Why We’re WiFi First: The Truth about Phone Calls over WiFi

Being a WiFi-first service means we frequently get questions from our members and potential members about WiFi and some of the myths that come along with it. Some of these questions are your usual general questions. Things like “How do I connect to WiFi?” or “How fast does my WiFi need to be?” Other times, we get questions that come from some common myths people hear about using WiFi as your primary connection. Some of these myths are things that were propagated by the cellular industry to help drive higher usage on their networks – meaning more money for them, especially as more carriers eliminated their unlimited data plans.

The biggest questions that come up are things like “Doesn’t using WiFi cause my phone’s battery to drain quicker?” or “I’ve heard that call quality is worse over WiFi than it is over a normal cellular connection. Is that true?”

We’re here to help dispel some of these myths, and hopefully, help you feel more confident using WiFi regularly.

Let’s tackle the biggest elephant in the room first – using WiFi does not kill your phone’s battery quicker than not using it. In fact, in some cases, it can be quite the opposite.

Using WiFi for your primary connection can actually improve your battery life if you’re in an area with poor cellular connectivity. This is because your phone won’t have to struggle to pick up that faint cellular signal. Instead, it knows it is connected to WiFi and provides you with your calls and messages through that communication channel.

However, even when you’re in an area with good cellular reception, being connected to WiFi won’t negatively impact your battery life.

The next biggest myth we encounter is surrounding call quality. If you’ve been following Republic Wireless for a while, you know that we do everything that we do in order to help lower the money you spend on your phone bill each month. We do this by offloading as much traffic as possible over WiFi. This allows us to create a great phone experience at an exceptional cost saving. In turn, we pass on those savings to our members. Consistent call quality on WiFi has always been one of our main focuses.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the quality of your calls is consistent, if not better, than that which you’d get from one of the big carriers.

And, with our Adaptive Coverage™, you’ll experience the best of both worlds with every call you make.

With all of the benefits WiFi provides, one could be left to wonder – why don’t more carriers use it?

But, what about those people who have weak WiFi at home, or worse yet, no WiFi?

If you fall into the former category – you have a weak WiFi connection – you can use your WiFi when possible and will still experience great call quality because of our Adaptive Coverage™. When we detect an issue with your WiFi connection during a call, we can seamlessly bond WiFi with your phone’s 3G or LTE data connection to create a consistent call quality experience. If we determine that the call would be better handled solely over cellular, we can make that happen – all without any loss in audio. And, if you don’t have WiFi at home, you’ll be able to use our cellular network for your calls and messaging. If you happen to move within range of a saved WiFi network during a call, your phone can then switch to WiFi to keep that call going without missing a beat.

So, now that you know that WiFi is awesome, how can you make sure your Republic phone defaults to WiFi?

Easy – simply turn WiFi on in your phone’s settings menu and connect to WiFi anytime you go somewhere that has secure WiFi available. Your phone and the Republic Wireless app will do all the work from there. As long as you have WiFi enabled on your phone, it’ll automatically reconnect anytime you move within range of that network in the future. By making sure your phone is connected to WiFi everywhere you go, you’ll be sure to keep your cellular usage down to a minimum. Of course, this will also help keep your cellular data usage low – saving you even more!

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6 thoughts on “Why We’re WiFi First: The Truth about Phone Calls over WiFi”

  1. Why, when I’m out of reach for wifi, I am unable to send a text message? I can only solve this by manually turning off my wifi setting. Sometimes I forget and the text message is never sent. This is frustrating to me.

    1. Whoops! Sorry for the wait, just saw your comment here. This is bizarre. We’d like to look into this further to figure it out; you shouldn’t need to disable WiFi every time you want to send a text over cell! Drop us a note here and we’ll see what we can do: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r

    1. Yes, I’m sometimes for weeks or months in Costa Rica and use my phone as I was in the US as long as it is hooked up to WiFi

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