Which Moto Phone Are You?

Picking the best smartphone can feel overwhelming. Are you asking yourself “What phone should I get”? Republic’s crop of no-contract Motorola smartphones have so much to offer: good looks, brains, style, technical know-how – it’s hard to know which one best fits your lifestyle and your needs.

Let’s explore the features of the Moto family and find out which Android phone feels the most like you. Are you a user-friendly E, a hardworking G, or a tech-wiz X?



The Moto E (2nd Gen.)is the ultimate budget smartphone with features to spare. With all the advanced capabilities of the Android Lollipop 5. 1 operating system in a simple, easy-to-use design, Moto E (2nd Gen.)is a solid choice for someone who wants a dependable phone with great features but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

Great for: kids or people new to smartphones – If you’re buying a new phone for your kid or an older family member who’s never had a smartphone, Moto E (2nd Gen.) strikes a great balance between affordability and easy-to-use, impressive features, which include:

Simple Usability

The Android™ Lollipop® 5.1 operating system is not only packed with capabilities – it’s also incredibly easy to use.

Long Battery Life

2390mAh long-life rechargeable battery lets you use for up to 24 hours without needing a charge.

Expandable Storage

Moto E (2nd Gen.) provides the option to add a micro 32 GB SD card, so you can add storage as you get more comfortable with smartphones.

Accessibility for the Hearing Impaired

If you need an audio boost, the Moto E (2nd Gen.) is TTY/TTD Compatible and features a Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) rating M3/T3.

 Comfortable, Curved Back

Moto E (2nd Gen.)is ergonomically designed to look great and fit in your hand.

Easy-to-Use Front and Rear Cameras

Activate with just a twist of your wrist, then touch anywhere on the screen to take a shot.



If you’re looking for a smartphone that gets the job done, look no further than the Moto G (3rd Gen.). This “do-pretty-much-anything-you-need” phone has loads of features are ready for your connected, busy and active life.

Best for: folks who use their phone to get stuff done – In the span of five minutes, you’ve opened four apps, taken several pictures, scanned the web, checked social media and responded to three emails. If you depend on your phone for information, productivity and entertainment, Moto G (3rd Gen.) gives you features with the power, speed and dependability you need. They include:

A Battery That Lasts All Day

Enjoy up to 24 hours of talk time with the 2470 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Water-Resistance for Peace of Mind

IPX7-rated protection keeps your phone safe from splashes and accidental drops in water.

Two Advanced Cameras in One

Capture dynamic pics and clips with the 13MP primary camera or video chat on the front-facing 5MP camera.

Heavy-Duty Processor Speed

Surf the web, launch apps, play games, and multi-task with the power of a 1.4GHz quad-core processor.

Faster 4G/LTE Speeds

Stream, browse and send messages even faster, thanks to the speed of 4G LTE technology.

A Bigger, Better Touchscreen

The 5” HD display is perfect for videos, games, work and sharing your screen with friends.



It doesn’t get much more intelligent or intuitive than the technologically superior Moto X (2nd Gen.). Boasting the latest in convenient and personalized features, Moto X (2nd Gen.) is among the smartest of the smartphones.

Best for: someone who wants a super-smart digital assistant – With power, speed, a great camera and loads of voice-activated and customized features, Moto X (2nd Gen.) is more than a phone – it’s your new personal assistant. Capabilities include:

Voice-Activated Requests

Create a custom voice prompt – and your phone will instantly interact with apps, search for answer, send a text, get directions, play a song or even post to Facebook with no hands.

A Phone That Gets to Know the Real You

Moto X (2nd Gen.) learns your preferences – and knows when you’re sleeping, when you’re expecting an important call or when you’re at home and can leave your phone unlocked.

A Smarter Camera That Helps You Get the Best Shot

Launch the 13.0MP, full HD camera with a twist of your wrist – and it takes multiple pictures before and after you touch the screen – so you have more options to select your favorite shot.

 Hands-Free Interactions

Too busy/tired/occupied to grab your phone? A simple wave of your hand silences your calls or snoozes your alarms.

A Screen That Has to Be Seen

A 5.2” display and Full HD resolution shows your games, video, photos and web content in sharp, crisp detail. Durable Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass and a water-resistant coating protect your phone inside and out.

Processing Power That Won’t Quit

With the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™, quad-core processor, Moto X (2nd Gen.) responds faster than ever — with less drain on the battery. Switch back and forth between your apps and scroll through web pages quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a simplicity-seeking Moto E (2nd Gen.), a power-user Moto G (3rd Gen.) or a technological whiz kid Moto X (2nd Gen.), Republic has the no-contract smartphones to fit every need and budget.

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