When dinner plans are cancelled, everyone wins!

No one likes to cancel dinner plans, but sometimes cancelled plans can lead to even better outcomes!

We were thrilled at the overwhelming response and invitations to visit hometowns all over the US! We read each and every one, mapped where you were and started to plot our course. The biggest question was — how will we reach everyone?

Fact of the matter is, we can’t. We really REALLY want to share our vision of living life outside our phones, but we also have to stay true to our roots in keeping costs low, and savings high. That means not spending extravagantly, even if it’s to share our passion for a better phone-life balanceTM with all of you.

So, what now? For starters, we found a way to bring you even MORE savings while helping you stay connected with less stress and more WiFi connectivity. AND we’re still encouraging you to try a device-free dinner, with a clever DIY twist.

Even More Savings

As you know, we’re all about passing on savings to you, our members. The latest in this mission comes by way of Free Access to 30 Million WiFi Hotspots, available for all members on our My Choice plan.

Product Manager Ibraheem K. writes, “This new feature is designed to help our members save even more money each month by reducing their cell data usage when on-the-go. Additionally, for our members on our popular Talk & Text plan, they will now have more seamless access to data on-the-go via easily accessible WiFi hotspots nationwide.”

How does more access to data lead to a better phone-life balanceTM? We believe with more WiFi access, you’ll spend less time managing your data and more time enjoying life. We want to help you seamlessly stay connected to those you care about most, while also saving money for your next adventure.

Encouraging You to Have Your Own Device-Free Dinner

In an effort to continue sharing our vision of a world in which your smartphone empowers your life instead of dominating it, we want to encourage you to try out a device-free dining experience in your own home! Encourage all family members to “park” their phones in a dedicated spot away from the dinner table, and silence notifications so you can enjoy your time together, and some much-needed time away from your devices.

Thank you for being a part of our virtual dinner table. The thing we’ll miss most about Dinner Bell is the ability to sit down and share a meal with all of you. Connections happen when you’re passing the potatoes. Tell us, what are some of your favorite dinner stories? What were you excited to ask us over dinner? What did you hope to tell us or learn from us while we were sharing a meal together?

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