, I am stuck.

  22. Byob is all i care about. I have s5 and note 3 just waiting. You know. Real phones instead of moto/nexus crap. And no scrap either (s6 note 5) good hardware with removable battery and memory card are mandatory for me. Byob is where its at i dont want your over priced hardware i just want your service

    1. You hit on my only real complaint there. I’d like whatever phone I’ve got to have a removable battery. Solves a lot of problems.

  23. Hey, don’t trick me with email subjects that read “New phones, financing, and more!” I am excited about all the places republic wireless is going as a company etc etc etc but my 1st gen Moto X is barely functioning anymore, it needs replacing desperately! Please please release new phones ASAP or at least let us know when, and don’t trick me with flashy emails that mislead, goodness I can’t take the let down 🙁 🙁 Wtf repub wireless 😛

      1. Super annoying, but this is what I do: delete all except my very favorite or essential apps, quit background running apps when I’m not using them, make sure it’s always charged above 45% (it seems to always restart more when battery low too), and then also follow repub wireless’ directions to do a factory reset (I’ve done it like every month or so), and then lots of patience grrrr…. It’s super annoying but I wanna try to stay with the company because supposedly new phones are coming? And they save me so much money!!

        1. Look into Ring Plus: it’s free, it’s on the same carrier as RW, you can use many CDMA phones, and those phones aren’t locked into just one cell company. You can save a lot more money by moving off RW to a free provider.

          1. BALONEY! …no comparison to republic whatsoever. Stop plugging yet another over-complicated hidden fee company that has nothing to do with getting folks off cell towers and onto the net for the majority of their calls/data. GO AWAY and do not come back!

          2. I have had (in addition to my Moto phone (which is sooo sluggish I barely use it) a LG Volt with Ring Plus for over 5 months now….I pay NOTHING. Unlimited talk , text and I get 1.8 GB of data. FREE…sort of hard to beat that….uses Sprint cell towers, no issues so far. I use Google Maps all the time! I have been with RW from the beginning, and I don’t want to lose my phone number…pay about 12 and change every month.

        2. That’s what I did, but the battery was fine. My phone works great now and I have about a handful of essential apps, other than the standard apps. I have a Moto G. I’m going to keep it for as long as possible. Plus my plan is typically $15/ month!

          1. Every time I get impatient with my glitchy old moto x phone, I remember how much $$ I’m saving! And I also remember that RW didn’t always have problems and does have some awesome things rolling out soon it seems… So I’m waiting it out and babying my old phone in the meantime lol

          1. The old phones, maybe. The current LiON technology went much further and the new batteries last much longer. My electric car has imperceivable battery degradation after 3 years.

          2. True they’re better but LiON batteries still only have so long of a life span, only so many charges, before they start going bad. They don’t last forever. Also phone batteries are much smaller and cheaper than car batteries, I wouldn’t compare the two.

      2. Hey! So sorry to hear about your Moto X. We’d be glad to take a look! If you haven’t, shoot our Help folks a note and we’ll see what we can do to find a solution that works for you. (help.republicwireless.com)

    1. Same deal for me…after Lollipop my Moto X kept dying and glitching out. Attempts at troubleshooting with email customer service was tedious and unproductive. I just bought the SE and switched to T-mobile no contract plan. A bit more $ but better phone and customer service.

      1. Right now I’m considering might go with GoogleFi if new phones don’t come soon and if my moto x gives up and dies. Inconvenient to switch but what are ya gonna do? Repub wireless has makings of awesome company but lots of problems too, so I dunno, I’m watching and waiting as long as I can…. :/

        1. I just left Republic last week for Project Fi for same reason. So far it has been great! No regrets! Love the Nexus 5x phone! They extended their $149 off through April. $249 for 32GB unlocked phone that you can use elsewhere if you dont like the service. I loved Republic but couldn’t wait any longer for a new phone to come out…

          1. Funny enough ProjectFi is a collaboration between Google and bandwidth.com, the parent company of Republic. It’s no coincidence that the ProjectFi and Republic billing plans look so similar and that Republic will soon have T-mobile capable phones.

          2. Fascinating, I had no idea. I don’t suppose there’s the possibility that RW’s voip stuff could become baked into Android? I ask, because the 5X/6P on Google Fi run vanilla android, updated directly from Google, rather than Google -> Motorola -> Sprint -> RW. I don’t mind continuing with Sprint only (rather than Fi’s Sprint/T-mobile stuff) if I meant I could also have a 5X with RW’s pricing model. However, as it is, the appalling state of calling on all 3 of my 1st gen Moto Gs means I’ll probably run these things until they break, and then move to another carrier, obviously having easily saved the money on the initial investment.

          3. It’s $20 Nick. Primary Reason I intend to return to RW once these announcement annoyances settle (assuming I make the switch).

        2. That’s my dilemma. It’s super inconvenient to wait for them to release a new phone while my Moto X gets slower and less useful. However, Google Fi looks like it costs more.

          1. Why should your phone get slower? It doesn’t wear out like a tire, it’s electronic and will and should work just like the day you bought it. My Moto x 1G is indistinguishable from the day I bought it.

          1. Um, thanks? I never said I’m leaving. But RW and my phone have real issues. Which I know they’re working on. So. Lol. Jeeze.

      1. Yes, I know… But my feels! I got so excited, been on the edge of my seat waiting for the new phone release announcement, and the email subject and dancing Chris Chaung WAS bit misleading… Still love RW just don’t want my 1st gen moto x to die!! Been with you guys since beta! 🙂

        1. I totally get it. We love you too, thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin! I hope it doesn’t die either. If you’re having issues with it contact Support, they’ll be able to give you some troubleshooting tips in the meantime! But remember it’s almost May already, so this year is very promising 🙂

      2. The start of the subject line subject line of that email was incredibly deceptive. I think that’s what so many people here are upset about (as is apparent from the volume of comments). When you lead with “new phones” and then don’t actually say anything substantive about new phones, I can understand why people feel upset.

          1. The same is true in reverse: no respectable company should ever approach advertisement by leveraging deceiving statements to attract attention 😉

          2. You shouldn’t approach either logic or corporations with the naivety of an Occupy protester. But you do, so consider yourself at a dead end until intellectual growth occurs 🙁

          3. We weren’t talking about you were we? ;P From the height of your podium you continue to cast judgements identifying members as naive, toddlers, occupy protester making a sad display of your narrow-mindedness with your need to belittle and categorize with negative and derogatory/condescending statements.
            I trust it’s sufficiently self-evident whose intellectual growth needs further development.

            If you are satisfied with your service and the way new features are being announced, fantastic. Keep your happy feelings, share them with family and friends and dedicate your time to do as many constructive things your free time allows you. Spend time with your loved ones, enjoy spring, watch a great flick… [fill in anything that will enrich your existence]

            As far as interjecting comments and feedback being given to RW from points of views different than yours, you’ve made it clear you’ve nothing to add. Not because you can’t, but because you’re fine with how announcements have been made and how service is being provided… which again, more power to you, stay happy and bask in that feeling.

            But much like I (and other members here) who happen to think differently than you do, make no objections to your position and leave you free to be happy and fine with everything which you’re happy and fine with, please return the courtesy of granting the same freedoms to those who have an issue with how RW strategies and are here to make them known taking time to provide their feedback be it in the form of disappointment, criticism, or what have you.

            None of your position are invalidated by someone else’s stand and you can rest assured that RW (much like it has done in the past) will listen to all members. I’ve been here long enough (Defy) to know that’s the case and that if you do want RW to change something, then members MUST take the time to voice their disappointment.

            There will be some cases where things won’t change back like the downgrading from Unlimited to 5GB and then to 1GB (or less) with refund. No matter how many got upset for no longer having 5GB of cell data, there was no coming back from that downgrade for obvious reasons… but many of the labs projects started as long threads of members’ complaints. As a matter of fact the data refund you see today is what in Labs was code-named MAESTRO and the Cell-to-Wifi handover is codenamed SALSA. Go take a look if you like…

            This thread here is mostly about members who follow closely RW, being annoyed of being teased time and again. If you’re no such member then you won’t be annoyed but many members who have been fans of RW for years now and have seen it grow from the time when one had to join “Waves” and wait months in order to be able to get a phone and service… well those members get upset because they do care and while such members are OK with the occasional necessary buzz-generating campaign and the occasional teaser campaign, doing that more than 2x gets on their nerves… especially when they continue to wait for the announcement to make their next move such as replacing a dying phone or recommending friends and family RW for their needs.

            The ranting you read here is in reply to the continued teasing on the labs feature codenamed HI-HAT (New Phone) and to the even older promise of making available more than just motorola phones.

            Again, I am sure we all (the mass of naive toddlers in need of intellectual growth who are making our voices heard providing feedback to RW) believe that you’re free to think exactly the way you do (being happy with RW the way you are at all levels (marketing strategy included), I am pretty sure we all also believe that we are equally free to deliver a different message than yours to RW and we will continue to do so regardless of anyone who, like yourself, might think we’re apply the naivety of an Occupy Protester.

            You might hold RW to lower standards… those who care won’t 😉

          4. Almost funny, what little I read of this childish, overlong, self-absorbed diatribe.

          5. I see your podium keeps getting higher. Useless talking to a passive aggressive sourpuss. No further interactions needed. You’re obviously free to think whatever makes your sad existence a bit brighter… if those replies help you cope with your pitiful life, then… you’re welcome.

          6. Thanks for continuing to post as the immature, pathetic, narrow-minded individual incapable of engaging in any constructive dialog.

            That was absolutely brilliant as it will serve as a wonderfully concise and self-explanatory conclusion to the sterile exchange. That last reply is absolutely perfect as it corroborates the previously posted statement about how useless it is to attempt having an exchange with a passive aggressive sourpuss trapped in a sad, pitiful life.

            Incidentally: I am grateful that you took the time to provide such splendid wrap-up, I could’ve truly not made a better job myself.
            One must indeed give to Caesar’s what to Caesar’s belongs.

          7. Well done, thank you once again John! 🙂 I was sure one can always count on you to speak as someone with nothing to add. Not a shocker indeed as you’ve made abundantly clear your inability (or aversion perhaps?) to engage in civilized, meaningful exchange and prefer by and large to cast sterile derogatory judgement which speak more about yourself than anything else.

            Please do continue by adding the Nth concise, passive-aggressive, disparaging reply, I’d expect no less and wouldn’t want to be one who had the last word here! After all you must ensure there will be no doubt left about how pathetic you can get as for me there’s no use to try reasoning with a putz.

          8. Did you say something? Can’t tell, as any idea is buried in the overlong sassy.

        1. Agreed! I’ve been hearing the “New Phones” line while searching and searching the forums. Now I get a deuce in my e-mail that’s been flowered up to look like there’s actually new information to see and read about only to find and read what’s under those flowers. Next time I get an e-mail from RW that promises some new information and it isn’t, it will seal the deal and I’m gone. I already know what Project Fi has to offer and now I just learned of some new companies that are less expensive than even RW. RW is great as a whole but I need a working phone or a better way to repair my barely working phone.

      3. Is the explosion in popularity of Ring Plus concerning to RW management? Because Ring Plus is free, and gives people more than RW, on the same network.

        1. STOP PLUGGING RING PLUS! Its completely different than the goal of Republic wireless and the entire idea is NOT to use the network at all. All sorts of companies share the same netwok. The idea is to get off the network and onto the internet for the majority of your calls and data. BTW…do you work for Ring Plus?

      4. Then who was the asshat that came up with the subject line of your email? “New phones, financing, and more!” – Where’s the new phones? Which ones? Can I get one of them now? Worthless email with a clickbait title. Next time do us all a favor and wait to send the email until you actually have something to announce. An announcement about an announcement is idiotic, but at least most companies that do it specify exactly WHEN the real announcement is coming. If you would have said, “We will be releasing new phones May 1st, check back then”, that would have at least been helpful. Instead you gave me an email that feels like I am reading Buzzfeed.

        1. Yeesh. We still have feelings. 🙁

          But hey, sincerely, thank you for the feedback. We hear you. Like, really hear you. The folks in Help, in Community, on social, here, read just about every word any of our members send to us. Our members are what drives us. It’s how we get better as a company. And, it’s a fine line we walk every day. We’re all super friggin’ excited over here about what’s going on, but then there’s so so so many things going on behind the scenes that are in fluid motion. As a member first company, we want to respond to the things we’re hearing from our member base (like, “where the flip are new phone?!”). So, do we continue being radio silent or do we say as much as we literally can without getting the pants sued off us to let our members know we hear them and that there is movement beneath the water’s surface? We are determined to continuing a consistent cadence of information and are each literally having a hard time keeping it all to ourselves. There is so much getting ready to happen!!!! Thank you for your interest in all of it. 🙂

      5. Why was my reply to a second comment by John Smith deleted? I am not referring the the one where he’s identifying me with a naive toddler, but the one where he was inciting me to grow intellectually and move away from what he defined an “Occupy proterster mentality”. Did John Smith delete the comment which in turn deleted my reply? Or did RW deleted it?

        John was being even more condescending in his followup comment therefore I took the time to explain (in a more than civilized manner and with no condescending or derogatory attitude) what my own (and possibly those of others with complaints similar to mine) the reasons why some happen to disagree with some of the choices made by RW in its current marketing strategy.

        I do not feel I violated any forum/community code of conduct so I don’t understand why that comment would be gone… and I am indeed disappointed to see it gone since I took the time to take part in the community. Time that has now become completely wasted since my reply wasn’t kept in this thread.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply providing some explanation as of why the comment is now gone.

    2. Look into Ring Plus: it’s free, it’s on the same carrier as RW, you can use many CDMA phones, and those phones aren’t locked into just one cell company.

      1. STOP STOP STOP coming on this forum and plugging Ring Plus over and over again! I am getting a headache from your innocuous suggestions. Ring Plus is NOTHING like RW. Please go away!

      2. Ring Plus has been around for a while. They used to have no roaming, now they have expensive roaming (expensive voice roaming even). I had a free plan with them ~2 years ago. After about three months they decided to cancel everyones free plan and try to move you to a pay plan. Seems they are recycling this strategy again.

    3. Sorry. 🙁 Certainly didn’t mean to. There is so so so much happening behind the scenes that is in fluid motion. We always try to say as much as we possibly can without running into legal/contractual concerns, but there is also so much getting ready to happen, we are each literally having a hard time keeping it all to ourselves.

      Very sorry to hear about your Moto X. Don’t know i you’ve reached out to Help, but if you haven’t, we’d be glad to take a look at anything that might be going on and get you a solution that works for you (help.republicwireless.com).

      Meanwhile, thank you for being with us and your interest. New phones are on the way and this release year is shaping up to be unlike anything Republic has done before. 🙂

    4. I agree my phone is a dinosaur. Most people like to upgrade or phone craps out every 2-3 years. They definitely need to have more phones available. I’m sure most customers are in this situation and they have this information and are doing little to inform us

  24. Please only show us the dancing guy (COO) when you actually announce the new real concrete products (not just rehashing what has been on your social media posts). You are adopting the empty, hype marketing of other companies and it really makes you look bad! You are fomenting a bad taste in my mouth about Republic. I want to stay positive but you are making it so hard. Just deliver the new phone(s), tell us what is coming and then do the honest, real, substantive marketing that will build Republic.

    1. Hey, we hear yah. It’s a fine line we walk every day. We’re all super friggin’ excited over here about what’s going on, but then there’s so so so many things going on behind the scenes that are in fluid motion. That said, the folks in Help, in Community, on social, here, read just about every word any of our members send to us – we have since day one. And, as a member first company, we want to respond to the things we’re hearing from our member base (namely the 6 things listed up top). So, do we continue being radio silent or do we say as much as we literally can without getting the pants sued off us to let our members know we hear them and that there is movement beneath the water’s surface? We do plan to show you the dancing guy more this year, and are determined to continuing a consistent cadence of information. Meanwhile, thank you for being engaged and for the feedback. With continued input and support, we won’t be a young startup forever. There’s so much getting ready to happen! Thanks again. 🙂

      1. I have been with Republic since the original beta. In fact, I still have my LG Optimus…it’s a fantastic music player these days ?. I presently use a first gen MotoX. What I really want from RepublicWireless is a better phone in the same size range, and better cell coverage, since Sprint has terrible coverage in alot of places I travel to.

      2. Thanks for your reply. For context, I’ve been with RW since the D beta (?), with the Defy. I can see that you walk a fine line but I hope you see that the path you are taking is significantly alienating to, at least, a (vocal, interested) minority of your customers (e.g. this page of comments). In other words, yes, okay, it is hard, but you can do better, and it is in your interest to do so. Like what? Set a date and then beat it. If you said in January “by May 1 we will have amazing things to offer” that would be much better, but since you didn’t give any dates, but started talking up “amazing things” at the end of 2015, the natural expectations of (unspoken) time line have expired. You can’t claim, we never said “when”; it doesn’t work that way. With no date announced, there were lots of signs that a new phone should have made it by Easter: sale and then no stock of Moto X2s, over 2 years since X1 (after 2 years with an X1, I’m not going to invest in an X2, since its life cycle is already seriously degraded), all the marketing chatter about great things, etc. But still nothing concrete.
        Here is the result of your current approach: I used to be Rah-Rah about RW and argue against the nay-sayers around me–I was a 9 out of 10, but now I’m about a 5.8. Skepticism has entered in; I trust you less. I have an attitude of “give up expecting because who knows when the new phone et al will come and even who knows even how good it will actually be.” In other words your marketing approach has driven me significantly down from a 9 and now you have work to do to try to bring it back. It didn’t have to be that way. You can do better.

      3. How about instead of sending me an e-mail that screams update only to disappoint me, why not give me the summary of what the article is about to tell me so I’m not wasting my time reading the article. If I read one more article saying, “OOOH! WE HAVE NEW PLANS AND OUR CARRIER WILL EITHER BE AT&T OR T-MOBILE”, it’s just going to make me even more angry and annoyed. Don’t say it’s an update unless you truly have concrete details of the update. This article would have taken 5 seconds to read if you put in a “Most recent update of never announced before (date of announcement) – We have decided Phones A, B, and C will come out but we don’t know when.” Just saves time and headaches. BTW, I’m jumping ship on May 1st if I don’t hear anything concrete.

  25. “If you’d like to try our Refund plans, cool! You can switch anytime. Or, if you want to keep your current $25 talk and text over WiFi + cell, with WiFi and 3G cell data… we figured out a way to let you do that as well.”


    That’s probably the biggest news of the bunch – and it’s news that means we can keep my wife’s phone on the Republic!

    1. I have phones on my plan that I would like to move back to the $40 unlimited plan but I don’t see where you can do that.

        1. Yes, unfortunately, when we were “testing” these new plans that wasn’t explained, so I tested with my own phone which I used about 20 hours a day in a variety of environments. I’ve managed to do OK with the new plan but would have liked to have the choice to move back at the end of the test. If you have to repair or replace your phone the old plan is not an option when you fire up the new phone either.

          1. Anyone who was originally on the 1.0 plans and switched to Republic Refund, and has remained in continuous service gets one free switch back. Just send a note to CS and they’ll move you back to the original plans!

  26. This is all great but let’s address this horrible update that was just forced on moto x users. My phone can’t dial out without being restarted. The restart takes 15+ minutes as the phone optimizes. (What if im in an emergency situation?) On apps such as Snapchat my camera image appears stretched and elongated. (This is not due to a filter.) I have to restart my phone to get this elongation to stop temporarily. (And did I mention it takes a long time for the phone to restart?) I have to restart my phone to load YouTube videos which. . .again takes a long time. I can no longer shake my phone to open the camera without getting an error message. The Wi-Fi connection is poor no matter where I am. My emails don’t load on my phone without an “no connection” error. But I’m actually connected. My phone turns off and one by itself. None of this was happening before the update. It has gotten so bad I no longer want this phone or this company. 🙁 I used to recommend this phone and this company to friends that needed to save money. But now the product has turned into a hot steaming pile of 🙂

    1. I have a Moto X, first Gen and have experienced no problems whatsoever since the latest update, whether I’m using the cell service or wi-fi. I’m certainly no expert, but it sound to me as if you need to at least re-boot your phone, if not completely re-set it.

      1. I have rebooted my phone. Multiple times. And it takes over 15 minutes for the phone to “optimize”.

          1. Yep no help. I wanted them to reverse the update. They claim they can’t do it. So I left them alone.

  27. Please don’t switch to T-Mobile!!! The coverage area in general is bad, but especially in the surrounding 200 miles around us, as my visiting West Coast family discovered (regardless of what their maps report).You will lose us if you switch to T-Mobile with no other carrier options to choose from. Yes, we love our WiFi usage offload, but we still need to be able to have wireless connections occasionally, too.

  28. the new phones better come out quick. I have had my moto X since Republic released it and I’ve been shopping other carriers, considering paying more money just to get a newer updated phone.

  29. NOT good chatter.. Step away from those tablets/ tables

    READ these comments / change the tone of the comments THEN come at me with your ad

    Will not even consider with these many negative humans

  30. Sprint coverage is also very spotty. If you stay in town it works fine but the call sound quality is usually poor especially since the 5.1 update. I used to have Verizon and had better luck. I hope the additional carrier is going to be Verizon.

  31. I love the new buying options that will be available. The upfront cost is what is keeping me from upgrading from my Defy!

    1. Holy moly, you still have a DEFY?! You are a true BETA member. You are especially awesome! Thank you for being with us right from the get-go! Our folks on social and in our Community have seen folks like you mention the upfront cost of phones being a hurdle for years. This has always been on our list to tackle, but with something like financing, we wanted to be sure we did it right. We are super excited to have launched with Affirm. They have industry best practices for security, etc. Financing options are actually live and up on the site right now. Thanks again for your business! 🙂

      1. I’ll probably wait for new phones before I jump ship on the Defy. That thing is sturdy!!

        Any chance for a loyalty discount? 😉

  32. I find all the people complaining about not getting new phones immediately, hilarious. You are getting a cell phone bill for less than half the cost of most carriers what more do you want- entitlement is never satisfied.

    I for one love that my phone bill costs 1/4 or what I used to pay, I can deal with a few dropped calls here and there and if they get T-Mobile online too that will be awesome! If I wanted to pay a bit more I suppose I could us project fi but republic fits my budget more- I can accept not having as fancy of a phone.

    I look forward to the positive changes in the future! Hopefully the service just gets better and better

    1. The reason people are bitter is because of the constant promise that new better phones are coming so we wait and then they don’t come. If you promise something and then don’t do it people get understandable upset because it messes up our ability to make good decisions. Either keep quiet until you can announce something concrete or at least say something like “yes we’ll offer another high end phone, but not for 14 months so keep that in mind while making decisions”

  33. My phone works poorly andn your customer service is all but non existent. Not excited. Not likely to be generating business. Fix your lack of contact options with customer service first before doing anything else.

  34. Due to my constant inability to reliably receive or send calls to any of the 3 moto G RW phones my family has, I considered a switch to Google Fi. Unfortunately, while the 5X is magnificent, I was unable to connect to iWireless towers in Iowa, despite it being a T-Mobile affiliate, and had to return the 5X. I assume Iowans will be in a similar boat with RW and the GSM device hinted at here.

  35. Wait a minute!!!! The financing is through an outside source? Why can’t it just be added to the bill and financed through RW? I know there is not a “plan” but the phone payment would still be valid, even if they dropped the service.

    1. Capital baby.. Motorola still wants their money which means Republic has to put it up and then be responsible for collecting from the customer. That’s neither a simple operation or one you take on without major investment.

      1. Will the updates go something like this:
        There’s an amazing new phone coming at an amazing price, but we can’t tell you anything yet
        We’re going to offer something with GSM but I can’t say who what when where or how

        Because that’s how most of your updates look

  36. We pretty much know what is coming. There will be three new phones: 1 for Daddy Bear, 1 for Mommy Bear, and 1 for Junior Bear. And as far as the price, no company gets excited about their prices more than a company raising their prices. Since other companies have not lowered their prices, Republic is prone to raise their prices. It doesn’t matter if 5% of their existing customers drop off because the increase will be more than 5%. It’s possible that the new price schedule will be $55 monthly for 4G/WIFI, $45 for 3G/WIFI and $25 for WIFI. No company gets excited about lowering their prices.

    1. Nah. We started with a simple mission to make phone service more affordable for people. So folks who had never been able to, could enjoy having a smartphone. It came from our CEO, David, really. He’s got 6 kids and got tired of shelling out $2K a month just to give them phones. Our young startup wouldn’t be anywhere without our member’s support these last few years. In fact, one of the things mentioned in this blog is how we’ve heard how a lot of our members wanted to stick with their current plans instead of the new Refund Plans, so, we’ve had our heads down and figured out how to let folks stay grandfathered on them for the foreseeable future. We will always strive to make decisions that are for the good of our members. It’s in our name. This is a “Republic”. There are enough other companies out there already that do the opposite.

      1. $2k/mo? Is that a real ballpark #? Even if I assume it includes him and a significant other, $2k/mo is $250/person…

    2. I disagree. The other companies have lowered their rates. Republic is one of the most expensive services along with Google Fi currently when it comes to how much data you get for your money. The refund aspect is irrelevant because most people want to use what they want to use…

      I’m not saying I do though, I’m happy with the Base Plan with Republic because I don’t need or want data currently.

  37. Jeez! Listen to all the whining. It’s old, it doesn’t do this this and the other thing. Then take your unappreciative butt to Cricket or one of the other low cost carriers and spare the rest of us the b!tching and moaning.

      1. CS rep? Nahh, that is too forward thinking for RW. This person is more likely one of the volunteer “ambassadors” or “Directly free company workers” coming here to serve as “defender” for everything RW can’t do right. And it’s not hard to figure out who those people are as they are the same 5-6 people that post incessantly on the RW forums defending them there too.

        1. The ambassadors are the ones that are not allowed to talk negatively. Without criticism, nothing will change. That’s why I would never be an ambassador even though I am really into Republic. I always talk negatively about them because I want to see improvement. This person is definitely not an ambassador.

  38. Sadly, this post is little more than a hype train. Sure, a promise is exciting. But I’d think that after leaving us hanging for so long, they’d have some ACTUAL news to go with this headline. I’ll be sticking around a little longer, but I really am starting to consider transitioning e.g. to Google Fi. Really hoping to get a 2k device next, ideally something like the Moto X Force.

  39. Without reading this whole post; consider who now owns Motorola, where they are based and where their CS is based and you’ll understand RW’s problems!

  40. I have no issues at all with RW service or my four phones (two MotoX gen2, two MotoG). I’ve saved over $3000 since switching to RW, so I’m one happy camper despite being limited on coverage when away from wi-fi!

    Now, to address the false hope from this email… Really? You tell me there are new phones in the email, and now you tell me “they’re coming”… well, they’ve been “coming” for a nearly a year??? Where are they?? You promised back in September 2015 they would be out at year’s end or early in the new-year!

    You’ve also promised multi-band phones that can operate on CDMA and GSM… THIS IS WHAT WE NEED! I frequently live/work/travel in and out of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T areas, and the AT&T (GSM) areas do NOT have Sprint/Verizon (CDMA) coverage… not even one bar on roaming… the same for the reverse in CDMA areas (which is not a huge issue, really, but… it would be nice to get 4G on GSM for areas where I get roaming or 3G CDMA). I just want my phone to WORK in multiple areas, without constantly having to find a wi-fi hot-spot to make/receive calls/texts/email!!!

    Hey, here’s another suggestion… how about allowing phones on our account to be split off onto their own account? My kids are grown, and they’d like to pay for their own plan, but since they are on mine, they have to start their own plan which involves getting a new number once their number is separated from my account? I’d love to be able to split their phones off my account, allow them to upgrade to a better phone (at their leisure), and have the responsibility of paying their own way…. without losing their number they’ve had for years…

    1. Have you looked at RingTo (https://ring.to/)? It’s run by the same company that owns Republic. You could have your kids port their number there (which will cancel their service and remove them from your account), then have them open their own account and move the phone number to the new account.

        1. Thanks for the response. I hadn’t seen that they were moving to a paid service. This probably wouldn’t be the best way to deal with separating out numbers from an account then.

      1. I have a feeling they are done…they are no longer free and have also become extremely quiet like they don’t even exist anymore…I’m honestly a little panicky.

  41. Sorry, one more comment: Why only Motorola???? Are there not just as good or better smart phones out there RW? Come on! Are you that committed? Enough said.

  42. I’m switching to Google Fi. I’ll switch back when RW gets their stuff in order. It’s kind of silly not being able to purchase a decent phone. Doesn’t feel like it’s 2016. Moto x was great before the lollipop update now it’s slow as molasses and battery drains in half a day even with brand new battery. Unable to fix by resetting my phone to default. But RW has been great so far, so thank you, I hope all new shiny stuff comes soon.

    1. Is that’s what killed my battery life? I’m new to this smartphone thing so don’t know these things (been a Moto X owner since Christmas). I recently bought a mophie power pack just to be able to use my phone as much as I want all day, which is ridiculous.

      1. Yes Ann that’s the reason. On other phones you could switch off Wifi for instance and use only cell to save battery, but since RW needs Wifi for voice and data (as you have no unlimited data or large data allowances anymore, which used to be 5GB/mo in the past), you can’t even do that. So yes because of the actual phone’s hardware and the lollipop upgrade, battery will last much less than when the phone shipped stock. Even if you put a new battery in the phone you won’t see much of a difference in time. I can barely use the phone for a few hours, 4~5 tops, as long as I limit my interaction and use low brightness settings. I don’t get 4~5 hours of continued use with screen on… and the fact that one can’t carry a spare to pop-in as needed won’t help either… granted it would be a pain but at least there would be a somewhat viable option. That’s just one more reason why RW must start offering more than just a single brand’s line of low middle and just-a-little-better-than-middle phones in the RW online store.

  43. I’ve been @ Republic since before Moto X, my current phone. I’m old enough to be most people’s grandfather. As such you can appreciate my need for phone stuff. You know the story: I get my grandkids to help with most things electronic. I’m happy to get emails, access my calendar and a few other things beyond talking and texting. Have the $25 monthly plan and enjoy refunds monthly. Really Republic you should charge a bit more in order to have sufficient $$ to innovate and upgrade.

    Here’s a short story for you. 25 years ago, Cable companies came to our investment group hoping we could raise enough $$ in order for them to be able to wire communities. The cable sponsor explained how cable worked to us this way: We plug a pipe into people’s homes and suck out $$. That story taught me to pursue a more modest approach towards most new gadgets, and everything on automatic billing. And I’m loving it and Republic today.

  44. When you slashed data amounts to all customers (requiring them to pay much, much more for the same amount each month), all your low data users applauded the move. But now that Ring Plus would give them – for free – MORE than they get from Republic, you are bound to lose many subscribers who find out about those plans. And Ring Plus users aren’t stuck with a phone that only works on Republic.

    So, if you read this and are one of those “I don’t care if their new plans are actual dramatic price increases, because no one should actually be using the data that was included,” you would be getting free service from Ring Plus. No, I don’t use Ring Plus because my data usage is too high. But for anyone on RW, make the move to Ring Plus and completely eliminate your monthly cell phone bill.

    Yes, I am bitter that RW ruined the service for a lot of the customers when they drastically increased prices (ooops, I mean, “took away data that users shouldn’t have used”), especially when I bought 2 new phones right before they made the annoucement. So I hope RW crashes and burns.

  45. BYOD is the only thing that would be able to mend the incredible amount of disappointment that I’m feeling right now. My wife’s phone is an x2 that doesn’t allow her to end calls and I’ve had to hear about it for months. She actually has to wait for the other person to end the call, and sometimes they don’t! I finally broke down and bought the new pure edition using Ting, only to have my cell bill double… Cancelled. All this secrecy is really f-ing pissing me off and all your little secretshad better wow the F out of us all or your going to start losing people. I get it, but I don’t get it. I’d be fired if I disappointed my customer (my boss) with this amount of BS. GD misleading email.

  46. Sad that I had to leave Republic while waiting for them to release phones. 🙁 My Moto X 2nd gen died and I wasn’t about to buy a cheap Moto that would break again. I reluctantly went to Sprint and bought a Galaxy. Wish you’d have been faster on this one Republic, I really wanted to stay.

      1. Except she just bought a phone. She’s not going to want to turn around and buy another one now.
        If you’d at least say “new phone within next x months” you might convince some of us to stick around longer, but we have no idea just that someday it’ll happen.

  47. We need a few new phones in my house, too. How about making them last more than 1-2 years? The old defy has outlasted the moto x 2nd gen. I love republic wireless but don’t want to replace phones so often. Excited about the new options though.

  48. Live in the densest city in US and almost never get more than 3G (pay for LTE). Moto X slow as heck since “up”grade. Now I notice you don’t even have new Moto X or decent phone for sale. Typical tech company bait and switch. Draw us in then degrade service more and more and tell us you’re “increasing our options.” Will definitely be looking to switch when my phone finally gives out if you don’t offer something comparable to the Moto X.

  49. I’m fine with waiting, albeit that was a big tease. I’m still using my Moto G from 3 years ago, and I don’t have any problems with it. I’d rather they take awhile, and roll out everything seamlessly, than have a boat load of of issues on the front end. I can wait longer; I’m in no hurry to upgrade. Kudos to RW for being an awesome company, in a sea of duds.

  50. just left Republic last week for Project Fi for same reason. So far it has been great! No regrets! Love the Nexus 5x phone! They extended their $149 off through April. $249 for 32GB unlocked phone that you can use elsewhere if you dont like the service. I loved Republic but couldn’t wait any longer for a new phone to come out…

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    1. Project Fi is definitely better I tried it out with a Nexus 6 and LOVED IT! But my bill was about double what my Republic bill is so it’s hard

      1. I’m there with ouy Fred… If Project Fi had a $10 for voice and text, I’d be right there. I don’t use voice and text (unless for emergencies and sporadic interactions… some days I go the whole day without making or receiving calls or texts therefore in my case paying and extra $10/mo for something I barely use won’t be justifiable. 🙁

    2. Smart move. Every RW member could save money and/or get better phones and plans on different carriers. RW isn’t going to last much longer. They have shown that they were a one hit wonder.

  51. I was having serious problems with glitches and freezing up but I was able to learn how to “clear the Android system cache on moto x”. This cleared up 90 percent of the problems and almost brought the phone back to pre-lolipop condition.

  52. My Moto X works, my issue is that they moved my location to out of network, my data is gone in a couple of days not doing anything. Just get messages that 50% hone 75% gone and the 100% gone when out walking the dog! When I bought the phone I was not subject to this stupid limitation.

  53. I would like a visual voicemail app, option to keep wifi off during sleep modes (republic app keeps resetting my wifi “never when sleeping” settings), and a nexus 5X. Other than that, Republic Wireless is awesome!

  54. My moto x is barely functional after the upgrade. Not waiting much longer for “new phones” before we make the switch to another carrier.

    1. Sorry to hear about your Moto X. We love to help. If you haven’t, please do send a note to our Help team. We’d be glad to see how we can find a solution that works for you. (help.republicwireless.com)

  55. I’m excited for the more carriers. Hopefully that means we can get a sim card or something from you.. as I’ve been wanting to try republic for quite some time but never wanted to purchase a new phone (since I like my phone just fine, a Moto G 2013), which I’ve expressed to the company. I said when I could use my phone – and not have to purchase a new one, or worse yet, another of the one I already have – I’d use your company… so I can’t wait!

  56. Evil, evil click bait!! I was all twitterpatted until I actually read the article. Sigh. I’m desperately trying to be patient. C’mon Republic!

    1. We kind of love that someone used the word “twitterpatted” in a sentence. That’s flattering and we really thank you for your interest in us and what we’ve got going on.

      So sorry for any tease. We certainly didn’t mean to. There is just so so so much happening behind the scenes that is in fluid motion. We always try to say as much as we possibly can without running into legal/contractual concerns, but there is also so much getting ready to happen, we are each literally having a hard time keeping it all to ourselves.

      Meanwhile, thank you for being with us. New phones are on the way and this release year is shaping up to be unlike anything Republic has done before. 🙂


  58. When you have something significant to say including pricing send me an email. This email said nothing of importance. No hype only details please.

  59. Let’s not even pretend the GSM carrier isn’t t-mobile. There is no way it will be AT&T. At least T-Mobile has done some decent upgrades and has SOME signal in rural areas, but their coverage isn’t much better than Sprint’s.

    1. That’s the problem I had with Fi, T-Mobile + Sprint in my area is no better than T-Mobile or Sprint and frankly they both suck here.

  60. This is what the email was going to say:

    Republic Wireless, in keeping with their tradition of offering less for an increase in price, is super excited to announce the new phones!

    Moto C ($399, 0.5 GB of system memory) replaces Moto X as the premier phone.

    Moto B ($299, 0.25 GB of system memory) replaces Moto G at the mid level.

    Moto A ($249, 0 GB of system memory) replaces Moto E at the entry level.

    But as RW will tell you, this is actually a benefit to the customer, and will save them money: your phones will be so slow you won’t use them as much, which will make them last longer! Just like with their cell plans, they’ll be proud to offer their customers much less for more money.

  61. I’m fed up with these announcements that there is going to be an announcement. RW needs to eliminate a couple of marketing slots and hire more people to make things work. There’s nothing wrong with a Moto X in concept. There’s not much new in the industry that we can’t do with a Moto X. The problem is that for most of the time since I got it in 2013, they haven’t been able to make it consistently work right. Too many outgoing calls don’t go out — just silence — then maybe the call will go through after a minute or two. Or, to make wifi work right, you need to turn off bluetooth, stand on your head and rub your tummy. Yes. RW pricing is very good for the theoretical service we’re supposed to get, but you don’t find customers of other services being told they need to do regular prophylactic care of their phone by turning them on and off, doing a factory reset, or wait many months for the next Android update in order to get reliable, basic service from their phones. RW’s excuses and promises are wearing thin.

  62. I would like the Fair Phone 2 to be a phone option!!!!!! It’s socially conscious and is the next phone I want. I would love to have a fair trade phone and use your service! https://www.fairphone.com/phone/ This phone is being sold in T-Mobile shops all over Australia. Let’s join the movement of not harming others with our phone choice!

  63. Let me know when you have another mfg. My Moto G stinks! Service kept asking WiFi or Cell while phone was ringing! Couldn’t answer and lost call !

  64. I clicked to read the article because my wife’s phone is getting old. I switched to Google Fi last December and I was trying to decide whether to bring her over. After reading the same old vague promises, I think it’s time to switch her.

  65. Isn’t this interesting: in this article, RW says they have new service coming, but can’t say what it is, but proceeds to put a link to an article about it. What’s funny is that everyone is complaining that RW *still* doesn’t have any new phones, but the article they linked to is entitled says that the new Moto device is coming “BY APRIL.” We’re into April already, RW, where is the new Moto for your customers?

    “Sprint MVNO Republic expands to GSM carrier, will launch new Moto device by April” It’s April, RW, where is it?

  66. I got a Ringplus free plan just so I could get a new phone! Galaxy S4 is even 3 models old, and still has only 16GB storage, but at least it’ll take an SD card!

  67. I too clicked on this to check out the new phones that were not there. That being said after reading 20 or 30 negative comments I must say my Moto E works just fine and I have no service problems or problems of any kind.

  68. I have a free Lifeline phone, a ten buck Nokia that does talk and text only. The only other thing I’d really like to have is Google Maps. When I see a $50 RW phone I’ll probably buy one.

    1. You technically don’t need the phone aspect of a phone to do that. Any old Android phone even without service will deliver Google Maps to you. The Google Maps and navigation features don’t need phone capabilities and you can use it with WiFi at a hotspot and just get on the road!

      1. Correct, but I don’t want to carry two phones just to get Google Maps.

        I may spring for Republic Wireless, the lowest-cost hybrid cellular/WiFi carrier. It’s very tempting when I read that the monthly bill for a family of three was only $38.

  69. I’m also very frustrated. My phone froze, about 20 minutes ago. It’s been terrible since the upgrade. It’s a huge battery drain. It took *ten* minutes for the apps to load, before it powered up.

    I like the 10 WiFi plan that I’m on. If my phone dies, I won’t get a new one, since I’m not happy with the new plans.

  70. I have to say I’m excited for all these new developments but I’m not exactly impressed with the vague update after such a long time between actually checking for updates. I haven’t been active looking to see what’s next either. That being said I wanted to say that I hope you can come up with some additional competitive pricing plans that are better than the companies such as Sprint which is basically what we use currently. What I pay is only a couple dollars less than their current low price plan which I believe has better data allowances over cell. Last time I checked I was one of the individuals who does not exactly benefit from the new pricing structure you developed, so I stayed with my old one. I was almost exactly on the borderline where I would not save money every month but I would probably pay more. I’ve been a long-time customer and I don’t want to leave so I hope that there are some good options for people like me.

  71. After reading the comments, I must say that I have an E and and happy with the 10 bucks a month, but when they go to 25 or 30 they better come up with a much better deal or I am gone…hope they read these things, but as most of you know, they usually don’t.

    1. False! We read just about every word folks send to us. 🙂 You guys are our lifeblood after all. Our young startup wouldn’t be where we’re at and where we’re headed to without support from folks like you. We started with a simple mission to make phone service more affordable for people. So folks who had never been able to, could enjoy having a smartphone. Your current $10 plan isn’t going anywhere. In fact, one of the things mentioned in this blog is how we’ve heard how a lot of our members wanted to stick with their current plans instead of the new Refund Plans, so, we’ve had our heads down and figured out how to let folks stay grandfathered on them for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your interest in us!

  72. I’m sooooo comfortable with my “old” Moto X. I don’t need to buy the latest and greatest just to have it when we are satisfied with the service the oldie but goodie gives us. Keep on truck’n Republic. If someday we “have” to upgrade because our “old” phone no longer works with the new technologies and data requirements, then we’ll have to look into getting the upgraded phone.

  73. I wont be a subscriber until you get new phones. Im particularly fond of my Nextbit Robin, When you get something of similar quality I will subscribe

  74. ok, so I’m still using the Defy XT phone I got from Republic Wireless in 2013. The phone is definitely starting to have issues with apps I want/need to be able to run since it is running Android 2.3. I was excited to read the email that Republic is coming out with more phones, but then there was no info in the article?? Are there new phones? Are they going to be released soon?If so, what would Republic Wireless now defined as “soon?” 🙂

  75. I think everyone is being a bit childish and 1st world problem whiney (I’m sorry, what are you paying for your monthly phone bill now? How much are you saving?) Nevertheless, the only part I’ll agree with is…if you announce new phones, please don’t link us to a page that says, essentially, “new phones coming soon.” Show us the goods 😉

  76. Yeah, this e-mail was a whole lot about nothing. Been waiting for a Moto X upgrade for about a year. Stop teasing us or you will lose all credibility. I could certainly have done without the dancing COO gif. That does not express my mood which is kind of pissed.

  77. Another teaser email with a bunch of non-info. I hadn’t unsubbed from these emails yet because I hoped to be surprised at some point. But I’m going to now. Thank you for continually justifying my decision to leave.

  78. Unless you’re launching a Nexus phone and 2 simultaneous carrier support (w/ roaming) like Project Fi, many of us have given you too much goodwill to wait around more weeks for something new. This bait and switch email was uncalled for.

  79. I planned to order a 4th line and did a reassessment of my services and plans. I have two college students that use greater than 2 GB data a month. My wife and I get really ticked off when we call our kids or they call us and we can not hear them the first time or the call drops. We must call back to really connect. Kits have Moto X 2 gen, I have Defy XT and need to upgrade as not enough RAM nor many compatible versions of apps on market. Wife not tech tweak savvy or tolerant of bad service. It is just time to move on to a different provider like T-Mobile. Maybe I can come back one day again.

  80. Will BYOD phones be accepted soon? I have a HTC Desire 626s GSM/CDMA I would like to port in and use on Republic Wireless next month.

  81. Hi Chris Chaun, if you have just 5 minutes please send an email reply to me. I have nothing but positive long thought out ideas for Republicwireless. If possible I don’t think you will be disappointed having a conversation with me. For all you other readers. Check out Amazon.com How To Replace Congress. If you don’t want to check that out see the Broad Band America Act of 2009 being blocked by the tel-coms.

  82. My 1st generation Moto G seems to have slowed down a bit after the last major Android upgrade. OTOH, one major annoyance disappeared then – before then when I’d clicked someone’s number, the dial display would often just disappear, and the phone might not dial for a minute, or two, or longer. THAT problem ended with the upgrade. Since I bought the phone primarily to be a PHONE, that was a worthwhile tradeoff for me.

  83. I would really appreciate it if Republic would release new phones in the next couple months. I have a Moto X 1st gen and I’d really like to upgrade as it’s more or less dying. However, I won’t downgrade to a Moto G.

  84. To me the most annoying thing is NOT being able to call anyone in customer service, just a chat option that has you wait 27 min when your next in line,arggghh. I left republic,tired of the blogs and noone to talk to for

  85. So I can assume we will soon be seeing a few phones added to the Republic line up that were already available with other carriers. So far that’s all Republic has offered us in the way of phones. Then you let the models you offer get so obsolete that upgrading to a phone thats already been around a while is marketed like a huge break through. Three of my friends left Republic just so they could get the Motorola Pure. Yes they were that frustrated with the X.

  86. We have 4 Moto X’s that are from November 2013. Aside from all of the sluggish weirdness everyone is mentioning, we are moving out of the annoying column into the need to replace ASAP column because the batteries are not holding charges. We have 4 total moto x’s, one has died completely and the rest are showing signs of random battery issues. I too am eyeballing google fi. When our phones die, we will replace them with upgrades . . .with republic wireless if they are available, otherwise, google fi. The clock is ticking.

  87. Samsung, Samsung, Samsung. Motorola’s charging port is soldered to the circuit board. Very poorly designed. The only good thing is the screen and the monthly bill. Samsung and Apple iPhone should be part of the phone selections, new phones are long overdue! I’m still using a Gen 1/Moto X, with a bad charger port for three years, I like the concept, but frustrations are growing exponentially!

  88. Patience, people, c’mon! The purpose of Republic (in my mind) is to save money on cell service. They’re barely out of their Beta. I’m happy with my Moto X 1st Gen. Yes, it glitches sometimes and not all calls are perfect but that’s exactly what I expected when I supported Republic by joining because I wanted a company that saves me money, not one that rolls out with an updated phone every 6 months. It’s defeats the purpose buying the newest phone every time one rolls out if your looking to save money. Might as well go back to the big carriers so you can get a “free” phone but pay a hefty monthly premium. You’d average the same dollar amount if you’re upgrading all the time.

  89. The only phone I am interested in having is the samsung galaxy s7 I have the Moto x 2nd gen right now and it is an ok phone. Have some issues that pop up now and then, more so with my wife’s phone (same model different plan) so I am not sure if er issue are because of the plan. Not going thru the hassle unless I can get the phone I want. And if the other carriers plans get close enough to mine I will roll with them to get the phone I want.

  90. My phone was just smashed and I have to get one ASAP, I use republic for my kids, and I was thinking of switching, but I need a big screen so this email got me really excited, just to be let down. When is the new phone coming? I am willing to wait a week or two, but if not I will have to sign another 2 year with Sprint…ugh

  91. Obviously this email says, we don’t care about our RW customers. Once again they are not going to come through with the new phones they have promised. This is just a way to string everyone along, with false promises. Check back every week for more useless updates. It’s not all about the money, but the lack of good customer service from RW. If you have nothing to say then say that, don’t make promises you aren’t going to keep.

  92. Republic Wireless needs to get their heads in the game. Probably gonna switch to Project fi if they don’t release a new moto x in April.

  93. When ever I have problems with my phone I thank God I have running water and a roof over my head because life could be a whole lot worse.

  94. My MotoX Gen1 gets hot every now and then and drains the battery within half a day.
    Need a new phone soon! Started happening after software upgrade.

  95. If this is marketing for Republic I think you missed the mark. I did however learn about other services from other providers… Get your head back in the game, I am looking for a new phone and I see now that “Company X” has one on sale… Maybe that was the plan all along? I left my old carrier for a newer more inventive carrier, after reading the comments I am looking around. Thanks?

  96. My 1st gen Moto G boots up at a glacial pace, but once that’s out of the way works well. All the complaining because of the latest e-mail would lead a person to think Republic customers are having to make do with string-connected tin cans. New phones will come along in due time. I’m confident they will work well out of the box, with few if any bugs and no breakdowns. I much prefer that to getting something rushed out the door too quickly. The high-tech world has been lousy with devices and software not ready for prime time since the first underpowered Commodore Vic 20 hit store shelves and Windows introduced the blue screen of death “feature.”

    You want to keep up with the cool kids and their brand-new $400-$600 smartphones? No problem. Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc., will be happy to help. Just bring money. Lots and lots of money.

  97. Ok Republic, If you do not have new phones by June 1 I am going to find another carrier. Even though I really don’t want to.

      1. Something has to be done soon. My Moto X Gen 1 is getting hot sometimes and draining the battery in less than half a day after it has charged over night and starts out with a full charge.

        1. Sorry to hear that. We’d love to help. If you haven’t, drop our Help team a note. We’d be glad to see if we can find a solution that works for you. (help.republicwireless.com)

    1. Then we’ve got some good news! One of the main things in this blog is about how we’ve had our heads down and have figured out how to let our members on 1.0 plans keep them for the foreseeable future. Want to try our Refund plans? Cool – do it! Or, you can keep your current plan too. More details to come!

    1. Many apologies. We certainly don’t mean to be. There is simply so much going on behind the scenes that is in fluid motion, but at the same time, we’re each so excited about what is lining up we can hardly keep it to ourselves. We always try to say as much as we can without running up against legal/contractual concerns. 🙂

  98. My Moto-X is barely working also. My email rarely downloads into the default email client since the last OS upgrade and what does download disappears within hours. The emails that show up under unread don’t go away when I delete them …. ever.

    Also, when using BlueTooth with my car BlueTooth, after the first call, the phone reboots on its own and spends an hour “optimizing” apps. More quality control on OS upgrades is needed.

  99. The dangling carrot of this newsletter is annoying. I was ready to order a phone tonight. It should have been a “coming soon” announcement. Pretty darn irritating and I really didn’t expect such from RW. Ouch!

  100. I am actually happy to see just how many people besides myself are still squeezing every last penny from the Moto X 1st Gen. My family keeps teasing me for being too cheap to buy another phone with Republic or switch companies, but I think of this as a great exercise in patience and frugality. I mean, so WHAT if I cannot use my camera or much of anything else nowadays and who CARES if I have to restore the phone to factory settings at least once a week because it restarts over and over again without any provocation?

    So…um…when are those new phones coming out?

  101. Go for it RW! I’m not holding my breath though. I have been shopping and will continue to do so. Please rush it. I’ve saved nearly enough for the phone I want.

      1. ajmaphone, I’ve got to hand it to you, you are the eternal optimist. I do cheer you on AND my post was meant to say: Step on it RW, I’m poised to go elsewhere and your time is running out. Truly, though, I hope RW is about to do what I think (hope) they’re about to do.

  102. It’s too bad that RW makes an announcement that says nothing. Like many others, I’m trying to hang on until there is a replacement for my Moto X1. I would prefer that the Company be honest and admit that this gap in phones was a mistake, give people concrete suggestions about making their phones last longer, and provide their best estimates for delivery dates. I know they don’t want to miss dates but the silence is not helping. It is also obvious that the RW people in these threads can only say that ‘they are listening…” Finally, some of the people in these discussions are so obnoxious to each other that I think I will stop listening.

    1. Thank you Dave for hanging on. If you haven’t, please do reach out to our Help folks and we’d be happy to take a look at anything going on with your Moto X (1st Gen.) and find a solution that works for you. (help.republicwireless.com)

      Outside of that, indeed, silence can sometimes be deafening. We know we’ve been radio silent and a major part of why is simply because we are doing things completely different this year. This is the next evolution of our company and as such, so so so many integral things are taking place behind the scenes that it puts many things into fluid motion. Too many sensitive ins and outs that can sometimes change by the minute. We do listen though, and it’s important to us to remind our members we are hearing you and are driven by your voice.

      Our people on social, in Community, here, and in LiveChat field questions every day from folks saying things like: “Please tell me what phones are next and help me plan for my life Republic!” We read every single one and take each one to heart. And, we walk a fine line. There are so many cool things lining up it’s hard to keep it to ourselves. Do we stay radio silent or do we say as much as we possibly can without getting out pants sued off to let our members know we hear them?

      We are determined to post updates each week from this week forward. Thank you again for your support and your business. New phones are indeed on the way and this release year will be unlike anything Republic has done before. 🙂

      1. The Moto G 1st have not worked right for a long time you should get one from your company, oh but it will not ring when people call you, it will not call out do to delayed ring problem that your company knows about and has not fixed. Enjoy!!!

  103. Okay complainers go back to your 80$ phone plans. Be grateful Republic wireless provides the service they do at the price they do. I for one am grateful for the recent upgrade phone works so much better now. My wife cannot wait to see the new phones.

    1. That’s the name of the game! Our mission has always been to help make smartphone service more affordable. We are thrilled that we’re helping you and your wife save!

    2. Last time I checked, Republic is the one that is $80whatever if you want like 5 gigs or something… Most of the companies these days are nowhere near that for prepaid plans like Cricket, MetroPCS, Straight Talk…and there were even reasonable Verizon and AT&T prepaid plan plans… Crazy stuff.

  104. Thanks for the reply. Actually, my MotoX1 is fine except for a shorter and shorter battery life, and I read contradictory things about replacing it.

    I think the statement in the RW release, “more consistent and predictable release dates for new phones” is somewhat of an acknowledgement that this gap in phones is a problem. However, a simple “we’re sorry” from RW would have made a lot of people feel better.

  105. I’m looking forward to Republic Wireless’ up and coming plans. Thanks for keeping me posted! I’ve been with this company for over a year, which says a lot for me (I’ve been with 6 phone companies in the past 6 years).

    Republic Wireless, I’m really happy I was able to be a beta tester in the labs last year, and I’m really thankful for the refund plans.

    Keep up the great work, stay positive, and continue to focus on your mission of being wifi first and a company that passes on savings to its customers!

  106. We would all love to have real news about what will be offered next but as was stated earlier we don’t want Republic to “have their pants sued off”. That would be counter productive to the customers receiving any new phones or service for their old MotoX1’s. I just hope that everyone out there in the Republic is as patient as I am due to the fact that I love the service that i get for the price that I pay.

    So, until the news comes out, I will be limping along with my original three year old 1st gen moto x. Not because I have to, but because Republic has been very good to my family’s pocket book. They will learn from this experience and do everything to improve their timing with future changes and offerings.

  107. Republic Wireless for the people!!! Don’t pull back the finance curtain for the people – you may not like the exploitative interest rates…nothing to see here. Republic Wireless 2016!

  108. hers an idea – how about getting your existing service and phones to work before you to adding a bunch more crap to mess everything up – a year later and I still constantly get texts for other people – I still dont get most of my calls when Im on wifi in a weak cell area and half the time I try to make a call it wont go through – yay republic go team!

  109. To make RW a proper service.. we need:
    Better and good smart phones.
    Cheap data pricing / packages.
    100% Domestic / international short, long and normal texting support.
    International dialing / roaming.
    To achieve above, enough time has passed.. and we have gone through enough waiting.. together with RW phone.. we need to maintain atleast a normal GSM service too.. because above basic features are not available or very partially available.

  110. Too much negativity from some on here. I bought a phone for my son and mother in law. I only have to pay around 17 bucks a month for the kid and that’s an amazing bargain. As for my MIL on a fixed income, the move cut her bill from 70 bucks to around 18 (and she didn’t even have a smart phone… she was being ripped off by her former carrier).

    Time for me to get a new phone. But I really want a Nexus 5X for the price that Google FI is offering. and I NEED a phone that will work in Europe (for work). I’m torn right now. But still very satisfied with RW’s plan and service for my kid and MIL. If my needs are coming up soon, I’m willing to be a beta tester. Already signed up for the labs.

  111. What’s now getting me wanting to “hop off” & I’ve been contemplating for a few months now are these piddly ass data plans, 2gb for $40 a month just aint cutting it, & $55 for 3gb I DONT think so when u can get 5gb no contract elsewhere! & yes the same phones now for ever NO options @ all. I’ve been w/ Republic since it’s inception literally, but the way they move @ a snails pace, reminds me of Blackberry… u guys remember Blackberry right??

  112. I love do doing business with RW, but this press hype about new releases, has to go.
    I can’t believe how much I do on my phone. Apps and other bite guzzlers slow things down, and an up to date phone is a must.
    Please, release the kraken!

  113. I have had the Moto E 2nd gen for about 7-8 months. I hate this phone due to audio problems and want to purchase a different phone. ( I cannot use it on wi-fi without it cutting out) It seems to be a common problem with this phone and none of the upgrades have helped Anyway, does anyone have problems like this with any of the other phones?

    1. Yes, Moto G (I think it’s 2nd Gen) cuts out HORRIBLY on WiFi “after” the Lollipop upgrade. “Other” carriers’ phones I am using on the same WiFi have crystal clear voice — so it doesn’t seem to be issues with routers. Ability to combine WiFi + cell might help, but… I’m not “feelin’ it.” I’ve left RW but, if they come out with some killer options, I may come back; but BYOP! Bring your own phone! I know… It’s not “part of the RW model:” but, still, it would be nice to be able to do that. No contract, I’m “buying out” the phones I have, so that way I can change carriers if I want but, since RW does not have BYOP, I won’t be able to move to them — want to keep my current phone for 3 years at least.

  114. ENOUGH !!!! ppl….were getting off track here in discussion of the POINT….RW NEEDS to come out with a better selection of phones,,,,and more finace options,,,,I too am disapointed in the phone selection,, I have a friend in florida that 3 years ago,,turned me on to RW…2 mnths ago..He switched to MetroPC….Now has a Tablet sized phone,,, A KILLER Plan…..I gotta tell ya,,,It’s looking pretty good Metro!!!!~

  115. I don’t care about a fancy phone. I don’t want to pay more for more the extra stuff that I don’t use. I am with Republic because of that. I love that my bill is cheap every month, please don’t become Verizon. A cheap consistent phone is all I need. I don’t want a tablet sized phone, yuck, what a pain>

  116. I have been with this company for a long time but have moved 2 of the 3 phones to better cheaper companies because every time you update the phone it no longer work right and your customer service is awful. The 3rd will go next week. If I have to do all the trouble shooting myself I might as well go with a cheaper alternative where I can bring my own phone and for the first time my kid can have an I phone.

  117. I agree with Travis Dulaney — too much fluff and not enough solid follow-through. I gave up on them after my Wi-Fi calling kept giving extremely poor performance, to the point that I literally DISABLED Wi-Fi, and then I was calling only over cell – and what’s the point in that? Plus, NO PHONE OFFERINGS! Moto G & X is just not cutting it. You want to REALLY blow the doors off? – Do BYOP – Bring Your Own Phone!

  118. A few more points – we had Moto G (2nd gen?) – but no card slot is a killer (Yeah, we could have done the Moto X, but didn’t like its opitions); BEFORE Lollipop – GREAT! After Lollipop – Sluggish, MASSIVE battery drain and no space for apps – 8GB phone is WAY too small for today’s world, and Lollipop took up more space than pre-Lollipop; AND freeze-ups, random reboots, *SUPER-HOT* batteries, SO hot you can’t even touch the phone! Again, this is after Lollipop. Maybe Lollipop was a conspiracy. But I could barely load just the basic apps I needed on the 8GB Moto G; and then take maybe 2 or 3 pictures, and space is full! DO NO OFFER A PHONE (*ANY* PHONE) without an external memory/card slot! It’s just not worth it, just my opinion.

  119. I can’t believe all the complaints I’m reading….people want new phones every year or 2 years? Guess I’m old fashioned. I have the MotoX 1st gen and it still works fine. Yes there’s a little black dot in the camera, but I rarely use it for taking pictures anyway….its a phone. Unless it breaks, I’ll probably keep this one for another 5 years or so…as long as it keeps working.

  120. After the ‘forced’ upgrade to Lollipop on my 1st gen Moto g, the phone went down hill fast. BTW There are 2 in the family and they both did exactly the same thing. Now we have hit-or-miss connections, unpredictable battery life and missed calls. What’s not to like?!! The fluff in the latest RW message is probably what will finally turn me into a Project Fi customer. RW was great a few years ago. Now, not so in my opinion.

    1. They killed my Moto G’s too, told me to wait and they would fix it. I gave up after waiting for 6 months. My kid just loves her new I-Phone with the cheaper people BYOD company and it works too unlike the moto G 1st gen. with RW.

    2. hearing the problems and being very satisfied with how my motog 1stgen works, i have refused to upgrade and turned that off (i found the nag comes to life after a reboot but i can put it back down again-a bit of a pain though). why the forced upgrade? seems like a no-brainer to allow people to choose, especially if their phones work great.

  121. Hi we started with Republic using the Defy XT, my wife and I were happy to save the money over traditional carriers, but my daughter went kicking and screaming because there were no iPhones! I have to agree with Travis, please stop teasing all of us with “pre” announcements and tell us, no scratch that, SHOW us the new phones we can choose from, the new plans that are available and the new financing options. If you keep teasing your loyal customers we may just be willing to pay a little more to get exactly what we want. I think you know that some of the other carriers are coming within range of your current deals. They are definitely offering a better selection of phones.

    1. seriously, who wants an iphone over android? someone gave us an ipad and its nice but so is my android phone which does everything and more that the ipad does – so whats to want except a name? we do sometimes get better reception over facetime than skype but there’s always ovoo and others…

  122. ok, i fell for the hype in the email and clicked on the link, hoping for some great news about “new phones”, “new carrier” etc. What a waste of time to read “we can’t get into specifics”, “we can really talk about it yet”.


    I’ve been a long time customer and satisfied with the price/service (most of the time) but I’m starting to research other options. I’m only as loyal to a company as they make me feel. And right now I feel like I got duped

    Sorry RW.

  123. As some people are touching on, RW – your problem for years now has been missed deadlines and lack of specific timing. The Lollipop upgrade was said to be coming by late 2015. I got mine in mid-January after dealing with months of MMS and SMS issues on my Kit Kat phone. The release of the Moto X was a similar deal when it came later than you said it would. As you know though, lack of ACCURATE specific timing is just as bad as missed deadline. So ya’ll have to figure out how long things will really take, and let us know the truth so that we aren’t left to wonder and fight impatience constantly. Hey here is a HUGE problem that I’m not seeing anyone mention – why are my wife and I no longer able to use Bluetooth on the 1st gen Moto X devices? If we try to use it since the Lollipop upgrade, the Wifi doesn’t work and wifi calling sure as heck doesn’t work. I sincerely hope that issue gets resolved by these new phones and upgrades this year. If not, I will try as hard as I can to let as many people as possible know about this major flaw in your service while leaving you quickly for Fi or another option. In the age of streaming music and wireless headphones, this is not something you should expect customers to shrug their shoulders at nor accept. We started with RW as Defy users so we are longtime customers and I have stretched my patience about as far as possible with you. Now you are at very strong risk of missing yet another SELF-IMPOSED deadline. Your own exec said new phones were coming this month “in April.” The clock is ticking and unless you do better than you ever have in this regard by getting a new high end phone available to order in the next 16 days, you will have failed yet again. You can talk about all the success you want and I agree that you have achieved a lot. However, you have always failed when it comes to meeting release deadlines and providing your members with accurate and reliable expectations of the timing of releases.

    1. Hi @disqus_DDsQGahxvF:disqus, it’s true we miss some deadlines. This happens because sometimes unforeseen issues emerge during testing. We want to iron out as many issues as we can before releasing new phones.

      We are aware of the bluetooth issue and understand this is an inconvenience, for now we can only suggest that you disable bluetooth.

      1. …and, Bluetooth allows many of us to pair our phones with the info center in our cars – making it much safer for us to drive. Suggesting that we disable Bluetooth presents us with a safety issue – am I wrong??

      2. An “inconvenience.” The inability to use Bluetooth and WiFi on a Wifi first carrier’s smartphone in the year 2016 is an “inconvenience.” Oh how I wish your chosen words could be broadcast to all current and potential customers of RW. The apathetic response to major issues like this can and will seriously hurt your company in the long run.

  124. WOW, what a change a couple of years make!

    Two years ago, Republic Wireless forums were full of positive, optimistic, proselytizing evangelistic fervor comments. Now look at the bulk of them below – most dissatisfied, unhappy, and a good many straddling the fence, just about ready to jump (back) on to the Dark Side.

    RW – I think you guys should be reading these comments VERY carefully and soberly and stop worrying about putting out more happy-happy, “Wait till you see the great surprises we have coming up for you!” marketing emails.

    Sad to say, for the 2+ years I’ve been a RW customer, I was also among those fervent proselytizing RWers telling every relative and friend I could about the great rates and near-comparable (but entirely satisfactory) top-of-the-line phone available when the Moto X came out.

    However, like many below have stated, my Gen 1 X has been acting slow and squirrely ever since the recent Lollipop update, too. It used to search the internet fine over home wi-fi but not never loads the webpages, forcing me to switch over to Cell to use my Moto X for internet searches – in my own home! And of course, that has cut into the vaunted savings of the Refund rate plan I’m on because with all of this extra Cell usage when home wi-fi is within 40 feet at most, I’m halfway through my free 1 GB of Cell data in two weeks already when I would typically go the entire month on less than that and score an $7-$8 refund.

    So, RW, LISTEN to your customers below. You used to be really good at that, keeping the personal touch. Forget all these come-on marketing hype emails. Just give us the straight scoop. And BTW, get whatever Lollipop screwed up, working again! I’m tired of also waiting for my Moto X taking 15 seconds to get a dial tone and complete a call. I’m starting to feel like those people who complained in the comments portion of the Google Play app store about how their RW phones would take a couple of minutes to make a call – if ever.

    Get on the stick, Republic – before you start losing (the hearts and souls of) your most loyal customers from way back.

      1. I appreciate the helpful response, Shannon O, but when I click on the link you provided, it takes me to a “Not Found” error page….

      2. While I followed that documentation for 2 phones, which were rendered less than effective anyway, I have to ask what this has to do with the current discussion regarding the dancing around the issues email.

      3. I have refused to update (my phone worked great and i didnt want to change anything) and my phone motoG 1stgen has been getting sluggish for the last month or 2 anyway.

  125. My phone is about two years old and still working fine! I am not the kind of person who changes often. Heck, I had a 10 year phone when I was with Sprint. The salesman said with a smirk, “We don’t see you very often.” I like to see “how far can I go” much like Kramer and the auto salesman did on Seinfeld. Any way, the cost of the plan keeps me happy!

  126. This is probably the most frustrating announcement I’ve read from Republic. I got an email telling me there are new phones, to then only find out that there are going to be “MORE PHONES AND CONSISTENT, MORE PREDICTABLE RELEASE SCHEDULES” only to then not be provided any actual information on new phones or a release schedule. WTF. Why would you tell us you are going to have a more predictable release schedule without having one, not even a date of when you will have the schedule, let alone the phone. I really want you guys to succeed. I’ve been with you since the defy xt, but each day I consider switching just a little more. My charging port barely works on my moto x 2013 and I’m going to have to switch soon. I hate the limbo here. If I know you’re coming out with an acceptable phone in April, or hell even May, I might stay. If I get another one of these bullshit announcements that just announces you’re going to do something we already expect, I’m leaving.

  127. Verizon is the DEVIL!!! I joined Republic to get away from Verizon and their gestapo tactics. When will this country learn. You need a phone for basic communication, all the other bells and whistle are just for convenience. We all have to learn that having it all costs you big time. Heard a news report today about how the Iphone is built. One piece at a time and shipped all over the world for completion….really is this what we’ve become? I digress, Republic is and has been the best option for a world aimed at getting what you need for an affordable price. Nothing more nothing less and all of this is done here, in America!!~

  128. I was a little disappointed by the lack of content in this update and frustrated with some of the quirks of the RW phones and lack of customer service. But overall, I am a very happy RW customer and thought I’d share. My wife and I were on Verizon and paid maybe $150/mo. I switched, and now pay <$17.50/mo depending on how much is refunded. That is insanely awesome to me when all the big carriers do not let you get away for anything less than 3x that.

    I work from home and rarely travel outside of my town which gets fine reception on the Sprint network so I am definitely not an average consumer and get to reap the benefits of what RW offers greatly. I use my phone heavily during the day for conference calls, which are predominantly wifi, and I use 13+ gb of data from my phone via wifi (apparently as reported by my phone) and am able to keep it under 500mb when out and about. I am tech savvy so I didn't mind figuring out how to tweak my wireless router to make sure my wifi calls work great even when multiple people in the house are using broadband internet. I love being part of Republic Labs and learning about and testing new features before they are launched (and admittedly I love getting the sew-on patches!)

    My first phone was the 1st gen Moto X and it was sometimes frustratingly buggy with the wifi/cell calling not working smoothly. I have the 2nd gen Moto X now and it works great 90% of the time. Sometimes I still have issues with wifi calling (phone app once in a great while will freeze and not be able to hang up or handover to cell, or trying to dial touchtones sometimes doesn't register depending on the conference # I use so hopefully that will improve.

    I didn't switch to RW until the Moto X 1st gen was launched because I didn't want that "beta" of an experience, so the Moto X represented the first viable (mainstream?) option. I was a little disappointed at how buggy the 1st gen was and changes are a little slow but I don't mind being a lot a bit patient for the savings I'm getting. I'm now very happy with my combo of the Moto X2 (and how much I paid) and monthly service cost and from this update many of things that are important to me are being improved, so I'm looking forward to hearing the weekly updates. RW is not perfect but it is an amazing bang for the buck and and they're still constantly improving (even if it's too slow for a lot of folks) so it works for me.

  129. I would have left RW about 6 months ago; if I could afford to. This is the result of RW knowing that this is true of the majority of its “customers”/captive audience.

  130. My main issue is the upfront costs of the phones. I want to get the Moto G3, but don’t have an extra $200+ to shell out all at once. Hell if I could put down $50-100 and pay the rest off over time or the following month, I’d be all over that. Not all of us are middle class people with a few hundred to throw down on whatever.
    My two cents.

    1. Financing is available right now:


      Moto G (3rd Gen.)

      $11.95/mo based on the purchase price of $199.00 at 10% apr for 18 months.

      Here’s how financing with AFFIRM works:

      1. Add a product to your cart.

      2. At checkout, select AFFIRM as your payment option.

      3. You’ll be redirected to AFFIRM’s website, follow the steps provided to apply. Rates from 10-30% APR.

      4. Once your loan is confirmed, you’ll be returned to Republic’s checkout page to complete your order.

      5. Complete checkout.

      For more information, visit our AFFIRM FAQs. (https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-2831)

      Please note: If you choose to finance with AFFIRM, you’ll need to finance everything in your cart, except your monthly service plan.

  131. May not be new to you — but it will be to many others. Can’t see why people are unhappy with a company that offers you the least expensive data plans in the country. Plus give you a refund for data that you don’t use. Yes – for the time being there is only one brand of phone available – but we are happy with our phones and how they work. Keep up the good work Republic!!

  132. If my phone was on the wifi network, it went haywire when I tried to dial some numbers which had the extension numbers. It never went to the right extension. I had to disable the wifi connection. It worked fine using the cell tower signal. Also, my moto x, 1 gen. would freeze sometimes. I would think a phone company would want to sell new phones/upgrades ect.. so they can make more money. It does not seem to be the case at RW. I am so tempting to move to Google Fi. I will give RW 6 more months. I am a loyal person I try not to jump ship the moment things are better at some other place.

  133. Agree With Travis. Quite sick of waiting for phones. Want to buy the phone I want, like a LG G4. How about coming up with a android app that allows any android phone to work? At this point I am just about ready to quit Republic! No more talk, get the phones out or say goodbye!

  134. Here’s a tip, RW. UNDER sell, OVER deliver and if you can keep the price points you currently have you will have raging fans for customers. If you keep OVER selling and UNDER delivering, well…

  135. I like that there will be more phones. I want a motoG 2nd gen (why don’t you sell them anymore – they are PERFECT for my needs). I have some 1st gens and I don’t want to pay for the 3rd gen when the 2nd gen has everything that I could want including a smaller price.

  136. “But, like we said, our mission is to help people stay in touch better and more simply, in the ways that make the most sense for them. If you’d like to try our Refund plans, cool! You can switch anytime. Or, if you want to keep your current $25 talk and text over WiFi + cell, with WiFi and 3G cell data or your $40 talk and text over WiFi + cell, with WiFi and 4G cell data, we figured out a way to let you do that as well. Options are formulating as we speak, so keep watching!”

    SERIOUSLY?!? That really IS good news. No, that’s GREAT NEWS! I mean, hey, I’m glad the Refund plans are working for many people. That’s awesome. But I was so bummed out when I heard that the current $25 unlimited 3G + WiFi was being phased out, and I’d have to either switch to a ‘Refund’ plan or find a new carrier. But with the above news…I can once again sing the praises of Republic Wireless. Granted, I don’t know if that means my plan will grandfather over or what-have-you, but at least I won’t have to worry about switching anytime soon. But hey…at least there appears to be an option or 3 in the works. If you guys need any advice or suggestions, let me know…I have a few I think could be highly profitable for Republic AND still keep the price point cheap enough to where guys like me are still happy. 🙂

  137. Even before the enhanced tech, the first 3 things that I am looking for in a new phone is (1)Simple user removable battery, (2) Changeable SIM Card and (3) User insertable SD card up to 64g (next year – 128). Please put this at the TOP of your shopping list.

  138. I agree. I don’t know what RW did with this last update but I absolutely HATE using my phone now. Slow/sluggish, calls dropped daily. It gets quite embarrassing after EVERYONE that calls me regularly says “When are you going to get a new phone?”. When I explain I have about TWO options for phones, I get a blank stare in disbelief. I bragged to everyone how awesome RW was a couple of years ago. Now almost everyone is offering WiFi calling and LOTS of data more than RW for VERY close to the same prices. With MetroPCS you can get unlimited everything including data, with first 1GB at 4G LTE speeds for $30/month… period… $30, no other taxes or fees. Get 2 lines and you now have a ‘family’ plan at $25/month each…. no taxes or fees. RW is a prepaid service since there’s no contract so why do most all other prepaid carriers not have to charge $5-$7/month in ‘fees’. I just don’t know why I haven’t taken the time to go switch yet. Horrible service with dropped calls, WiFi quality used to be good and has gotten awful. WiFi hand-off doesn’t work most of the time whether it’s WiFi to cell or vice-versa. I hope RW finds their way again soon.

    1. Many calls to my phone include a ‘Why republic wireless?’ question and I can no longer easily answer that question…

    1. Oh wow! That’s great! at least I won’t have to wait until Easter 2015! Wonder what they’ll come out with by New Year’s Eve 2014?

  139. So my post yesterday was deleted where I pointed out you can get more data almost the same price as RW and have a better selection of phones and no tax or extra fees…. AND WiFi calling too. So RW deletes posts now if you’re critical of them? Or is it only if you show examples of how you can get more of everything for very close to the same price?

  140. Love my 1st and my daughter’s 2nd Gen. Moto X phones, but my wife’s Moto G does not work as it appeared to be intended. Wish we could get it replaced, but Moto X is no longer available.

    My wife has started the switch back to Tracfone and if nothing like the Moto X quality will be available before long she will be fully back to that service. She does like the wifi setting on the Moto G, so will still use it as a portal to the internet while at home but no longer as a functioning phone.

  141. My patience with my Moto E 2nd gen is zero. Right now my keystrokes werent registering. Phone randomly resets. Loading pages is often slow. Pages sometimes slip away. I’m honestly thisclose to going back to Verizon. Obviously more expensive but their phones work.

  142. I would like the ability to talk to someone when I have problems. I am not a technical person, I need to be talked through it!!!

  143. Where is the promised update? I too have a 2.5 year old moto X and the camera has stopped working. I really want to stay with Republic but if I cannot even get a decent replacement phone it will not be possible.

  144. “..the entire open road…” That sounds like using Spread Spectrum Protocol. Breaking up the datastream, and automatically putting the pieces through the clearest lane. I understand that wifi would be the priority lane, but if there are potholes in the wifi lane, that some (or more) of the datastream is shifted into the cell lane, while keeping as much datastream in the wifi lane as can go through without any reduction in quality. Both the cell and wifi radios will be in use simultaneously, if this is the new protocol.

  145. When is the next phone option going to be announced? I’m sitting here stuck with a broken moto g and I’m eager to buy a new phone that won’t get glass in my finger when I type.

  146. All this griping… I have had a Moto X IIGen, and it has been hammering away without glitch for over a year. It does make a difference to put all the memory you can on it, btw. Learned that after the iPhone IV garbage.

    Love Republic Wireless!

  147. “FASTER ROLLOUTS FOR MAJOR OS UPDATES LIKE ANDROID LOLLIPOP.” Really? The latest is Marshmallow, which has been available for more than a year. You are bragging about faster updates to a more than two year old OS? Shameful!

    1. Us Moto E (1st Gen) users are still waiting for Lollipop. My phone will be long dead and I’ll be with another carrier before we see Marshmallow.

  148. You get what you pay for, and it’s not much with RW. Family is switching to the Project after 2 mediocre years. Peace RW.

  149. My needs are simple.
    Not having a valid timestamp on voice mail is my only real complaint.
    However reading about an update to Lollipop when Marshmallow is about to be replaced with “N” makes me wonder what is happening. Rolling out “N” then planning for “P” would make more sense.

  150. So, is this a between-the-lines announcement that you’re going to raise the price of the $10 plan? If so, can I get a refund on the phone I had to buy from you in order to use your service?

    1. RW will grandfather the $10 rates for us even if they increase their base plan. I know there are some that still have the $5 WiFi only plan that’s been grandfathered. Wish they’d bring it back because I’d like my kids to have it when I get a new phone.

  151. I’m giving my 2.5 year Moto X exactly one month more life before I jump ship and go to Google Fi. You’re on the clock Republic! Don’t continue to let me down…

  152. My Moto X camera has a hardware issue with the camera, and I am hoping to buy a new phone, but I don’t want to go “down” to a G or an E. If there were some kind of swap program, where if I buy an E or a G, and then could upgrade when the X is available again, that would make me feel better as a customer. I and several of my friends (whom I brought on) have been with you for 3 years. I need my camera right now-I am selling my house and need easy to take pix that I can put on a website and communicate with potential buyers. Right now I’m using a friends old school digital camera-just not the same. Please offer some kind of bridge for those of us X aficionados.

  153. I got a MotoX Gen. 1 phone as soon as it was offered by Republic Wireless. I took the “build your own” option and got a nice walnut back. After the shock of paying over $300 for a phone when I was used to Discount store Net 10 flip phones, I was tickled to death with the things I could do. After about 7 months, the camera started getting wonky so I called on Motorola. After several failed attempts to reset the phone, they had me send my phone back to them for a free replacement, walnut back and all. Unfortunately, they no longer produced the Gen. 1 phone so I got stuck with a Gen 2 MotoX (can you feel the sarcasm?) I was more than pleased. This has been over 2 years ago (as near as I can remember – don’t bust me on time lines) but I am still pleased. I’m even more pleased with Republic Wireless’s new refund plan. I talk, I listen to Spotify, I check emails, I text … I do all of the things a smartphone user normally does and my last bill was $14.
    Could things be better? Sure. There could be more memory and storage capacity. There could be a Micro SD card slot. They could use some other carrier besides Sprint, which sucks out here in the boonies where I live. (it works well in the nearby larger cities but not out here)
    I understand from reading these posts that not everyone has such a good experience and I’m sorry about that. My experience with Republic Wireless has been positive and enjoyable and I’m sticking with them because, even though the process slow, it looks like they are working toward solutions to even my piddly issues.

  154. The children who can’t manage a battery on a phone declare they are micro-deceived! Pass the tissues.

    My Moto X is 3.3 years old. I’ve rebooted it about half a dozen times total (not including the OS upgrade process.) The battery functions same as the first week, no funky behavior, ever. It’s solid consistency is why, although I’d like a new phone, buying one is not justified. The kids need to go look in the mirror to explain their phone problems.

  155. I have the motoX 1st gen. I would like to get the newer phones because I constantly run out of memory, I have 16 gigs. I would like if there were 64 gig or 128 gig phones as options. You look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs or the iPhone and they come with way better specs then RW phones. They would like us to use less data to save money but best way is to have more memory in the phone and better features in the phone. I use Republic Wireless for the plans not for the phones but If they keep giving us pathetic phones I’ll switch even with the plans they have. I think I will look at t-mobile.

  156. *sigh* It’s no longer April. No new phone. Wasn’t that the answer we got? No wish/wash well we are still testing, you missed your own deadline. Seems like a good number of us are barely hanging on with our phones to get a new one yet you offer nothing comparable. Sad, very sad. Who created that awful update that screwed up so many phones?

  157. same old news. I am really getting pissed off. not only are there no new phones, Moto x 2nd gen is off the market left with two lower grades. you guys are seriously pushing people to look for better options. you wont even give anybody anything to look forward to. so unprefessional!

  158. same old news. I am really getting pissed off. not only are there no new phones, Moto x 2nd gen is off the market left with two lower grades. you guys are seriously pushing people to look for better options. you wont even give anybody anything to look forward to. so unprofessional!

  159. I have already moved 2 of my accounts to difference services… I am about to move my other 3 pretty soon…. New Phones……

  160. If Republc Wireless goes to T-Mobile, we will have to drop Republc Wireless!!!! We have no connectivity with T-Mobile in our area whatsoever!!!!!!

  161. “We are committed to updating you on at least one of the huge initiatives listed in this post each week.”

    Aaaannnd, three weeks later, here we are…..crickets. Come on people!

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