WiFi is Awesome and So Are You!

In 2011, we had a hunch that WiFi could be used for more than just Internet, but for calls and texts too.  Turns out we were right and our awesome members help us prove it every day.  To us, it just makes sense to use the resources around us (like WiFi) to their fullest to make our lives easier and to stay better connected.  Offloading data to WiFi saves us money, which we then pass straight on to you, our members.  It’s how we’re able to offer industry-best pricing on all our plans.  There is no question WiFi + Cell is a winning combination. WiFi has become the largest network available and when paired with cell, Republic members have access to move coverage, in more places – all while spending less money.  Using WiFi is good for our Community and good for your wallet. Just how much data are our members offloading to WiFi? We’ve crunched the numbers. The results are pretty mind-blowing. See for yourself!

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