OK, WOW! You guys are super smart! We already have our 80 winners for this portion of the contest.  We will notify all 80 winners via email tomorrow (4/8). Be sure to check out our main contest post for handy #ThinkSmart tips. Thanks for playing!

Below are the coordinates for a secret message hidden in the paragraph found in your Monthly Usage email. Crack the code and email the answer to contests@republicwireless.com for a chance to win a free Chromecast. The first 80 correct submissions will be our winners. Let’s play fair, anyone who posts the answer publicly will be disqualified.

Directions: The letter placements coincide with the blank spaces above the clues. The first number listed is the word and the second number is the letter.

For example: 1st Letter: 27/5. Place the 5th letter of the 27th word in the 1st blank space of the message.

Secret Message:  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


1st Letter: 27 / 5
2nd Letter: 33 / 6
3rd Letter: 7 / 4
4th Letter: 42 / 1
5th Letter: 15 / 2
6th Letter: 45 / 4
7th Letter: 2 / 4
8th Letter: 21 / 5

Best of luck!

The Republic Wifi Genius Contest